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  • Conferencing and Events - UK - September 2018

    ... trajectory, the market is likely to face increased pressure over the coming years as operators await the outcome of Brexit negotiations.” – Marco Amasanti, B2B Analyst This Report looks at the following areas: Ongoing uncertainty ... Read More

  • Solar Panels - UK - September 2018

    ... world as the cost of solar PV continues to fall, and more efficient and affordable battery storage solutions and more innovative finance and business models become available.” – Claudia Preedy, B2B Analyst This Report looks ... Read More

  • Peer-to-peer Business Finance - UK - September 2018

    ... may have a strong supply of funding available but lack ‘high-quality’ or suitable borrowers, or vice-versa. A slowdown in either of these will affect the industry’s growth potential.” – Lewis Cone, B2B Analyst This Report ... Read More

  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering - UK - September 2018

    ... surrounding climate change and building regulations are driving market growth and opportunities, while the trend to regular maintenance has extended beyond the commerce and industrial sectors to the residential market.” - Terry Leggett, Senior Analyst Read More

  • Plumbing - UK - September 2018

    ... positive influences, increases to interest rates and the potential for house price inflation/moving activity to dampen following Brexit will reduce the level of market growth.” – Terry Leggett, Senior Analyst This report looks at the ... Read More

  • Recruitment - UK - September 2018

    ... of uncertainty, and the hesitancy introduced, continues to shape activity in the market, primarily through the surging popularity of temporary recruitment. The flexibility offered by this sector continues to make it compatible with fluent workplace ... Read More

  • Energy Industry - UK - August 2018

    ... bundling their multi-utility offering to gain a competitive edge. This trend is set to continue, with more suppliers offering diversified services to broaden appeal to customers. A number of energy suppliers are also moving into ... Read More

  • Public Expenditure - UK - August 2018

    ... further reduced borrowing in 2018, with this trend set to continue in the coming years, assuming no political change. However, the UK is set to face a period of great uncertainty throughout this period as ... Read More

  • Cloud Computing - UK - August 2018

    ... is dynamic, offering constant cost-effective and scalable access to the latest technology for clients and recurring revenues for suppliers. The battle for worldwide market share is intense and very different strategies are being adopted by ... Read More

  • Consumers and the Economic Outlook - Quarterly Update - UK - August 2018

    ... on their own financial situations, which are currently in a pretty healthy state. The base rate rise will make it harder for some, but the general outlook is positive as long as employment figures stay ... Read More

  • Credit Cards - UK - August 2018

    ... costs linked to new regulation. On the other hand, they are pumping investment into new payment innovation, as they face growing competition from a new generation of connected payment services.” - Sarah Hitchcock, Senior Finance ... Read More

  • Residential Care for the Elderly - UK - August 2018

    ... with other low-pay sectors, such as supermarkets, who are actively recruiting and offering attractive pay rates.” – Lewis Cone, B2B Analyst This report looks at the following areas: Green paper delay leading to uncertainty Provider ... Read More

  • Pet Insurance - UK - August 2018

    ... cover to take care of their animals, while the rising cost of vet bills makes insurance increasingly attractive. Innovative insurers have an opportunity to strengthen and redefine their relationship with owners, going well beyond what ... Read More

  • Ceramic Tiles - UK - July 2018

    ... the emergence of wet rooms and some use outside the traditional areas of kitchens and bathrooms. Per capita consumption of tiles is, however, still the lowest in Europe, and roughly a third of Northern European ... Read More

  • Commercial Mortgages - UK - July 2018

    ... followed the EU referendum. This growth came as a surprise to many in the industry given the climate of uncertainty, with fears that heightened caution could subdue major financial commitments for a number of years. ... Read More

  • Bridging Loans - UK - July 2018

    ... difficult environment. Whilst some lenders have left the market, others have entered and continue to adapt and cater to borrowers’ specific funding needs – something that mainstream lenders are still slow to undertake.” – Lewis ... Read More

  • Cars and Commercial Vehicles - UK - July 2018

    ... sales and production. Last year’s slump was underpinned by low domestic demand, which fell in line with wavering business and consumer confidence. Nonetheless, there remain clear pockets of growth, with strong growth in the alternatively-fuelled ... Read More

  • Domiciliary Care - UK - July 2018

    ... clients. However, the ever-widening gap between the fees paid by LAs and the actual cost of service provision means some providers could refuse to provide services in certain areas, or leave the market altogether.” – ... Read More

  • Dentistry - UK - June 2018

    ... growth drivers as an opportunity - offering scope to acquire, consolidate, improve efficiencies, and sell practices at greater multiples.” – Lewis Cone, B2B Analyst This Report looks at the following areas: What are the key ... Read More

  • Waste Management and Recycling - UK - June 2018

    ... remains someway off that required to ultimately replace landfill, while the UK continues to rely on EU exports to fulfill this deficit; a relationship that could face great upheaval in the coming years. In light ... Read More

  • Residential Windows and Doors - UK - June 2018

    ... saturation point. The direct sell sector is struggling to keep pace with overall repair, maintenance and improvement expenditure with second-time replacement of products sold 30 years ago (with an expected product life cycle of 20 ... Read More

  • Private Healthcare - UK - June 2018

    ... wider healthcare industry.” - Lewis Cone, B2B Analyst This report will look at the following areas: Are private providers gaining patients from the NHS due to increased waiting times at NHS hospitals? Can improvements to ... Read More

  • Commercial Property - UK - June 2018

    ... between major sectors, with industrial and alternative assets expected to outperform, while sentiment in the retail sector continues to weaken.” – Claudia Preedy - B2B Analyst This Report looks at the following areas: How have ... Read More

  • Data Centres - UK - May 2018

    ... continues to grow. This is encouraging widespread modernisation of the legacy infrastructure to increase capacity and gain greater cost efficiency. Eventually there will be a strong trend to concentration, encouraged by the barriers to entry ... Read More

  • Courier/Express Delivery - UK - May 2018

    ... intense pricing competition and slim margins. Mounting expectations among the consumer base grow evermore demanding, with convenience and price apex to this.” – Marco Amasanti, B2B Analyst This Report looks at the following areas: How ... Read More

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