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  • Built Heritage Management: Energy & Society

    ... shaping national identities, there has been growing research and practical interest in the adaptation of such buildings, particularly in terms of how the adaptation of heritage buildings can contribute to the sustainability agenda. Indeed, increasing ... Read More

  • Translation in Cascading Crises

    ... such information is not well-recognised. This ebook brings together commentators from Translation Studies, Refugee Studies and Disaster Prevention. It is a flagship issue which we hope will kickstart even more scholarly discussion, analysis, and collaboration ... Read More

  • HES-2019

    ... an attractive event for academics and professionals working in the broad area of electro-technologies. Devices and systems exploiting electromagnetic heating in all its forms like e.g. conduction, induction and microwaves are the main focus of ... Read More

  • Beyond prescription drugs: International perspectives on extra-medical use

    ... locations. Our aim is to situate prescription drugs within a wider frame, where it connects with (currently) illegal drugs and as a component in the careers of drug consumers and traders. Several authors therefore highlight ... Read More

  • Technological Innovation Systems in Iran

    Technological Innovation Systems in Iran This ebook deals with the latest developments in the national system of technological innovation in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Read More

  • Biometrics and Information Security in Computer Applications

    ... Biometrics and Information Security in Computer Applications This ebook propose promising solutions and excellent literature reviews for information security and biometrics. This issue provides an integrative perspective by summarizing each contribution contained therein. Read More

  • Borders, Interfaces, and Intersections in Architecture and Urbanism

    ... examination of their frameworks and approaches demonstrates that they can be grouped under the following four themes that have permeable boundaries in-between that reflect various approaches used to convey the focused theme in today’s architecture ... Read More

  • The contribution of events to destination revitalisation and competitiveness

    The contribution of events to destination revitalisation and competitiveness This ebook focuses specifically on how events contribute to destination revitalisation and competitiveness. Read More

  • Evidence Based practices in Operations’

    Evidence Based practices in Operations’ This ebook presents seven articles on the subject of evidence based practices in operations. Read More

  • Emerging housing markets in Asia

    ... shelters. Ghosh, Goel and Ojha, through a survey of homeless, find that there are aspects of good living missing in these programs, which cause dissatisfaction. Roy examines components of house prices in India using governmental ... Read More

  • Data intelligence and risk analytics

    ... 2013). Data intelligence is used widely in lots of fields, such as O2O service(He et al., 2016), recommendation system(Pan et al., 2019), energy system (Wen et al., 2019; Xiao et al., 2018), supply chain fields(Corbett ... Read More

  • Global Value Chains, International Trade, and Markets: The Role of Emerging Economies

    ... research papers in three research themes (identified above) that contribute to an improved understanding of GVCs and GVC related factors that pivots on inventive process, transformative models, institutional theory, GVC configurations, and cross-cultural collaborative strategies. Read More

  • Financial Markets, Large Shareholders, and Corporate Governance

    ... can generate information that enhances managerial incentives and large shareholders’ monitoring activities (e.g., Diamond and Verrecchia (1982), Holmström and Tirole (1993), Maug, (1998), and Faure-Grimaud and Gromb (2004)). Empirically, there is evidence supporting the real ... Read More

  • Supporting Higher Education Students Through Analytics Systems

    ... system and how they support students' at higher education institutions. The contributions provide insights into how educational data, analytics systems, and advanced digital technologies contribute toward successful learning and teaching scenarios at higher education institutions. Read More

  • Participatory Educational Research

    ... interests of different practice-based research approaches and abolish the gap between research and practice; articulate how different approaches can contribute to make teachers’ conceptual and professional knowledge explicit, public and divisible beyond the local context; ... Read More

  • Managing Advanced innovation methods in diverse environment

    ... and in the future, this ebook sheds lights on the diversity of the innovative practices. Various contexts are studied: turbulent environment (economy, technology, stable/unstable environment, cross-countries comparison (developing /developing countries), changing environment, various business sectors. Read More

  • International firms’ strategic orientation in foreign markets

    ... in foreign markets. In particular, extended knowledge of firms’ entrepreneurial orientation (EO) and market orientation (MO) is crucial since these orientations represent ways to achieve high performance in foreign markets (Pehrsson, 2016; Torres-Ortega et al.,2015). Read More

  • Global Information Integrity

    ... and world memory. Encompassing two Viewpoint articles and six discussion papers, it considers the extent to which there is a need for acceptance and a shared understanding of the need for a 'Global information integrity'. Read More

  • Augmenting Intelligence and Neural Networks - Part One

    Augmenting Intelligence and Neural Networks - Part One This ebook covers the issues experienced in the augmentation of networks and implementation of new techniques based on recent advances in artificial neural networks. Read More

  • Heritage and waste values

    ... Heritage in Reverse, Material Values, Waste and Deconstruction. This event brought together pioneers of deconstruction and reuse in Canada and the United States with established practitioners and emerging scholars working primarily in heritage conservation and ... Read More

  • Paradoxes of knowledge, management, and knowledge management in Africa

    ... study approach involving partnerships between non-governmental organizations in three African countries (Kenya, Uganda, and Zimbabwe). The second article investigates, through a paradox lens, the role and impact of knowledge capabilities and knowledge sharing on organizational ... Read More

  • Fluid Flow & Heat and Mass Transfer through Passages with Complex Geometries for Advanced Technology Applications

    ... methods for fluid flowing through passages with complex geometries. It contains contributions in the field of numerical simulation of complex fluid flows, e.g. multiphase flows containing soft and solid particles. Advances using the meshfree Smoothed ... Read More

  • Sex Based Harassment: From Me Too to What Now

    ... harassment. As feminist scholars have long noted, power imbalances both lead to and are sustained by discriminatory practices. Power imbalances have long enabled and motivated men to dominate women, sexually and otherwise. Does the #MeToo ... Read More

  • Institutional influences on entrepreneurial behaviors of business families, family businesses, and family business groups

    ... behaviours of business families, family businesses, and family business groups. As the study of family entrepreneurship continues to expand and focus moves toward understanding heterogeneity among family firms, understanding the institutional context in which family ... Read More

  • Securing Future of Heritage by Reducing Risks and Building Resilience

    ... heritage and presents a wide range of publications that contribute to deepening our knowledge of diagnosis, treatment and a better understanding of the historical, social and technological contexts of heritage as well as improved risk ... Read More

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