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  • Value Added Services in Oncology -- Payer views

    ... interest in beyond-the-pill services that improve patient adherence, positively impact health outcomes and reduce the overall cost burden. Yet pharma does not consult with payers on VAS development and fails to fully utilise the real ... Read More

  • Biomarkers and Companion Diagnostics - Payer views

    ... to realising the personalised medicines agenda. They support clinician decision making and are cost efficient for payers. But payers identify challenges around evidence of clinical utility, inconsistent practice between - and within – countries, and ... Read More

  • Trends and Innovations in Companion Diagnostics

    ... and improving patient outcomes. What are the upsides for developers, pharma, payers and physicians and how can the challenges around new technology adoption, reimbursement and clinician uptake be overcome? To really understand the issues and ... Read More

  • Five key pre-ASCO questions on the immuno-oncology race - Physician Views:

    ... developments in the immuno-oncology (IO) space. Data presented at last year's ASCO meeting acted as the catalyst for bullish commercial projections for the first generation of IO products, which include Bristol-Myers Squibb's already marketed Yervoy ... Read More

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Diagnostics market research reports by FirstWord

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