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n-tech Research is a leading provider of research andindustry analysis for markets related to advanced and highly functionalmaterials and where they are applied.  n-tech is the rebrand of industryanalyst firm NanoMarkets that was founded in 2004.

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29 Reports from n-tech Research

  • Smart Windows Materials Markets: 2017 - 2026

    ... report identifies the opportunities for materials sold into smart windows markets. The firm most recently issued study of the smart windows market was issued in November of 2016. This new materials focused study: Provides ten-year ... Read More

  • BIPV Technologies and Markets 2017-2024

    ... multi-functional building product with a broad addressable market. This “third-generation” BIPV can – as in the Tesla offering – provide a sustainable energy source combined with an attractive high-end building product at a cost that ... Read More

  • Markets for Self Healing Materials: 2017–2024

    ... is an area of smart coatings and materials with significant market potential. In our previous analysis we projected a market potential of $2.7 billion ($US) by 2020. However, in any market with significant upside there ... Read More

  • Smart Windows Markets: 2016-2025

    ... markets, smart mirrors and smart auto glass. In this report, we present our analysis of the latest developments in the smart windows business, which n-tech believes will fundamentally transform the opportunities available from this space: ... Read More

  • Opportunities for Silver Inks, Pastes and Coatings: 2016 to 2025

    ... latest opportunities for these materials and the product/marketing strategies that are being deployed by the leading players in this space. Silver inks and coatings suppliers have been quite lucky in the past. They were able ... Read More

  • Dye Sensitized Cell Markets: 2016-2025

    ... perovskites for DSC cells and DSC’s cost/performance advantages in markets that have traditionally been dominated by amorphous silicon (a-Si) will boost DSC revenues. The report also indicates that there is now a strong incentive to ... Read More

  • Smart Coatings Markets 2016-2025

    ... provides a unique collection of market analysis and forecasting that provides companies a single source of comprehensive smart coatings data. Our 2016 study will continue its evolution by focusing on where we see significant applications ... Read More

  • New and Future Markets for Thin-Film Batteries – 2016 to 2025

    ... 2016 to 2025 In this report, n-tech evaluates the opportunities that are emerging for thin-film batteries as they move beyond their traditional applications into the era of wearables and IoT and eventually higher powered applications. Read More

  • Organic Photovoltaic Markets 2016-2025

    ... n-tech sees emerging in the OPV space over the next ten years. In this case, n-tech’s assessment is based on its insider view of the area, since n-tech has been covering this market since inception. Read More

  • Worldwide Medical Ceramics Markets 2016-2025

    ... examines the latest products, with a special focus on product releases in the past year, as well as the recent technical developments in the medical ceramics space. It also discusses the hurdles that medical ceramic ... Read More

  • Smart Structures in Aerospace: Market Opportunities: 2016-2025

    ... growing role in the aerospace industry in four different areas: monitoring of composites, suppression of structural vibration, noise suppression, and surface morphing. A related area is the use of photovoltaics in aircraft of various types. Read More

  • Smart Structures in the Construction Industry: A Market and Technology Forecast – 2016 to 2025

    ... new business cases for deployment of smart structures begin to appear. Traditionally smart structures have been used to provide disaster avoidance, especially through the use of structural health monitoring (SHM) systems; themselves a rapidly growing ... Read More

  • Markets for Metamaterials 2016-2023

    ... enables their various functionalities – is that they are fabricated as a composite with the constituent materials tightly coupled enough – that an metamaterial element can be treated as if it were a molecule, but ... Read More

  • Electrochromic Glass and Film Markets 2016-2023

    ... 2016-2023 Electrochromic (EC) glass has built up an established niche market for automotive mirrors, but n-tech Research's latest analysis underscores the attractive revenue opportunities for EC glass in smart windows in both architecture and transportation. Read More

  • BIPV Glass Markets 2015-2022

    ... and technologically developed, with an emphasis on aesthetics and what can be called "smart" capabilities, creating more dimensions along which to compete such as color, transparency, and substrate conformability. Where we envision the next stage ... Read More

  • Markets for Sensors in the Internet of Things 2014-2021

    ... is the first time we are seeing a mass market emerge for novel sensor types; IoT insiders are now talking about billions of sensors being deployed. Also, the sensors required by the IoT will have ... Read More

  • Hydrophobic Coatings and Surfaces: 2016-2023

    ... nanoparticulate calcium carbonate and various nanocomposites, which are slated to create a new breed of “superhydrophobic” products. The report also covers the latest developments from more conventional silicon-based hydrophobic materials as well as novel patterning ... Read More

  • Markets for Self-Cleaning Coatings and Surfaces: 2015 to 2022

    ... largest segments of the smart materials market in terms of revenue generation. The selling proposition of a self-cleaning surface is obvious and in fact self-cleaning coatings for cars and windows have been around for years. Read More

  • Markets for Smart Antimicrobial Coatings and Surfaces – 2015 to 2022

    ... driven by the need to selectively combat new threats from bacteria, viruses and fungi. Also important to the future of smart antimicrobial coatings is the mandate to reduce hospital-acquired infections. But, the opportunity for antimicrobial ... Read More

  • Radiation Detection Equipment Markets: 2015 - 2022

    ... military and medical applications, industrial applications are also providing growth opportunities over the next eight years. This includes enhanced safety for nuclear power plants, as well as emerging applications such as monitoring of food irradiation. Read More

  • Smart Mirrors Technologies and Markets, 2015-2022

    ... have different value propositions. We also explore the various market drivers for "smart mirrors" the four key end-market sectors: automotive, home/consumer, retail/commercial, and medical/healthcare. We provide eight-year forecasts for the various "smart" technologies in each ... Read More

  • Thin-Film and Printed Battery Markets-2015-2022

    ... We also look at the supplier landscape as it stands today and how it continues to change. In this report we also evaluate all the various end markets, including eight-year forecasts for volumes and revenues. Read More

  • Market Opportunities for Silver Nanowire Transparent Conductors 2015-2022

    ... key end markets. The goal is to examine the advantages and latest improvements seen in Ag NWs, and apply that to opportunities in various and changing end applications -- and thus identify revenue potential. We ... Read More

  • Market Opportunities for Metal Meshes as Transparent Conductors, 2015-2022

    ... principally in the touch screen sensor space but also beyond that sector, where meshes are already superior in their ability to effectively spread voltage across a large panel. In fact they have been around for ... Read More

  • Radiation Detection Materials Markets: 2015-2022

    ... right price. Increased interest in mobile radiation detection for security and military applications places more emphasis on materials that can reliably distinguish between naturally occurring and potentially threatening sources of radiation while using relatively thin ... Read More

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