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  • Consulting Engineers - UK - July 2016 major rail projects and the government’s renewed commitment to road spending. However, the recent referendum vote to leave the EU may put some transport infrastructure projects at risk.” – Claudia Preedy - B2B analyst ... Read More

  • Cars and Commercial Vehicles - UK - june 2016

    ...demand and the growing appeal of British-made vehicles, which have exploited their rich heritage, coming to represent a hallmark of tradition and excellence in the global arena.” Marco Amasanti, B2B Analyst This report answers the ... Read More

  • Ceramic Tiles - UK - June 2016

    ...determine demand for tiles. There remains a shortage of new housing, house price inflation is expected to moderate, while initial indications suggest that interest rates will be reduced and commercial investment decisions deferred until greater ... Read More

  • Private Healthcare - UK - June 2016

    ...private healthcare to guarantee access to healthcare services. An efficient and cost-effective private healthcare sector could lead to greater benefits for patients, providers, health professionals and insurers, while also easing the burden on the NHS ... Read More

  • Residential Windows & Doors - UK - June 2016

    ...expected. Delays in the replacement sector are likely to be restricted to product failures due to the combined effects of market saturation and delays in home improvement investments amid moderating house price inflation and consumer ... Read More

  • Waste Management and Recycling - UK - June 2016

    ...met. According to Eunomia‘s eighth Residual Waste Infrastructure Review, published in June 2015, the UK is just three years away from eliminating the residual waste treatment gap. However, this claim is opposed by a number ... Read More

  • Dentistry - UK - June 2016 practices. However, NHS and mixed practices are likely to continue to be in high demand due to the protected income stream and monopoly trading position associated with them.” – Lewis Cone, B2B Analyst This ... Read More

  • Legal Services - UK - May 2016

    ...needed innovation to the legal sector, with firms delivering more client focussed and cost effective services as competition starts to intensify. Some traditional law firms are responding to these changes by introducing new business models, ... Read More

  • Construction - UK - April 2016

    ...recovery period. The market has also been constrained by uncertainties caused by the general election last year, the EU referendum this year, and continued concern over international growth levels that tend to subdue capital investment ... Read More

  • Courier/Express Delivery - UK - MAY 2016

    ...a faster rate than revenue, and courier and express service operators will need to raise capacity to service demand, and innovate to increase turnover from faster premium services.” – Ambreen Ahmad, Research Analyst This report ... Read More

  • Fleet Services - UK - April 2016

    ...with fleet car registrations contributing to 92% of the fleet services market and business cars making up just 8%, the fleet services industry as a whole continues to enjoy strong growth.” Ambreen Ahmad, Research Analyst ... Read More

  • Occupational Health - UK - April 2016

    ...poorly measured and unclear. Active marketing of OH, coupled with evidence-based proposals for cost-effective interventions, will be required if the market is to make a serious impact in healthcare.” – Lewis Cone, B2B Analyst This ... Read More

  • Potable Water and Sewerage - UK - April 2016 companies are looking at new technologies that offer the best solution to implementing the directive. However increased waste water treatment under the WFD will also see carbon emissions rise. To mitigate the carbon impact ... Read More

  • Children's Social Care - UK - February 2016

    ...important factor in purchasing services from independent providers.” – Lewis Cone, B2B Analyst This report answers the following key questions: What are the key determinants driving the industry? Was the market affected by the recession ... Read More

  • Electricity Industry - UK - December 2015

    ...“time‑of‑use tariffs” to customers, charging little or nothing for power at off‑peak times, such as the weekend, and higher prices on high‑demand weekdays.” – Claudia Preedy, B2B Analyst This report will explore the following key ... Read More

  • Industrial Fasteners - UK - December 2015

    ...manufacturers increasingly replacing steel fasteners with aluminium fasteners. This trend is set to continue to drive innovation in the fastener sector over the coming years.” – Claudia Preedy - B2B analyst This report will explore ... Read More

  • Medical Equipment - UK - December 2015

    ...see a diverse product portfolio as the best way to secure growth and market share. With recent stagnation in public healthcare spending in the UK and other western countries, companies are starting to explore opportunities ... Read More

  • Underground Pipes - UK - December 2015

    ...Influences on end-use markets are varied and not always dependent on the growth of the wider economy, so market fluctuations rarely follow economic activity.” - Terry Leggett, Senior Analyst This report answers the following questions: ... Read More

  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering - UK - December 2015

    ...This led to severe price competition and the low cost price legacy is proving hard to shift even as the new construction sector has returned to buoyancy. For this reason, many facilities management operators have ... Read More

  • Tubes and Pipes - UK - December 2015

    ...the highly cyclical construction sector, are contributing to growing demand for tubes and pipes. The construction sector, as always, is exaggerating GDP development, and for this reason prospects for the tubes and pipes sector are ... Read More

  • Consulting Engineers - UK - September 2015

    ...deliver the increase in transport projects over the coming years. The reform should also result in quicker, more efficient delivery, as work will not need to deal with the threat of funding being removed, as ... Read More

  • Domiciliary Care - UK - September 2015

    ...activities, such as visits from friends or family, which may not be as achievable in a different care setting. With the UK’s ageing population trend expected to continue indefinitely, care providers have increasing opportunities to ... Read More

  • Thermal Insulation - UK - September 2015 to different new build and commercial sectors. This strategy is designed to counteract volatility in the retro-fit sector caused by the stop-start nature of government funding schemes” – Claudia Preedy - B2B analyst This ... Read More

  • Public Expenditure - UK - August 2015

    ...opportunities for private companies in public sector service provision remain aplenty, reflecting the continued drive for efficient service provision. Justice, defence and welfare remain the biggest markets for outsourcing.” Claudia Preedy - B2B Analyst This ... Read More

  • Dentistry - UK - August 2015

    ...particularly suffer, especially as compliance costs are likely to rise. This could offer a further incentive for dentists to offer private or cosmetic dental services as a way of guaranteeing more income and revenue.” – ... Read More

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