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SBI produces concise, comprehensive profiles on a wide range of industrial and consumer markets. The profiles are made up primarily of tabular data, making them useful for reference purposes. The profiles, summaries and analyses make them equally important as strategic assessments of the industries they cover.

SBI is a division of, the world's largest aggregator of syndicated market research reports. SBI offers a wide range of services and products to address nearly every need for business information that executives and other decision-makers may have.

SBI is joined by sister publishing brands Packaged Facts, which publishes more than 80 titles annually on the U.S. consumer goods and demographics markets, and Kalorama Information, a leading publisher of market research on the global life sciences market. All three brands are supported by a worldwide research capability and are based on an exhaustive analysis of U.S. government data as well as industry trade statistics. Markets are forecast five to ten years into the future by product segment using trend analysis coupled with expert consensus. SBI profiles include much data that are difficult or time-consuming to access or interpret.

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297 Reports from SBI

  • Global and Regional Markets for Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) Infrastructure and Equipment

    ... SBI Energy as a complementary, sometimes marginal, technology in the global effort towards carbon dioxide emissions reduction. Representing approximately $(U.S.) 650 million in 2013 investment, global CCS infrastructure deployment is projected to intensify significantly to ... Read More

  • Global Market for Incinerator Technologies

    ... for incinerators have resurged from $7.9 billion to $9.2 billion in 2012 (CAGR of 3.9%). By 2022, global markets will more than double, reaching a value of $16.8 billion (2012-2022 CAGR of 6.2%). Observed and ... Read More

  • Fuel Cell Technologies Worldwide

    ... fuel cells are a technology that has been known to scientists for almost 200 years, in the modern world, they represent an innovative source of energy. Fuel cells are favored as a “green” technology for ... Read More

  • The Global Market for Commercial Generators

    ... may be relied on in times of power interruptions or blackouts, although are also used on a regular basis – especially in regions where power supplies may be inconsistent. The main types of commercial generators ... Read More

  • World Biofuels Market

    ... accounting for 85% of production and 82% of global consumption. This makes the global fuel ethanol market very reliant on the markets of these two countries, a difficult prospect since Brazil’s bioethanol market has been ... Read More

  • LED and OLED Global Markets, 2nd Edition

    ... used in mobile electronics, flat panel televisions, traffic signals, automotive lights and signals, and general illumination among many other applications. OLEDs are not as common and are typically used for small electronic displays. However, they ... Read More

  • Energy Efficiency Global Products and Services Markets

    ... consumer electronics, smart meters, EE lighting, motor efficiency controllers, power management software and EE vehicles. EE services encompass smart grid, demand response, cloud computing and consulting and auditing services and also include energy service companies ... Read More

  • HVAC, 3rd Edition

    ... stalled housing market, a stoppage of new home and commercial construction initiatives, and massive layoffs at factories that manufacture HVAC equipment. The year 2012 represents a pivotal point for HVAC companies that are seeking to ... Read More

  • The U.S. Road, Bridge & Tunnel Construction Market

    ... through 2010 and 2011, caused overall spending on road, bridge and tunnel construction to drop by 4.4% between 2009 and 2011. While 2010 and 2011 have been strong years for bridge and tunnel construction, the ... Read More

  • Sbi Bulletin: Home Energy Management Systems (Hems)

    ... composed of smart sensors and devices inside and outside a home or business that efficiently monitors the flow of electricity to prevent service disruptions. HEMS enable consumers worldwide to limit their energy consumption and more ... Read More

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems Markets, 2006-2020

    ... A growing group of technologies are enabling commuters worldwide to receive real-time actionable information about conditions that affect their ability to travel from one place to another. This report analyzes ITS products and solutions that ... Read More

  • SBI Bulletin: Residential Generators, 2007-2021

    ... grid consumption for air conditioning, heating, communications, recreation and appliances. In other developed countries, the overall demand for residential generators is disproportionately low due to grid stability and relative infrequency of major consumer outages. Remaining ... Read More

  • SBI Bulletin: Collection Services Market in E-Waste Recycling and Reuse Industry 2006-2020

    Read More

  • Global Market for Membrane Wastewater Treatment

    ... pharmaceuticals, and an array of other pollutants. If released into natural or managed waters, these pollutants can contribute substantially to downstream water quality impairments and impact both human health and ecosystems. Fortunately a wide array ... Read More

  • Global Markets for Natural Gas Vehicle Components

    ... five years, record numbers of NGVs have been added to the road worldwide, either the conversion of existing diesel and gasoline vehicles or purchases of factory model NGVs. Natural gas vehicles present consumers and fleet ... Read More

  • SBI Bulletin: Substation Automation Markets

    ... can improve processes connected to electricity distribution. Some regions are more committed than others and differ on their methodological choices for upgrade approach. The options are retrofitting established substations, overhauling substations with new substation equipment, ... Read More

  • SBI Bulletin: Molten Salt Energy Storage, 2006-2020

    ... market drivers, barriers and trends, job creation, funding and research and market data, 2006-2020. Commercial molten salt TES systems are only currently used in conjunction with concentrated solar power (CSP) energy generation plants. Rather than ... Read More

  • SBI Bulletin: Rare Earth Elements Markets Worldwide, 2005-2020

    ... China, however, has most of the world’s proven REE reserves and has virtually cornered the rare earth market with over a 97 percent market share. During 2010, this near-monopoly has had significant repercussions on supply, ... Read More

  • The U.S. Steel Industry Outlook

    ... Industry consolidation is shutting the doors of once thriving steel plants. Industry unemployment figures continue to rise in regions with the highest concentration of steel mills, including New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan. The U.S. ... Read More

  • SBI Bulletin: Smart Grid Components Markets: 2011-2021

    ... activity is expected to occur. For the purposes of this Bulletin, the various components of the electric grid that are considered to be part of the Smart Grid market will be delineated and discussed, both ... Read More

  • The World Market for Bio-Based Chemicals, 2nd Edition

    ... acid accounted for just over two-thirds of the bio-based chemical market by value in 2011. However, by 2021 this market share will shrink to 53% as the emerging markets for bio-based polyethylene (PE) and epichlorohydrin ... Read More

  • Paints and Coatings, U.S. Market 2nd Edition

    ... architectural paints and coatings used in the building, maintenance and remodeling of residential and non-residential buildings; automobile paints and coatings applied in the original manufacture and in the repair and maintenance processes; specialty paints and ... Read More

  • SBI Bulletin: Energy Efficiency Technologies in Information and Communication Industry, 2005-2015

    ... most rapidly growing sectors of the global economy. Demand for personal computers, smart phones and broadband services continue to increase rapidly. The use of ICT products across wide ranging applications currently accounts for 5.7% of ... Read More

  • SBI Bulletin: Utility Scale Energy Storage Technologies

    ... CAES, Electrochemical, Flywheel, Rechargeable batteries: lead acid, Lithium-Ion, Molten Salt, Vanadium Redox flow, zinc bromine Additional emerging technologies and solutions are receiving attention for potential use in energy storage within the utility sector. While some ... Read More

  • Personal Protective Equipment in the U.S.

    ... an 8.2 percent increase over the 2012 figure. The strengthening global economy should increase the growth rate in 2015 with PPE sales in the U.S. anticipated to hit $16.7 billion. The Personal Protective Equipment sector ... Read More

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