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MDR is an integrated marketing services agency with unique digital, creative, and branding capabilities for the education channel.   The company leads the education industry in helping clients achieve their business goals by connecting with targeted educator audiences through research and market intelligence, a world class school database and the following  multi-channel digital communities: WeAreTeachers, WeAreParents, School Leaders Now,, and EdNET.

Annually, MDR releases the State of the K-12 Market Report series.   Each report addresses current education market trends as viewed from the district level, as well as a school trends based on principals’ and teachers’ perspectives. These reports are based on wide-scale market research surveys and are written by industry experts. MDR also publishes several topical reports during the year that are based on secondary research, surveys and interviews. All MDR reports cover relevant topics and trends in the education industry and offer actionable insights for decision-makers.   Organizations looking to develop or market products, services and solutions for the education channel should use these reports to learn more or stay up to date on current funding, landscape and climate developments.

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10 Reports from MDR

  • The K-12 Education Landscape

    ... information on school spending, and a discussion about the ways that schools engage in business. Each chapter offers key takeaways providing valuable insights for school marketers and organizations engaging with schools. The report is based ... Read More

  • School Trends: Principals' Perspectives on Instructional Initiatives and Purchasing Decisions

    ... views of principals from across U.S. public schools. It examines their instructional initiatives, with a focus on priorities and implementation of innovative practices, such as personalized learning. The report offers analyses and commentary about important ... Read More

  • Educational Materials Trends Report

    ... on a national survey of district curriculum leaders, this report combines external research findings and relevant market data to offer a wealth of practical, actionable advice for providers of education products and services. It also ... Read More

  • Educational Technology Trends Report

    ... technology leaders , this report combines external research findings and relevant market data to offer a wealth of practical, actionable advice for providers of education products and services. It also describes various aspects of K-12 ... Read More

  • Classroom Trends: Teachers as Buyers of Instructional Materials and Users of Technology

    ... make up the State of the K-12 Market Report series. This report is based on wide-scale survey findings from more than 1,300 teachers and key trends affecting classrooms today. It focuses on a variety of ... Read More

  • The Evolution of Professional Development to Professional Learning

    ... to effective PD requirements. It examines a range of research on professional learning to identify what we actually know what works and what doesn't, how to redefine our goals and capacities, and the way forward ... Read More

  • Multiple Student Devices: Challenges Facing Providers

    ... thinking about possible future directions. Perspectives from district technology directors and other educators are included, along with advice from industry leaders who have experience in developing and marketing products that are being successfully used in ... Read More

  • The Shift Toward Digital: Forcing Factors, Benefits and Barriers

    ... factors" pushing this shift forward. It also examines a number of consequential barriers to digital materials adoption, as well as seven success factors observed in districts making the shift towards digital content. Please note: the ... Read More

  • Classroom Assessments: Devices, Practices and Plans

    ... assessments are administered (paper or various types of digital devices), the software and apps used, and resources used in creating the actual test content. In addition to discussions of recent developments, the report also provides ... Read More

  • Big Data: A Key to Personalization

    ... data” to improve decision-making and ultimately deliver personalized instruction to students in order to improve outcomes. Big data has been used for years in other industries (e.g., health care, finance) and, while not a new ... Read More

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