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    • Playground Equipment in the US - Procurement Research Report

      ... and swing sets, designed for children that are typically between the ages of six months and 12 years old. These structures are primarily manufactured from molded plastic and stainless steel, but wooden playground equipment is ... Read More

    • Antifreeze in the US - Procurement Research Report

      ... liquids. Antifreeze is typically used as coolant for internal combustion engines and helps prevent corrosion. Top buyers include automobile manufacturers, automotive parts vendors and consumers. Buyers can purchase antifreeze from retailers, wholesalers and directly from ... Read More

    • Power Boilers in the US - Procurement Research Report

      ... other fluids are heated to create steam, often used in heating processes. Unlike conventional boilers, power boilers are used in applications where temperature and pressure conditions exceed 15 pounds per square inch gauge (psig) and ... Read More

    • Illuminated Signs in the US - Procurement Research Report

      ... artificial source for the purpose of informing passersby about a business or organization's location. Common types of illuminated signs include light boxes, monuments and those with neon and channel letters. The typical seller types include ... Read More

    • Carpet Cleaning Services in the US - Procurement Research Report

      ... damage restoration services for rugs and carpets. The majority of the market is comprised of owner-operators, although there are a number of franchises in the market as well. Key buyers of carpet cleaning services include ... Read More

    • Shrink Wrap Machines in the US - Procurement Research Report

      ... the polymer to match the form of the item. The shrink wrap protects the item from external damage. Buyers include industrial manufacturers, operators of warehouse and distribution centers, and food producers. Manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers ... Read More

    • Merger & Acquisition Consulting Services in the US - Procurement Research Report

      ... transactionthrough the development of strategies. These services assist all types of organizations interested in purchasing or selling companies or operating units to grow, shrink, diversify and gain competitive advantages within their industries, among other reasons. ... Read More

    • Hand Dryers in the US - Procurement Research Report

      ... can be operated with a push button or motion sensor; they can also be heated or nonheated. Hand dryers are considered more environmentally friendly than paper towels because they help eliminate paper waste. Most hand ... Read More

    • Industrial Hygiene Services in the US - Procurement Research Report

      ... ensure a safe and environmentally healthy workplace. Vendors identify potential problems, measure and evaluate risks, and recommend safe solutions. Buyers of industrial hygiene services include government agencies, power plant operators, oil refinery operators and manufacturing ... Read More

    • Panelboards in the US - Procurement Research Report

      ... distributes an electrical current throughout a structure and protects electrical systems from overcurrent and faults. Common buyers include construction companies, facility administrators and electrical service companies. Suppliers of panelboards include electrical equipment manufacturers and distributors. ... Read More

    • Pneumatic Motors in the US - Procurement Research Report

      ... are used for a variety of applications, including in handheld power tools and locomotives. The primary suppliers of pneumatic motors are multiline and specialist vendors. Key buyers of these motors include machinery manufacturers, handheld power ... Read More

    • Industrial Tool Carts in the US - Procurement Research Report

      ... are typically made of metal or plastic and include multiple drawers in which tools can be stored. The key buyers of industrial tool carts are automotive repair firms, manufacturers and construction firms. This report does ... Read More

    • Permanent IT Staffing in the US - Procurement Research Report

      ... vacancies, then referring and placing applicants for permanent positions. Suppliers offer candidates across a wide range of IT specialties, including application development, network engineering and enterprise resource planning. The candidates who are referred or placed ... Read More

    • Workshop Cranes in the US - Procurement Research Report

      ... firms, port and harbor operators, industrial manufacturers, construction firms and automotive repair shops. These cranes are typically sold through crane manufacturers and construction machinery wholesalers. This report does not include crawler, tower or truck-mounted cranes. Read More

    • Portable Concrete Mixers in the US - Procurement Research Report

      ... mortar ingredients into a workable consistency. Key buyers include construction contractors, equipment rental firms and home builders. Key sellers include manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers. This report includes towable and nontowable (e.g. pedestal-style or wheelbarrow-style) mixers ... Read More

    • Motor Graders in the US - Procurement Research Report

      ... termgraders. Gradersare a type of wheeled construction machine that refines surfaces after a bulldozer has performed rough grading. They are typically sold through manufacturers and their respective networks of wholesalers. Common buyers include construction firms ... Read More

    • Language Schooling in the US - Procurement Research Report

      ... intensive training courses for educational and career opportunities to conversational skills for personal development. Schooling includes instructor-led learning in a classroom setting as well as instructor-led training during a live online session. Translation and interpretation ... Read More

    • Smoke Detectors in the US - Procurement Research Report

      ... products include ionization, photoelectric and dual-sensor detectors for use in commercial, industrial and residential settings. Smoke detectors are typically purchased by residential and commercial developers from manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. Fire alarm systems and fire ... Read More

    • Phone Headsets in the US - Procurement Research Report

      ... office setting. Phone headsets can be categorized into monaural (i.e. covering one ear), binaural (i.e. covering both ears), wireless, corded, over-the-head and over-the-ear varieties, among others. Common buyers are government agencies, healthcare facilities and call ... Read More

    • PBX Phone Systems in the US - Procurement Research Report

      ... telephone network within a company and allows for the sharing of telephone lines to make outside calls. A PBX automatically routes incoming calls to specific extensions and can operate using traditional phone lines or the ... Read More

    • Radio Antennas in the US - Procurement Research Report

      ... Converted radio signals are used for various communication purposes. Radio antennas are offered by manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. Typical buyers of radio antennas are businesses and government organizations that require communication devices in remote locations. ... Read More

    • Traffic Signs in the US - Procurement Research Report

      ... necessity for many types of businesses, including construction firms, commercial property managers and government organizations. Key sellers of traffic signs include manufacturers and distributors. The primary types of traffic signs are directional signs, parking signs, ... Read More

    • Wood Floor Installation in the US - Procurement Research Report

      ... as provide new installation, alteration, repair and finishing services. Small independent contractors make up the bulk of suppliers that provide wood floor installation and refinishing services, but there are a number of large commercial contractors ... Read More

    • Label Applying & Printing Devices in the US - Procurement Research Report

      ... warehouse setting where only a few labels are needed at a time. These devices allow users to customize labels by typing information into the device, immediately printing it on the tape, then manually applying it ... Read More

    • Ride-On Lawnmowers in the US - Procurement Research Report

      ... attachments for performing a variety of tasks, such as seed spreading, spraying, rolling, grass cutting and hauling. Suppliers include manufacturers and wholesalers, and key buyers include households, landscaping service providers and universities. This report excludes ... Read More

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