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  • 2016 State of Customer Experience

    ... is essentially unchanged since 2015 and demonstrates the ongoing importance of CX programs and organizations’ commitment to them. // Over 90 percent of CX managers believe the largest benefit from Customer Experience programs is an ... Read More

  • B2B Vendor Success

    ... and support, and customer references, can tip the scales, especially in close competitions. // In its B2B Vendor Success study, Primary Intelligence examines eight standard company-related criteria buyers use to judge vendor effectiveness. The results ... Read More

  • B2B Buyer Loyalty

    ... collected from decision makers in over 10,000 B2B purchase decisions during the past eight years. // We uncover the most important loyalty indicators and share findings that demonstrate why it’s important to stay in touch ... Read More

  • The State of Customer Experience

    ... Experience (CX) program today. This is not surprising, given the greater emphasis on understanding customers’ interactions and experiences with companies and the individuals who support them on a daily, weekly, monthly, or ad hoc basis. Read More

  • Understanding Buyer Needs

    ... What do B2B buyers want from their sales representatives and what characteristics are most important to buyers when making evaluation and purchase decisions? How important is a sales rep's ability to understand buyers' business needs? ... Read More

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E-Commerce & IT Outsourcing market research reports by Primary Intelligence

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