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  • Energy Industry - UK - August 2019

    ... the UK’s future energy system, allowing for an increased role for renewables, more flexibility and greater decentralisation. The energy storage sector is already growing fast and costs are falling, with the sector set to play ... Read More

  • Cloud Computing - UK - August 2019

    ... disruption mean that the market is potentially even benefitting from the uncertainties caused by Brexit.” – Terry Leggett, Senior Analyst This Report looks at the following areas: Why is the UK at the forefront of ... Read More

  • Recruitment - UK - August 2019

    ... flexible temporary labour. Combined with the ubiquity of computing and the internet, a continuing influx of new SMEs are driving competition and fostering the growth of innovative platforms that take advantage of these trends in ... Read More

  • Thermal Insulation - UK - August 2019

    ... take-up. The recently announced £5 million Green Home Finance Innovation Fund aimed at accelerating the financial sector’s offering of green mortgages is hoped to help stimulate the ‘able-to-pay’ market. The housebuilding sector is also anticipated ... Read More

  • Dentistry - UK - August 2019

    ... a considerable challenge in providing high quality healthcare amid rapid demographic changes and constrained public spending.” – Lewis Cone, Senior B2B Analyst This report looks at the following areas: NHS dentist accessibility problems adding to ... Read More

  • B2B Economic Outlook - UK - June 2019

    ... EU’s renewables generation targets and carbon emission reduction targets. Therefore energy and environmental policy is unlikely to change post-Brexit. That means it will be business as usual for utility operators for the foreseeable future. However ... Read More

  • Residential Windows and Doors - UK - June 2019

    ... the companies serving this sector tend to be different ones from serving the replacement market where there was particular disruption with the emergence (and subsequent demise) of a new competitor which specifically targeted the business ... Read More

  • Blockchain - UK - June 2019

    ... blockchain are vast and transformative. Moreover, its use is not limited to business but extends to major public sector applications. Some within the blockchain sector even claim the technology will make inroads into poverty and ... Read More

  • Private Healthcare - UK - June 2019

    ... represents a net financial gain. Existing providers are expected to expand over the next decade while new operators enter the market to try and gain market share. Expansion will not only occur for large hospital ... Read More

  • Cars and Commercial Vehicles - UK - May 2019

    ... Brexit headwinds and the exodus from diesel continue to undermine domestic sales, while production remains constrained by weakening global markets. Nonetheless, there remain some beacons of growth, namely the AFV market, while it is hoped ... Read More

  • Occupational Health - UK - May 2019

    ... large enterprises, public sector organisations, SMEs and among the self-employed. As the economy shows signs of slowing down, OH initiatives that can boost long-term productivity might start to become more common.” – Lewis Cone, Senior ... Read More

  • Software - UK - May 2019

    ... has classified software as a scalable running cost rather than a capital investment, which has assisted growth when other markets have faltered amid the uncertainties created by Brexit.” – Terry Leggett, Senior Analyst This Report ... Read More

  • Legal Services - UK - May 2019

    ... housing transactions, and slower growth in exports of legal services. However, continuing work relating to regulatory changes after Brexit will provide a positive impetus for the sector in the foreseeable future.” – Claudia Preedy, B2B ... Read More

  • Construction - UK - April 2019

    ... commercial construction more than industrial construction, while public sector activity is more reliant on government policy, and housing remains buoyant.” – Terry Leggett, Senior Analyst This report looks at the following areas: Universities – the ... Read More

  • Waste Management and Recycling - UK - April 2019

    ... and Waste Strategy for England, published in December 2018, sets out a number of measures which aim to increase investors’ confidence and improve the competitiveness of the reprocessing industry. However, key proposals in the strategy ... Read More

  • Courier and Express Delivery - UK - April 2019

    ... by slim margins and a growing expectation to provide more for less. For those still in the market, the future looks bright given continued value and volume growth; both of which show little sign of ... Read More

  • Children's Social Care - UK - April 2019

    ... been a reduction in funding for early intervention services, which has only added to demand pressures on the industry. This has highlighted the increasing need for additional finances and for local authorities to ensure that ... Read More

  • B2B Economic Outlook - UK - March 2019

    ... has led to many companies holding back on risky investments to ensure that their short-term objectives are able to be achieved alongside any adverse market impacts that follow Brexit.“ – Lewis Cone, Senior B2B Analyst Read More

  • Electrical Wholesalers - UK - March 2019

    ... more knowledgeable about these innovations and be able to provide advice and educate customers on trending technologies, such as smart home products. There is also a growing expectation for wholesalers to provide end-to-end support for ... Read More

  • Sports Sponsorship - UK - March 2019

    ... of football’s Premier League, drawing huge interest as one of the world’s largest sports markets. This is set to remain the story going forward. The industry will circumvent much of the detriment posed by Brexit ... Read More

  • B2B E-Commerce - UK - March 2019

    ... times the size of the B2C sector. Despite strong market growth it remains under-developed, though the propensity to use the route to market clearly increases with company size. Nonetheless, companies of all sizes are far ... Read More

  • IT Services - UK - February 2019

    ... economic uncertainties created by Brexit is further encouraging the adoption of flexible pay as you go costing models for both hardware and software.” - Terry Leggett, Senior Analyst This report will look at the following ... Read More

  • Commercial Banking and Finance - UK - February 2019

    ... succeed will put the retention of their client interface and providing higher levels of client value through customised and tailored services at the top of their objectives.” – Lewis Cone, Senior B2B Analyst This Report ... Read More

  • Security Equipment, Access Control and CCTV - UK - February 2019

    ... pressures and the rising cost of crime have seen the burden of security increasingly taken on by the individual. Stifled confidence in the state also continues to drive uptake across the marketplace. Elsewhere the market ... Read More

  • Accounting and Financial Management - UK - February 2019

    ... factors are a cause for concern in the accounting and financial management industry as a potential slowdown in business investment and UK economic growth would have a direct effect on demand for accountancy services. Accountants ... Read More

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