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  • Loyalty Programs - US - July 2019

    ... patience for programs that are complex, confusing or time-consuming. Yet, well-executed loyalty programs can be a powerful tool to drive customer engagement and harness the power of data-driven marketing. In the retail landscape, Amazon is ... Read More

  • Media Trends Spring - UK - March 2019

    ... or infringes on copyright. Algorithms, however, currently lack the sophistication to make accurate assessments over which content should be banned or demonetised, which is leading to conflict with creators”. – Rebecca McGrath, Senior Media Analyst Read More

  • Internet Influencers - US - February 2019

    ... depictions of real life that are projected online. Influencer marketing will continue to evolve as user-generated content becomes more and more important to the digital media landscape, and brands will continue to develop partnerships with ... Read More

  • Social Commerce - China - February 2019

    ... well as promotion formats. Consumers on the other hand show great enthusiasm in engaging in all sorts of activities through social commerce platforms. Shoppers enjoy affordable prices, detailed product reviews and recommendations from friends and ... Read More

  • Beauty Influencers - US - February 2019

    ... more about trends, and the use of influencers can shorten the learning curve while minimizing the risk often associated with buying beauty products online." - Alison Gather, Beauty & Personal Care Analyst This report looks ... Read More

  • Attitudes towards Sharing Economy - China - December 2018

    ... emerging to growth stage, rules and regulations need to be further improved. Yet it also provides substantial space for companies to grow and innovate. Although cheap prices are the top driver for consumers to use, ... Read More

  • Mobile Device Apps - UK - October 2018

    ... are strong opportunities for other sectors, with augmented reality developments in particular driving app innovations in social media and retail. While young people are regularly downloading new apps, they must provide unique functions over websites ... Read More

  • Smart Homes - US - June 2018

    ... alarm systems, smoke and leak detectors). Both segments carry interest in ownership among the majority of the US population, and both are also arenas in which hardware sales are supported by monthly subscription services. - ... Read More

  • Consumers and Payment Innovation - UK - May 2018

    ... Some people have a natural aversion to new payment methods, as shown by scepticism towards smartphone and contactless options. Providers will need to give users time, space, and support to become more comfortable with each ... Read More

  • Black Consumers and Social Media - US - May 2018

    ... consumers to new ideas and information while simultaneously serving as a public platform to create and maintain agency over their identity and beliefs. Brand communication that is integrated in Black users’ social media experience may ... Read More

  • Hispanics and Social Media - US - May 2018

    ... interests despite having diverse cultural backgrounds, political views, and religious interests. As social media provides Hispanics with a way to find information that is useful and gives them social currency, it also provides brands with ... Read More

  • Digital Trends Quarterly: AI and Automation - UK - April 2018

    ... would use is a reflection of the extent to which voice controlled speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home have quickly captured the public’s imagination. Smartphone-based digital assistants helped introduce people to the idea, but ... Read More

  • Kids as Influencers - US - February 2018

    ... – and kids have an undeniable impact on parents’ spending decisions. As seen in Mintel’s analysis, the nature of this impact does however vary based on the type of purchase, the age of the family’s ... Read More

  • Mobile Device Apps - UK - November 2017

    ... the physical environment. This will lead to new opportunities for people to interact with services and brands, and opportunities for market players to monetise these interactions using sponsorships and real-world partnerships.” – Andrew Moss, Technology ... Read More

  • Social Media in Foodservice - US - August 2017

    ... a new focus toward the concept of being an influencer, whether on a small or large scale, and iGens and Millennials have specifically adopted social media as a part of their daily lives. However, for ... Read More

  • Consumers and Data Sharing in Insurance - UK - July 2017

    ... to improve customer retention by moving the focus of communication away from the annual policy renewal. The majority of existing/potential owners of emerging smart devices say they would share data from these devices with an ... Read More

  • Teens' and Tweens' Technology Usage - UK - June 2017

    ... them, with tablets edging out laptops for second place. Along with this has come a high degree of engagement, with mobile-focused social media networks Instagram and Snapchat adding to the extensive influence social media personalities ... Read More

  • Social Networking - Ireland - May 2017

    ... they think these platforms need to do more to prevent fake news from spreading. Improving detection and removal processes will help social networks to reduce the amount of fake news circulating on their platforms and ... Read More

  • Social and Media Networks - UK - May 2017

    ... part of the standard repertoire of features of social media networks. Platforms are looking for new ways to differentiate themselves, leading networks away from their social roots towards becoming ‘super-apps’ integrating a wide range of ... Read More

  • Apps and Applications - Ireland - December 2016

    ... to download an app. As such, optimising their apps to include keywords in the title and description of the app and regular updates will help developers to get their apps ranked higher within app store ... Read More

  • Mobile Apps - US - October 2016

    ... to make their lives more convenient or simply as a way to stay informed and entertained. Advertisers have a challenge influencing mobile app users, as word of mouth and recommendations remain the primary drivers of ... Read More

  • Innovations in the Insurance Market - US - April 2016

    ... to get information and conduct transactions, trackers that provide feedback so people can change their behavior, and devices that keep homes safer and more environmentally friendly are customer-centric innovations that are changing consumer expectations of ... Read More

  • News Consumption - Print, Online and Social - UK - February 2016

    ... that keep news readers within their eco-systems. In order to adapt to the potential impact these aggregators can have, publishers need to work to maintain control over content branding and utilise the premium data of ... Read More

  • Party Planning and Home Entertaining - US - February 2016

    ... nights or book club meetings also prompt in-home socializing. Social media is an important component of an at-home event, as those who plan get-togethers are using these platforms for inspiration, to invite guests, and share ... Read More

  • Communicating Through Imagery - US - December 2015

    ... send abbreviated messages and lean on images to indicate tone and provide nuance. Although more than half of US adults have a general awareness of digital images such as selfies, emoticons, and emojis, far fewer ... Read More

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Software & Enterprise Computing market research reports by Mintel International Group Ltd.

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