Global Water Intelligence (Media Analytics)

Global Water Intelligence publishes market intelligence reports which are designed to help people in the water industry to make informed business decisions. They help clients to understand the whole industry explaining how big it is and how much it is worth. They give clients critical hand-researched information on projects that will allow them to become involved at an early stage. GWI provides the data to allow clients to understand the potential of different regions as well as their local rules and regulations, they tell clients how the industry is financed, who the major players are and give them market forecasts which enable them to plan involvement in the water sector in the longer term. They show the opportunities, but also the risks – with their market reports clients can be confident that they have all the information needed to asses their position alongside competitors and make wise decisions about the future.
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16 Reports from Global Water Intelligence (Media Analytics)

  • Financing Water to 2030: Charting the changing flows of public and private capital to water infrastructure

    ... are finding themselves increasingly constrained by their over stretched balance sheets. Meanwhile, demographic change is driving demand for investments which can deliver a steady yield with a low degree of risk – the kind of ... Read More

  • GWI Global Regulations Package: Water quality, environmental protection & reuse

    ... in monitoring technologies and digital communication that have raised the visibility of contaminants in both the environment and the public conscience. This is putting greater focus on safeguarding public and environmental health through compliance to ... Read More

  • The Global Water Market in 2018

    ... that will influence investment and opportunity in the water sector in the coming year, keeping your business up with date on the new developments that will shape your strategy for 2018-2022. This report incorporates brand ... Read More

  • Desalination & Water Reuse

    ... for desalination and reuse in each country. It will tell you where the best prospects are, who is active in the market and what they are doing. In addition, it will compare desalination and reuse, ... Read More

  • Water's Digital Future

    ... water quality regulations and the need to improve process efficiencies and optimise system performance, there has been an increased uptake of monitoring and control systems that are able to detect changes in real-time. In the ... Read More

  • IDA Desalination Yearbook 2016-2017

    ... market, providing a desal company directory, an annually updated market profile containing key data about the direction of the market and a timeline of all the important developments that have been taking place in the ... Read More

  • Iran's Water Markets

    ... for water businesses that are formulating their strategy growth in the sector. Iran Water Markets analyses the future of Iran’s water and wastewater sector by outlining the biggest opportunities, current and future projects, key players, ... Read More

  • Global Water Market 2017

    ... includes 100 country profiles, the main players in each market space and data, analysis and forecasts for key markets including, technologies, equipment, services, networks, public private partnerships and engineering and procurement. This report is the ... Read More

  • Industrial Water Services & Chemicals

    ... services to offer cost-saving solutions that maximise water and energy efficiency, allowing them to focus on their core production business. Industrial Water Services & Chemicals will investigate the unique water challenges in each industry and ... Read More

  • India Water Market

    ... industrial polluters, there will be significant investment in the Indian municipal and industrial water markets. Advanced technologies, plant upgrades and new wastewater treatment plants will be required to meet new demands, creating opportunities for local ... Read More

  • China Industrial Water Markets

    ... to partner with international companies to meet their changing industrial wastewater treatment needs – this report will outline the growing opportunities for international players, strategies for breaking into the Chinese industrial water sector and the ... Read More

  • The Global Water Market 2016

    ... trends and market developments that will shape your strategy in the coming year. This brand new data will be accompanied by a summative analyst report that will identify and analyse the most important market trends. Read More

  • The Global Water Market in 2016: Capital Expenditure Trends In Municipal And Industrial Water To 2019

    ... new trends and market developments that should shape your strategy in 2015-2016. This report offers a complete update of the capital expenditure forecast spreadsheets from Global Water Market (published April 2014) and incorporates brand new ... Read More

  • Desalination Markets 2016

    ... a strong strategy for offering solutions to meet specific market needs – this report will help you plan your direction in this market. Including 17 profiles for the regions with the best opportunities; analysis of ... Read More

  • GWI Analysts Report: Ballast Water Treatment Market

    ... (IMO) Ballast Water Management Convention and the introduction of the more stringent United States Coast Guard (USCG) Ballast Water Management Regulations, suppliers need to be ready to act on the expected spur of investment in ... Read More

  • Industrial Water Technology Markets 2015

    ... fastest growing sector of the global water market but with each industry facing substantial challenges in their business, including tighter water quality standards, new wastewater discharge regulations and issues surrounding scarce water resourcs, there are ... Read More

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