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Espicom Business Intelligence – a Business Monitor International company - is a leading provider of specialist pharmaceutical and medical device market information. Based in the UK and with 30 years of experience, the company produces a broad range of healthcare business and therapy titles. Reports and services span the industry from comprehensive newsletters in key areas such as cancer drugs, generics and drug delivery to in-depth market, company and therapy reports.
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102 Reports from Espicom Healthcare Intelligence

  • The Medical Device Market: Vietnam

    ...including the Vietnam Development Bank. As of January 2013, 18 hospitals had applied for funding with six hospitals signing contracts for loans totalling VND900bn (US$43.2mn). The private healthcare sector in Vietnam has expanded since the ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: China considerably lower at US$6,676 in 2013, owing to its large population. Moreover, the country is divided into a relatively wealthy eastern coastal belt - consisting of Tianjin, Shandong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangdong ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Finland

    ...The Finnish market for medical devices is predicted to increase by 5.2% per annum to attain a value of US$1,356.5 million by 2017. The current market size is estimated to be US$1,054.2 million, equal to ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Greece

    ...and equities, and has provided some much needed respite for the hardened coalition. On the macro front, a continued slowdown in the rate of economic contraction, coupled with a pickup in consumer sentiment, suggests that ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Japan

    ...high, among the top ten in the world. The USA and Germany are the only countries to import more medical equipment, and Japan is the eighth highest exporter of medical devices in the world. Japan ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Jordan

    ...public and private hospitals have been expanding and upgrading in recent years, providing good opportunities for companies in the provision of medical equipment. In June 2012, it was announced that Qatar had committed US$1.3bn towards ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Kenya

    ...US$ 44.6 bn in 2013; real growth of 5.7% is forecast for the year, with private & public investment and consumption expected to perform strongly . GDP is expected to increase by an average 6.1 ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Nigeria

    ...mixture of oil exports and agriculture; years of corruption have meant that the oil wealth has generally not been invested back in the country's infrastructure, and poverty levels are high. Nigeria has some of the ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Oman

    ...Over the last 30 years, Oman has invested heavily in the health sector and succeeded in creating a modern hospital system but there are key deficiencies in healthcare provision in rural areas, and a lack ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Qatar

    ...Khawr wa adh Dhakhirah, Al Wakrah, Ar Rayyan, Ash Shamal, Az Za'ayin and Umm Salal. The capital is Doha. Qatar has been ruled by the al-Thani family since the mid-1800s. Following the voluntary resignation of ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Romania

    ...Romania became an EU member state in 2007. Following the most recent parliamentary elections which took place in December 2012, the Social Liberal Union government now consists of the centre-left Alliance of the SDP and ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Spain the 2008 crisis, regional governments approved the construction of a number of public hospitals, without serious planning in some cases. Unsurprisingly, some of these projects have collapsed since then, as the budget allocated by ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: USA

    ...Much of the market is in private hands; there is no single health system. Public healthcare systems, known as Medicaid, for those on low incomes, are operated by each State. Since 1960, the Medicare system ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Venezuela

    ...Guyana to the east. The country is divided into 23 administrative states, one capital district* and one federal dependency**: Amazonas, Anzoategui, Apure, Aragua, Barinas, Bolivar, Carabobo, Cojedes, Delta Amacuro, Dependencias Federales**, Distrito Capital*, Falcon, Guarico, ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Bangladesh

    ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Ukraine

    ...International (BMI), GDP is estimated at US $149.1bn in 2013; a contraction is projected for 2013 due to weak external demand and poor performance in the dominant steel export sector. GDP is expected to increase ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Austria

    ...US$2,527mn in 2013, equal to US$299 per capita. Austria is a federal republic, comprising nine constituent federal states: Burgenland, Carinthia, Lower Austria, Salzburg, Styria, Tyrol, Upper Austria, Vienna and Vorarlberg. The supreme federal executive organs ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Belarus

    ...ailing economy and a political regime resistant to market modernisation, and therefore unattractive to investors, are both dominating factors which limit the development of the healthcare sector and dampen demand. The current president of Belarus ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Belgium

    ...of US$43,600 in 2013, Belgium is one of the wealthier EU countries and has one of the most open economies in the world. There are, however, marked differences between the three largely autonomous regions of ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Brazil

    ...large cities, such as São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, but producers are moving into regional markets outside the major state capitals. The medical device market in 2013 is valued at US$5,918.9mn, equal to US$29.6 ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Cuba

    ...whilst still retaining communist values. BMI values GDP at US$79.2bn in 2013, equal to US$7,044 per capita. Growth in recent years has been moderate, maintained in part by strong prices for raw material exports and ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: France

    ...US$233 per capita. New measures have recently been taken to control spending on medical devices, similar to those already in force for pharmaceuticals. For this reason, the medical market is only likely to see moderate ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Indonesia

    ...Despite the present administration placing more emphasis on healthcare, funding, insufficient numbers of health professionals and bureaucratic problems are hampering development. In December 2012, the Ministry of Health (MoH) launched e-Regalkes or the Medical Device ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Iraq

    ...was the deadliest month in more than five years according to the UN mission in Baghdad. Iraq's radical Islamist insurgency has become increasingly active after a popular protest movement which developed since the end of ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Ireland

    ...assistance package from the EU, IMF and ECB in 2010, the country had experienced rapid economic growth and had invested in largescale renovation and redevelopment of its healthcare infrastructure. The government faces an extremely tight ... Read More

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