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  • Poly-substance use

    ... order to explore some of the combinations of drugs and substances which are emerging in the age of on-line markets and purchasing and novel psychoactive substances. We also wanted to high-light some of the combinations ... Read More

  • Employee learning path strategies

    ... Examples abound, from the rise of the internet giants and the demise of brick-and-mortar retail, to shifts in the manufacture and distribution of consumer and durable goods, to changes in energy production and transportation systems. ... Read More

  • Systemic Risk and the Organization of the Financial System

    ... The objective was to explore how the organization of the financial system and regulation affect systemic risk and to evaluate whether ongoing reforms may eliminate or mitigate systemic consequences of shocks to the financial system. Read More

  • Emergent Literacies in Academic Libraries

    ... to appreciate the intellectual and social arc of information. Libraries and librarians must recognize emergent theory, ideas, and paradigm shifts, along with their practical and logistical manifestations. What are libraries and librarians facing as they ... Read More

  • Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy in France

    ... in May 2017 at Toulouse Business School. This conference, which has been taking place every two years since 2011, consolidates a growing network of French and international researchers interested in social and environmental accounting (SEA). Read More

  • EMPC/IMAPS 2017 Poland

    ... printed circuit boards (PCBs) to form practical miniaturized electronic equipment. In 2008, the IMAPS joined with the IEEE Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology (CPMT) Society, bringing into formation the IMAPS-CPMT organization. In this special issue ... Read More

  • Emerging perspectives on Business Process Management

    ... on the evidence that business practice should simultaneously emphasize process efficiency as well as flexibility which is beneficial for organizations in unstable, ambiguous and casual environments (Lee and Dale, 1998; Del Giudice, 2006). Then, actually, ... Read More

  • International perspectives of black male teachers, teacher leaders and school leaders

    ... Toldson in 2013. International Perspectives of Black Male Teachers, Teacher Leaders, and School Leaders, builds on the extant Black male teacher and school leader scholarship by situating the discussion over the recruitment and retention of ... Read More

  • Cold chain supply chain management

    ... least in part due to inefficiencies in their cold supply chains. Second paper conveys that business of managing supply chains is deficient because the unique requirements of the cold supply chain have not been adequately ... Read More

  • Grassroots Festivals and Place Making

    ... link festivals have with the communities that support and engage with them and further emphasises the value and importance of the places where they are delivered. This sense of place and community involvement is a ... Read More

  • Work-based and vocational education as catalysts for sustainable development

    ... we are making towards the sustainable development goals and to pinpoint future possibilities. The original call identified a range of suggestions including topics such as: How to integrate responsibility, ethics and sustainability into work-based higher ... Read More

  • Entrepreneurship in Africa, Part 2: Entrepreneurial Education and eco-Systems

    ... al, 2018). This ebook presents eight papers examining entrepreneurial and eco-systems issues in an African context. The growth of effective entrepreneurship in Africa is largely dependent on entrepreneurship education being able to develop effective curriculum ... Read More

  • Modern Aspects of Financial Engineering

    ... readers recent developments in this area with a special emphasis on Chinese financial markets. The rapid growth of the Chinese economy and the financial liberalization of its financial markets enforces more research in this market. Read More

  • Adult Education transformation and social justice

    ... domains of students’ lives, not simply their learning journeys. The papers presented provide a critical spotlight to illuminate the relevance of structural inequality, which includes class, gender and ethnicity on the learners’ trajectories, exposing its ... Read More

  • Kaizen: An Ancient Operational Innovation Strategy for Organizations Of The XXI Century

    ... Kaizen originated in manufacturing processes (Imai, 1986, Fujimoto, 1999). Some authors attribute its beginning to the work of William Deming and Joseph Jurán (Mizuno, 1988), whereas others relate it to the improvement of processes in ... Read More

  • NACOLE’s Special Issue on Trends in Police A

    NACOLE’s Special Issue on Trends in Police A NACOLE’s Special Issue on Trends in Police Accountability Read More

  • 20th Excellence in Services Conference 2017

    20th Excellence in Services Conference 2017 Founded by the University of Toulon and University of Verona in 1998, “Excellence in Services” is the 20th Conference in the series. Read More

  • Can the culture of safety and quality in organizations be measured and changed?

    ... remain in terms of how to quantify and change it. This ebook presents current literature, research studies, case studies and viewpoints which investigate the conceptualization and measurement of safety and quality culture in the food ... Read More

  • African Librarians and Librianship

    African Librarians and Librianship This special issue contains articles which explore themes concerning libraries and librarianship in Africa. Read More

  • Hiring discrimination: measures, moderators and mechanisms

    ... Linnaeus University in 2017. We are grateful to the Editor, Prof. Adrian Ziderman for approving the Special Issue, and to the Editor Assistant Ms. Ma-ayan Gadot for the professional processing. The papers offer new patterns ... Read More

  • Value Conflicts and Information Security Management

    ... create tensions. In particular, this means highlighting value pluralism, value conflicts and dilemmas anchored in these practices, requirements and management systems. Such value conflicts could appear within or between organisations, as well as between different ... Read More

  • Urban informatics: decoding urban complexities through data-sciences

    ... How harnessing this data-science driven layer of Urban Informatics enables the collection, analysis of vital datasets and most importantly how it impacts the urban in a tangible manner, is a vital focus of the ebook. ... Read More

  • 51st and 52nd 3AF International Conference on Applied Aerodynamics

    ... for its activities in the field of aeronautics and/or space technology. The conference is an excellent opportunity for scientific exchanges within the aerospace community where aerodynamicists from industry, research institutions and academics meet. Scientists and ... Read More

  • Fuzzy approaches to production research and information management I

    ... a cargo company. The study presented provides insights into the performance measurement applications in cargo sector. The methodology presented provides the flexibility of removing or adding some new sub-processes and also DMUs which enables the ... Read More

  • Old wine in new bottles: The role of Emerging Market Multinationals in advancing IB Theory and Research

    ... recent phenomenon of outward foreign direct investment (OFDI) from China, from a more macro and historical perspective. The paper also argues that OFDI from China is not yet so important and neither presents insurmountable challenges ... Read More

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