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  • Ceramic Tiles - UK - July 2018

    ... the emergence of wet rooms and some use outside the traditional areas of kitchens and bathrooms. Per capita consumption of tiles is, however, still the lowest in Europe, and roughly a third of Northern European ... Read More

  • Commercial Mortgages - UK - July 2018

    ... followed the EU referendum. This growth came as a surprise to many in the industry given the climate of uncertainty, with fears that heightened caution could subdue major financial commitments for a number of years. ... Read More

  • Bridging Loans - UK - July 2018

    ... difficult environment. Whilst some lenders have left the market, others have entered and continue to adapt and cater to borrowers’ specific funding needs – something that mainstream lenders are still slow to undertake.” – Lewis ... Read More

  • Cars and Commercial Vehicles - UK - July 2018

    ... sales and production. Last year’s slump was underpinned by low domestic demand, which fell in line with wavering business and consumer confidence. Nonetheless, there remain clear pockets of growth, with strong growth in the alternatively-fuelled ... Read More

  • Domiciliary Care - UK - July 2018

    ... clients. However, the ever-widening gap between the fees paid by LAs and the actual cost of service provision means some providers could refuse to provide services in certain areas, or leave the market altogether.” – ... Read More

  • Data Centres - UK - May 2018

    ... continues to grow. This is encouraging widespread modernisation of the legacy infrastructure to increase capacity and gain greater cost efficiency. Eventually there will be a strong trend to concentration, encouraged by the barriers to entry ... Read More

  • Courier/Express Delivery - UK - May 2018

    ... intense pricing competition and slim margins. Mounting expectations among the consumer base grow evermore demanding, with convenience and price apex to this.” – Marco Amasanti, B2B Analyst This Report looks at the following areas: How ... Read More

  • IT Services - UK - May 2018

    ... economic uncertainties created by Brexit is further encouraging the adoption of flexible pay as you go costing models for both hardware and software.” - Terry Leggett, Senior Analyst This report will look at the following ... Read More

  • Legal Services - UK - May 2018

    ... and changing client buying patterns. The more competitive market also means that technology and innovation will play a key role in ensuring that firms thrive in an ever-changing environment. Firms need to be highly agile, ... Read More

  • Occupational Health - UK - May 2018

    ... employees in a professional services environment enjoy work, they do better work, which is obviously beneficial to both staff and organisations.” – Lewis Cone, B2B Analyst This report examines the following issues: How are workers’ ... Read More

  • Construction - UK - April 2018

    ... of markets and some are very buoyant, highlighting increasingly polarised activity.” – Terry Leggett Senior B2B Analyst This report addresses the following key questions: How will the construction market develop over the next five years? ... Read More

  • Potable Water and Sewerage - UK - April 2018

    ... expenditure. Ofwat believes this will remove a bias toward capital programmes as capital expenditure has often been preferred over operational expenditure in delivery solutions due to the design of the regulatory framework. The focus on ... Read More

  • Security Equipment, Access Control and CCTV - UK - April 2018

    ... by technological advancements, particularly the integration of equipment, and a surge in cheaper and DIY security systems. A significant rise in core areas of criminality, especially burglary, has also spiked demand across the marketplace.” – ... Read More

  • Commercial Banking and Finance - UK - March 2018

    ... available to them, such as through the cloud, they can build intelligence on customers’ evolving needs, which can drive value.” – Lewis Cone, B2B Analyst This report will explore the following key issues regarding commercial ... Read More

  • Fleet Services - UK - March 2018

    ... Brexit. New vehicle registrations fell, though this was more symptomatic of pressure on the automotive industry, with fleet vehicles rising as a proportion of total new sales. Accordingly, new contracts and renewals were somewhat subdued. ... Read More

  • Gas Supply and Distribution - UK - March 2018

    ... multi-utility offering to gain a competitive edge. The trend towards multi-utility brands is set to continue, with more suppliers offering diversified services to broaden their appeal to customers. Companies are also looking to gain a ... Read More

  • Schools, Universities and Hospitals - UK - March 2018

    ... expenditure strategy is curtailing investment in schools and the health sector, but is coming under increasing demographic and political pressure to relax restrictions.” - Terry Leggett, Senior Analyst This report addresses the following key questions: ... Read More

  • Railway Engineering - UK - March 2018

    ... latest Long Term Passenger Rolling Stock Strategy. With a capital cost of more than £10 billion, around 50% of these new vehicles are expected to be built in Britain. In response to the sharp upturn ... Read More

  • Children's Social Care - UK - February 2018

    ... children’s services and social care. This could occur even though the number of children in care has reached a record high.” – Lewis Cone, B2B Analyst This Report looks at the following areas: What are ... Read More

  • Software - UK - February 2018

    ... customisation of packaged software is becoming increasingly easy and flexible, assisting a trend to packaged products, which tend to be lower cost than proprietary software. However, the cost of building fully-custom enterprise software is a ... Read More

  • Accounting and Financial Management - UK - February 2018

    ... important role in consultancy services. This trend is set to continue, with larger firms looking to strengthen their multi-disciplinary skills and advisory practices through medium‑sized or boutique bolt‑on acquisitions. Cyber security and risk consultancy companies ... Read More

  • Recycling - UK - February 2018

    ... in the coming years given the recent Chinese ban on imported plastic waste, government budget constraints, and the finalisation of Brexit negotiations. Despite this, the market is expected to continue to grow in the coming ... Read More

  • B2B Insurance - UK - January 2018

    ... new entrants to the industry, who could benefit from quickly adapting to policyholders’ needs, will overtake insurers in the same way that technology-led firms have overtaken incumbents in a number of other industries.” – Lewis ... Read More

  • Civil Engineering - UK - January 2018

    ... companies enter into long-term partnerships and alliances with customers as utility companies look to form more collaborative relationships with suppliers. Alliances that last longer than the regulatory price control period are also becoming more common. ... Read More

  • Computer Security - UK - January 2018

    ... transaction with an organisation that has an internet-connected device. Few people fall outside of this definition, with the issue increasingly ranging from national security to every aspect of society.” – Terry Leggett, Senior B2B Analyst ... Read More

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