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IQ4I (Intelligence Quotient for Innovation) Research and Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is a global strategy, consulting and a market research firm. They enable their clients to identify the market opportunities with best-in-class market intelligence reports. With world-class research capabilities, IQ4I delivers high level strategically analyzed consulting and custom research assignments to their clients at a reasonable cost and time frame. With fact-based insights and accurate market forecasts, they enable their clients to understand and respond to the market dynamics with an edge over their competitors.

IQ4I covers Healthcare Industry (Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Medical devices, Diagnostics, Healthcare Information technology) and Chemical Materials. Their geographic focus is on global markets (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Rest of the world).
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97 Reports from IQ4I Research and Consultancy

  • Respiratory Care Devices Global Market - Forecast to 2026

    ... urbanization, industrializations and changing lifestyle. To control these conditions the usage of respiratory devices are rising. The Respiratory care device is one of the parts of medical device which is used for diagnosis, treatment and ... Read More

  • Neuromodulation Devices Global Market – Forecast To 2026

    ... movement disorders, gastroenterology, urology and others. The treatment delivered by neuromodulation devices brings about life-changing transformation in patients who fail to get better by traditional approaches. This therapy is based on the natural process of ... Read More

  • Drug Discovery Outsourcing (DDO) Global Market – Forecast To 2027

    ... expiration, shift towards biologics have seen a surge in the externalization and outsourcing activities. As the industry is looking for new sources of discovery and innovation with limited resources, there is a growing preference to ... Read More

  • Cell Analysis Global Market – Forecast To 2025

    ... plays a major role in gene identification, protein identification, transcription analysis and epigenomics at the cellular level by revealing the heterogeneity of the cells. Hospitals, academic institutions, government institutes, as well as pharmaceutical and biotechnology ... Read More

  • Electrosurgical Devices Global Market – Forecast To 2025

    ... as cardiac, orthopedic, cosmetic and dermatological, gynecological, plastic surgery, ENT, maxillofacial, urological, neurological and general surgical procedures as well as certain dental procedures, etc. Electrosurgical units (ESU’s) are used for surgical cutting or to manage ... Read More

  • Pharmaceutical Excipients Global Market - Forecast to 2025

    ... excipients form the major part in any medicinal product and proportion of it when compared to Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) exceeds two to three folds in any pharmaceutical preparations. Hence, various characteristics such as functionality, ... Read More

  • Glucose Monitoring Global Market - Forecast to 2025

    ... the market is focused on growing with newer technology and improved products. According to IQ4I analysis, the Glucose Monitoring global market is expected to grow at single digit CAGR to reach $12,897.0 million by 2025. ... Read More

  • Cell-Based Assays Global Market – Forecast To 2025

    ... agent. The demand for cost-effective and relevant research tool in drug discovery, development and manufacturing, toxicity testing, ecotoxicology, biosafety and biocompatibility of cosmetics and chemicals is increasing interest in cell-based assays. The rise in research ... Read More

  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) Global Market – Forecast To 2025

    ... by chemical synthesis, fermentation, biotechnological methods or enhanced from natural source. According tIQ4I analysis, the global Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient market is expected tgrow at a high CAGR treach $307.2 billion by 2025. Adoption of biologics ... Read More

  • Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Global Market - Forecast to 2025

    ... due to rise in population, increasing in diseases like infectious diseases, oncology, cardiovascular disorders, rising healthcare expenditures, collaborations, merger and acquisitions. Pharmaceutical companies are increasing their dependence on contract manufacturing organizations due to lack of ... Read More

  • Endoscopy Devices Global Market – Forecast To 2025

    ... using an endoscope. Endoscopes are specifically designed for performing simple surgical procedures such as: obtaining tissue samples for diagnosis purposes (biopsy), removing of stones in kidney and bile ducts, screening and recovery of foreign objects ... Read More

  • Cell Line Development Services Global Market - Forecast to 2027

    ... toxic compounds on the cells, drug screening and development and large scale manufacturing of biological compounds. Cell culture is the process by which cells are grown under controlled conditions derived from microbial or animal cells. ... Read More

  • Contract Biomanufacturing Services Global Market - Forecast to 2027

    ... to describe the manufacture of biologic molecules for various stages of drug development right from pre-clinical stage to commercial supply. The biologic drug manufacturing is a complex process involving huge capital and sound technical expertise. ... Read More

  • Biologics Outsourcing Global Market - Forecast to 2027

    ... proteins, or nucleic acids made from natural sources such as human, animal or micro organisms. Biologics can also include live attenuated microorganisms (vaccines), allergenic extracts (allergy shots), human cells and tissues (transplantation), cell therapies and ... Read More

  • Diabetic Foot Ulcer (DFU) Market & Drug Pipeline Analysis - Forecast to 2025

    ... report covers all the drugs that are in various phases of development (Discovery, Preclinical and Clinical). The pipeline focuses on novel pharmacologic drugs and regenerative medicines covering, antibodies, stem cell therapies, recombinant proteins, Peptide therapies, ... Read More

  • Pain Management and Surgical Devices Global Market - Forecast to 2025

    ... focuses on treating various pain conditions with electrotherapy devices, ablation devices and surgical procedures. Electrotherapy devices include Spinal cord stimulator, peripheral nerve stimulator, TENS and NMES devices. These devices use electricity to treat pain by ... Read More

  • Contrast Agents/Media Global Market – Forecast To 2025

    ... administered directly through veins, arteries, and joints or consumed orally. X-ray and computed tomography (CT) imaging exams makes use of iodinated and barium based contrast agents, whereas, Gadolinium-based contrast agents are preferred in MRI (Magnetic ... Read More

  • Diagnostic Imaging Devices Global Market – Forecast To 2025

    ... body for diagnosis purpose. It is used for the diagnosis of the most life threatening diseases such as cancer and heart disease and has nearly eliminated the need for exploratory surgery. The use of diagnostic ... Read More

  • Nonalcoholicsteatohepatitis (NASH) Pipeline Analysis - Forecast to 2026

    ... are in various phases of development (Discovery, Preclinical & Clinical). The pipeline focuses on novel pharmacologic drugs & regenerative medicines covering small molecules, antibodies, stem cell therapies, recombinant proteins and RNA-based therapeutics, but excludes symptom ... Read More

  • Structural Heart Devices Global Market – Forecast To 2024

    ... become older and risk of cardiovascular diseases increase with aging. The cardiovascular diseases which also include structural heart diseases have become leading cause of death. It is projected that, with newfound prosperity due to globalization ... Read More

  • Nuclear Medicine/Radiopharmaceutical Global Market – Forecast To 2024

    ... impacted the healthcare practice. Nuclear medicine comprises diagnostic and therapeutic techniques that use radioisotopes for applications like oncology, cardiovascular and neurological disorders to provide information at both molecular and cellular level for probing, tracking tissue ... Read More

  • Cardiac Electrophysiology Mapping, Navigation and Recording Devices Global Market - Forecast to 2024

    ... are obtained using multiple intravascular electrode catheters positioned at various locations within the heart. According to IQ4I analysis, the cardiac electrophysiology mapping, navigation and recording devices global market is expected to grow at mid single ... Read More

  • Neurovascular Intervention Devices Global Market - Forecast to 2024

    ... IQ4I analysis, the Neurovascular Intervention devices global market is expected to grow at a high single digit CAGR to reach $4,473.2 million by 2024. The increase in incidence and prevalence of neurovascular diseases like intracranial ... Read More

  • Liquid Biopsy Global Market - Forecast to 2024

    ... for disease such as cancer through identification of biomarker in form of cell-fee DNA or circulating tumor cells (CTC) to advance personalized medicine, and improve the quality of life. The groundbreaking discovery of cfDNA in ... Read More

  • Surgical Sealants and Adhesives Global Market - Forecast to 2024

    ... or openings of the wounds and also to avoid the microbial adhesions and infections. Sealants and Adhesives are usually considered together as they both adhere and seal the surgical incisions. According to IQ4I analysis, the ... Read More

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