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Global Sources is a leading business-to-business (B2B) media company that facilitates global trade, with a particular focus on the China market, by providing information to international buyers and integrated marketing services to suppliers.

We deliver content to our communities through our leading network of nine vertical marketplaces and 13 geographic portals, and through magazines, CD-ROMs and private catalogs, as well as China Sourcing Fairs and technical events. Our flagship marketplace, Global Sources Online (, hosts more marketing and sourcing activity than any other global merchandise trade marketplace. We serve a growing, independently certified community of more than 413,000 active buyers in over 230 countries and territories. These buyers generate more than 4 million inquiries annually for over 130,000 suppliers through Global Sources Online alone. We offer extensive creative services and export consultation through 150 client service officers in Greater China and other leading supply markets, and through our 700 sales representatives who make approximately 40,000 supplier visits monthly. In mainland China, we have 22 years on-the-ground presence, supported by over 1,000 team members in 44 locations throughout the country.

Global Sources’ solutions are based on 33 years as a trade magazine publisher serving the global trade community, 13 years as a trade management software developer, 12 years as manager of trade shows in Asia, and eight years as an online marketplace operator.

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11 Reports from Global Sources

  • Myanmar - Wooden Flooring & Decking

    ...outbound shipments to surge in the next few years as trade restrictions imposed locally and overseas are lifted. Foreign sales have been steadily increasing over the past three years because of demand from neighboring countries ... Read More

  • Vietnam - Home Furnishings

    ...sector expects to maintain its progress over the short term. Although growth so far this year has slowed slightly, the industry is optimistic of surpassing revenue generated in 2012. This is mainly because of strong ... Read More

  • India - Gifts & Premiums

    ...comprising the sector has been steadily rising largely because of improving economic conditions in these destinations. Suppliers are also intent on expanding their reach in emerging markets such as the Asia-Pacific region, where free-trade agreements ... Read More

  • Vietnam - Baby & Children's Wear & Fashion Accessories

    ...expanded significantly as a result of improving economic conditions in destinations such as the US and the EU. The sector expects short-term development to be sustained, with the country set to enter trade agreements forecast ... Read More

  • Cambodia - Garments

    ...sales to exceed the level reached in the previous year. Although not yet fully recovered, the revitalized economies of the US and the EU are playing significant roles behind the development of the sector. They ... Read More

  • Nepal - Footwear

    ...emphasizes items that adopt wool, hemp and other natural components, in addition to conventional inputs such as leather. Export revenue has been progressively rising every year since 2010. Because of the increasing popularity of products ... Read More

  • Philippines - Garments

    ...the US market from the global financial slowdown. In addition, the sector is seen to gain momentum in the EU as the association and the Philippines have started discussions to smoothen trade further. The US ... Read More

  • Vietnam - Lawn & Garden

    ...the US soared in 2012 and are projected to climb significantly once again this year. In addition, shipments to buyers in the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region are boosting the sector’s earnings. A key ... Read More

  • India - Garments & Textiles

    ...traditional markets. Manufacturers are establishing business ties with buyers from alternative destinations such as the Middle East, Latin America and Africa to compensate for the decline. Aside from incorporating innovative materials, makers are improving design ... Read More

  • Indonesia - Indoor Furniture

    ...the lumber they utilize is procured from accredited vendors. Different types of assistance are provided by the administration to ensure compliance. Besides promoting sustainability and environmental protection, these efforts are in line with the growing ... Read More

  • Vietnam - Bags

    ...more cost-effective compared with China, which has effected several minimum wage raises in recent years. As a result, several prominent brands have entirely or partially moved their lines to the former. Besides this competitive advantage, ... Read More

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