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IQ4I (Intelligence Quotient for Innovation) Research and Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is a global strategy, consulting and a market research firm. They enable their clients to identify the market opportunities with best-in-class market intelligence reports. With world-class research capabilities, IQ4I delivers high level strategically analyzed consulting and custom research assignments to their clients at a reasonable cost and time frame. With fact-based insights and accurate market forecasts, they enable their clients to understand and respond to the market dynamics with an edge over their competitors.

IQ4I covers Healthcare Industry (Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Medical devices, Diagnostics, Healthcare Information technology) and Chemical Materials. Their geographic focus is on global markets (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Rest of the world).
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66 Reports from IQ4I Research and Consultancy

  • Soft Tissue Repair Global Market - Forecast to 2023

    ...these Soft tissues are repaired by procedures that include hernia repair, cardiac repair, breast reconstruction, dental reconstruction, skin repair, etc. It does not include procedures that involve whole organ transplant and tissue regeneration and consist ... Read More

  • Brain Monitoring Devices Global Market - Forecast to 2023

    ...techniques are segmented into structural imaging and functional imaging where structural imaging includes the diagnosis of the nervous system in a larger scale for the disorders like tumor, injury by techniques like CT and MRI. ... Read More

  • Defibrillator Devices Global Market - Forecast to 2023

    ...cardiovascular critical care management, where electrical shock is required to convert patient’s abnormal heart rhythm into normal heart rhythm to revive the victim of sudden cardiac arrest. These defibrillators help in saving the life of ... Read More

  • Ablation Devices Global Market - Forecast to 2023

    ...abnormally conducting cardiac tissue in atrial fibrillation and others. The growing adoption of minimally invasive procedures is pushing the researchers to innovate and improvise existing ablation technologies for better patient care. The ablation device global ... Read More

  • Interventional Cardiology Global Market - Forecast to 2023

    ...valves, transcatheter heart pump and others. Catheters are segmented into Guide Catheter, Balloon Catheter, Atherectomy Catheters, Thrombectomy Catheters, and Ablation Catheters. Interventional Diagnostic Catheters are segmented into Intravascular ultrasound (IVUS), Fractional flow reserve (FFR), Optical ... Read More

  • Life Science Instruments & Reagents Global Market - Forecast to 2023

    ...reagents market is expected to grow at a high single digit CAGR to reach $81,325 million by 2023. The report covers all life instruments and associated reagents used in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and diagnostics that help ... Read More

  • Nonalcoholicsteatohepatitis (NASH) - Pipeline Analysis

    ...phases of development (Discovery, Preclinical & Clinical). The pipeline focuses on novel pharmacologic drugs & regenerative medicines covering small molecules, antibodies, stem cell therapies, recombinant proteins and RNA-based therapeutics, but excludes symptom relief drugs, generic ... Read More

  • Incontinence and Ostomy Care Global Market - Forecast to 2023

    ...awareness about such conditions, the market is focused on growing with newer technology and improved products. According to IQ4I analysis, the incontinence and ostomy care global market is expected to grow at mid range single ... Read More

  • Blood Collection, Processing, Management Devices & Consumables Global Market - Forecast To 2023

    ...segregating the collected blood into blood components like RBC, WBC, platelets & plasma and then preserving the segregated components for the purpose of therapeutics and maintaining the protocols of available blood groups and donor information ... Read More

  • Aortic Aneurysm Repair Devices Global Market – Forecast To 2023

    ...most often in the abdominal aorta, an essential blood vessel that supplies blood to legs. Most aortic aneurysms occur in the section of the aorta that passes through the abdomen and are referred as abdominal ... Read More

  • Cell Analysis Global Market – Forecast To 2023

    ...plays a major role in gene identification, protein identification, transcription analysis and epigenomics at the cellular level by revealing the heterogenocity of the the cells. Hospitals, academic institutions, government institutes, as well as pharmaceutical and ... Read More

  • Electrosurgical Devices Global Market – Forecast To 2023 cardiac, orthopaedic, cosmetic and dermatological, gynaecological, plastic surgery, ENT, maxillofacial, urological, neurological and general surgical procedures as well as certain dental procedures, etc. Electrosurgical units (ESU’s) are used for surgical cutting or to manage ... Read More

  • Implantable Biomaterials Global Market - Forecast to 2022

    ...the patient. The biomaterial implants have been enormously successful and have enhanced the life of millions of patients. There is continuous ongoing research to develop next generation advanced biomaterials like bioabsorbable materials, bioactive and smart ... Read More

  • Ultrasound Medical Devices Global Market - Forecast to 2023

    ...creating an image of body part (organs and structures inside the body). Compared to other imaging technologies like computed tomography (CT), MRI and others, ultrasound imaging provides real-time imaging of anatomical structures but cannot be ... Read More

  • Hernia Repair Devices Global Market - Forecast to 2022

    ...internal organs or tissues pushes through a weak or damaged tissue and cause mild to severe pain, it might happen anywhere in the body but is most common in the abdominal region. There are different ... Read More

  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Global market - Forecast to 2022

    ...introduction as Next generation Sequencing (NGS) has revolutionized the way the human genomes are being sequenced now a days. The time and cost to sequence has tremendously reduced since the first human genome was sequenced, ... Read More

  • Infusion Pumps & Accessories Global Market - Forecast to 2022

    ...mainly used for therapeutic purposes in critical care, pain management and other applications, where continuous medications are required to make patient’s feel comfortable and pain free. These infusion systems help in avoiding medical errors which ... Read More

  • Infection Control (Disinfection & Sterilization) Global Market - Forecast to 2022

    ...of hospital acquired infections and advancements in sterilization and disinfection technologies are making the infection prevention and control market promising. For reduction of hospital acquired infections, infection prevention control organizations are applying epidemiologic and scientific ... Read More

  • Genome Editing Global Market - Forecast to 2022

    ...a continuous evolution of gene modification technique starting from restriction endonucleases, transgenic breeding, RNAi technologies to the current engineered endonucleases. Over the last several decades, technologies for identification, isolation, sequencing, replication and integration of desired ... Read More

  • Pharmaceutical Excipients Global Market-Forecast to 2022

    ...the major part of any medicinal product and proportion of it when compared to Active Pharmaceutical Agent (API) exceeds two to three fold in any pharmaceutical preparations. Hence, various charaterstics such as functionality, regualtory status, ... Read More

  • Transplantation Diagnostics Global Market - Forecast to 2022

    ...individual or another individual of same species or different species. The solid organ, tissue and stem cell transplantation field has evolved from a clinical experiment to routine and reliable practice, which has proven to be ... Read More

  • Electroceutical Devices Global Market – Forecast To 2022 changing transformation in patients who fail to respond to traditional approaches. The opportunities to development new therapies for a wide variety of neurological and psychological conditions are attracting a lot of companies, startups and ... Read More

  • Pancreatic Beta-Cell Protection - Hot Targets & Pipeline Analysis

    ...beta-cell protection in both Type-1 diabetes & Type-2 diabetes disease progression. This report enables Pharmaceutical /Biotech companies, Academic institutes, Individual researchers, Investors, Medical technology companies, Service providers and other associated stake holders to identify and ... Read More

  • Endoscopy Devices Global Market – Forecast To 2022 This technique is used for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes to visualize and repair the damaged organs. These devices are used in removal of abnormal growths & tumors obstructing the normal function of a ... Read More

  • Respiratory Care Devices Global Market - Forecast to 2022

    ...pulmonary fibrosis, Tuberculosis, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) etc. The Respiratory Care Device global market is segmented based on the products, applications, end-users and geography. Products are divided into Therapeutic device, Monitoring Device, Diagnostic Device ... Read More

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