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  • B2B Insurance - UK - January 2018

    ... new entrants to the industry, who could benefit from quickly adapting to policyholders’ needs, will overtake insurers in the same way that technology-led firms have overtaken incumbents in a number of other industries.” – Lewis ... Read More

  • Civil Engineering - UK - January 2018

    ... companies enter into long-term partnerships and alliances with customers as utility companies look to form more collaborative relationships with suppliers. Alliances that last longer than the regulatory price control period are also becoming more common. ... Read More

  • Computer Security - UK - January 2018

    ... transaction with an organisation that has an internet-connected device. Few people fall outside of this definition, with the issue increasingly ranging from national security to every aspect of society.” – Terry Leggett, Senior B2B Analyst ... Read More

  • Electrical Wholesalers - UK - January 2018

    ... of imported products at a time of intensifying competition.” – Terry Leggett Senior B2B Analyst This report addresses the following key questions concerning the electrical wholesale market: How will the market develop over the next ... Read More

  • Contract Catering - UK - December 2017

    ... disproportionately driving food prices and heightened expenditure on labour forces tied to ongoing increases in the National Living Wage. Due to economic pressure and price sensitivity among the consumer base, companies were unable to pass ... Read More

  • Medical Equipment - UK - December 2017

    ... to their platform. Such collaborations are now occurring not only through traditional acquisitions and formal partnerships, but also through asset swaps, carve outs, and transaction collaborations across the industry.” – Lewis Cone, B2B Analyst This ... Read More

  • Small Business Overview - UK - December 2017

    ... sector over the past five years, recording growth of 21% while enterprise growth has been restricted to just 8%. – Terry Leggett, Senior Industrial Analyst This Report looks at the following areas: How important are ... Read More

  • Commercial Borrowing - UK - Novmeber 2017

    ... However, lenders can find it difficult to prove affordability for credit without a significant trading history, driving a trend for new businesses to shun mainstream lending and seek finance from alternative lenders.” - Lewis Cone, ... Read More

  • Shopfitting - UK - November 2017

    ... will also challenge routine thinking by providing fresh, new perspectives that energizes your thought processes. Mintel research sources can include exclusive consumer data, brand/company research and insights from key trade members. This means that we ... Read More

  • Defence Industry - UK - November 2017

    ... industry trading. The fall has made foreign equipment relatively more expensive to purchase, but has also made domestically-made defence products cheaper to foreign buyers - meaning there may be a surge in defence exports compared ... Read More

  • House Building - UK - November 2017

    ... and the ongoing importance of Help to Buy initiatives.” - Marco Amasanti, B2B analyst This Report explores the following issues facing UK house builders: What have been the core drivers of growth in the housebuilding ... Read More

  • Electricity Industry - UK - November 2017

    ... has been an increase in tariffs that track wholesale price changes, and tariffs that allow energy to be purchased in bundles. Suppliers are also increasingly offering tariffs that include non-energy services, such as boiler maintenance ... Read More

  • Recruitment - UK - November 2017

    ... not translated into a slowdown in hiring intentions, fears remain around widening skills shortages and the slow-burning manifestation of uncertainty, with hesitancy creeping into the business landscape, triggering a gradual, systemic reduction of labour forces.” ... Read More

  • Manned Security - UK - October 2017

    ... performing area as it continued to benefit from public outsourcing, though it came under great scrutiny amid a number of front-page scandals about private prisons.” – Marco Amasanti, B2B Analyst This Report looks at the ... Read More

  • Cloud Computing - UK - October 2017

    ... Market penetration has considerable further potential, with both enterprises and SMEs increasingly adopting cloud computing solutions, which will be furthered as companies move to a scaleable pay-as-you-go model rather than capital-intensive investments.” – Terry Leggett, ... Read More

  • Facilities Management - UK - October 2017

    ... and margin-squeezed single service supply, with the cloud and mobile data revolutionising access to management information.” – Terry Leggett, Senior B2B Analyst This Report looks at the following areas: How are changes in minimum wages ... Read More

  • Logistical Services - UK - October 2017

    ... time-pressurised environment. Adopting new technologies can help move goods as efficiently as possible and companies could suffer if they fail to integrate new tech into operations - especially in a trading environment that is likely ... Read More

  • Renewable Energy - UK - Ocotber 2017

    ... solar PV, is currently slowing significantly amid reduced government support. However, with costs rapidly falling, more mature technologies are expected to experience a new wave of growth in a subsidy-free world. The offshore wind sector, ... Read More

  • Plumbing - UK - September 2017

    ... are seen as lifestyle statements and are very important to consumers and property vendors. The uncertainties introduced by Brexit are expected to increase the importance of new build applications while threatening discretionary spend on home ... Read More

  • Residential Care for the Elderly - UK - September 2017

    ... how to improve both health and social care.” – Lewis Cone, B2B Analyst This report will explore the following key issues regarding the residential care industry in the UK: What are the key determinants driving ... Read More

  • Solar Panels - UK - September 2017

    ... solar-plus storage systems. For solar PV to become attractive without subsidies, there is also a need to unlock deployment on buildings in the commercial sector, where around 380GW-worth of south-facing commercial rooftop space is available.” ... Read More

  • Conferencing and Events - UK - September 2017

    ... been constrained somewhat by the air of uncertainty, a pressure which, alongside mounting security concerns, will remain a core challenge over the coming years.” – Marco Amasanti, B2B Analyst This Report looks at the following ... Read More

  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering - UK - September 2017

    ... decision and the varied impact it has already demonstrated. There remain some very strong areas of demand, while others are faltering amid economic uncertainty”. – Terry Leggett, Senior Analyst This Report looks at the following ... Read More

  • Serviced Offices - UK - September 2017

    ... primarily by finances, with quality of life, flexible working, and careers the key elements that will drive future demand for serviced office space.” - Lewis Cone, B2B Analyst This report will explore the following key ... Read More

  • Commercial Mortgages - UK - August 2017

    ... the market has changed, with a suppression of major financial commitments, a shift from new acquisitions to refinancing of existing deals, widening regional disparities, and heightened caution among lenders.” – Marco Amasanti, B2B Analyst This ... Read More

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