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E-Commerce & IT Outsourcing market research reports by Primary Intelligence

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    • 2016 State of Customer Experience

      2016 State of Customer Experience In our 2016 State of Customer Experience research, Primary Intelligence found that nearly 80 percent of B2B organizations have some type of Customer Experience program in place today. This is essentially unchanged since 2015 and demonstrates the ongoing importance o ... Read More

    • B2B Vendor Success

      B2B Vendor Success It's well known that B2B buyers are most interested in product features and functionality when evaluating vendors and their solutions. But buyers' perceptions of company-related attributes, factors such as reputation, service and support, and customer references, can tip the scale ... Read More

    • B2B Buyer Loyalty

      B2B Buyer Loyalty Nearly every business has metrics to measure “stickiness,” often referred to as Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs. This report analyzes three important leading indicators—product quality, recommendation likelihood, and future business—that were collected from decision makers in o ... Read More

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