North America Foot and Ankle Devices Market - Industry Trends Forecast to 2026

North America Foot and Ankle Devices Market - Industry Trends Forecast to 2026

Short Description
By Products (Orthopaedic Implants and Devices, Bracing and Support Devices, Prostheses), Application (Trauma, Hammertoe, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Others), End User (Hospitals, Trauma Centers, Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Speciality Clinics, Others), Country (U.S., Canada, Mexico)
Market Definition
Foot and ankle device is used for treating various foot and ankle injuries that are caused by arthritis, diabetic foot, hammertoes, bunions and other orthopedic conditions. These devices are used for replacing the lost foot owing to trauma, congenital deformity, amputation or any other accidents. Foot and ankle surgeries are considered especially for those people who are dealing with problems which can no longer be managed successfully by conservative means.
As the numbers of sports injuries and accidents are increasing, the chances of foot and ankle injuries are also growing which would increase the demand of various foot and ankle devices that are being used in the treatment of such injuries and in different surgical procedures. There is also certain factor which is hampering the growth of the market such as product recalls of various companies. Due to the safety issues some companies have recalled their products which would ultimately affect the market growth.
Market Segmentation
North America foot and ankle devices market is segmented into three notable segments which are products, application and end user.
• On the basis of products, the market is segmented into orthopaedic implants and devices, bracing and support devices, prostheses.
• On the basis of application, the market is segmented into trauma, hammertoe, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, others.
• On the basis of end user, the market is segmented into hospitals, trauma centers, ambulatory surgical centers, speciality clinics, others.
Market Players
Some of the major players operating in the North America foot and ankle devices market are:
• Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc.
• Arthrex Inc.
• Stryker
• Zimmer Biomet
• Wright Medical Group N.V.
• Smith & Nephew
• Ottobock
• Acumed LLC
• Extremity Medical
• Osteotec
• Response Ortho
• Globus Medical
• Integra LifeSciences Corporation
• Össur Corporate

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1 Introduction
1.1 Objectives Of The Study
1.2 Market Definition
1.3 Overview Of North America Foot And Ankle Devices Market
1.4 Currency And Pricing
1.5 Limitations
1.6 Markets Covered
2 Market Segmentation
2.1 Markets Covered
2.2 North America Foot And Ankle Devices Market: Geographical Scope
2.3 Years Considered For The Study
2.4 Dbmr Tripod Data Validation Model
2.5 Primary Interviews With Key Opinion Leaders
2.6 Dbmr Market Position Grid
2.7 Time Line Grid
2.8 Dbmr Market Challenge Matrix
2.9 Multivariate Modelling
2.10 Dbmr Vendor Share Analysis
2.11 Secondary Sources
2.12 Assumptions
3 Market Overview
3.1 Drivers
3.1.1 Increasing Incidence Of Musculoskeletal Disorders
3.1.2 Growing Geriatric Population
3.1.3 Launch Of New Products
3.1.4 Increasing Investment And Technological Advancement
3.1.5 Growing Number Of Sports Injuries And Road Accidents
3.2 Restraints
3.2.1 Implementation Of Excise Tax On Medical Devices
3.2.2 Higher Cost Of Foot & Ankle Devices
3.2.3 Reimbursement Policies Of Medical Devices
3.3 Opportunities
3.3.1 Emerging Biologics In Foot And Ankle Surgery/Treatment
3.3.2 Rising Expansion And Investment In Emerging Countries
3.3.3 Rising Free Trade Agreements Between Different Countries
3.4 Challenges
3.4.1 Lack Of Skilled Personnel
3.4.2 High Competition In The Market
4 Executive Summary
5 Premium Insights
6 North America Foot And Ankle Devices Market, By Products
6.1 Overview
6.2 Orthopedic Implants And Devices
6.2.1 Fixation Devices Internal Fixation Devices Plates Screws Wires & Pins Fusion Nails External Fixation Devices Unilateral Fixators Ring Ankle Fixators Hybrid Fixatos
6.2.2 Joint Implants Ankle Implants (Ankle Replacement Devices) Subtalar Joint Implants/Subtalar Joint Reconstruction Devices Phalangeal Implants
6.2.3 Soft-tissue Orthopedic Devices Artificial Tendons & Ligaments Musculoskeletal Reinforcement Devices
6.3 Bracing And Support Devices
6.3.1 Soft Bracing
6.3.2 Hinged Braces
6.4 Prostheses
6.4.1 Solid Ankle Cushion Heel (Sach) Foot
6.4.2 Single-axial Prostheses
6.4.3 Multiaxial Prostheses
6.4.4 Dynamic Response/Energy-storing Prostheses
6.4.5 Microprocessor-controlled (Mpc) Prostheses
7 North America Foot And Ankle Devices Market, By Application
7.1 Overview
7.2 Trauma
7.3 Hammertoe
7.4 Osteoarthritis
7.5 Rheumatoid Arthritis
7.6 Osteoporosis
7.7 Others
8 North America Foot And Ankle Devices Market, By End User
8.1 Overview
8.2 Hospitals
8.3 Trauma Centers
8.4 Ambulatory Surgical Centers
8.5 Speciality Clinics
8.6 Others
9 North America Foot And Ankle Devices Market, By Geography
9.1 North America
9.1.1 U.S.
9.1.2 Canada
9.1.3 Mexico
10 North America Foot And Ankle Devicesmarket, Company Landscape
10.1 Company Share Analysis: North America
11 Company Profile
11.1 Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc
11.1.1 Company Snapshot
11.1.2 Revenue Analysis
11.1.3 Product Portfolio
11.1.4 Recent Developments
11.2 Arthrex, Inc.
11.2.1 Company Snapshot
11.2.2 Product Portfolio
11.2.3 Recent Development
11.3 Stryker
11.3.1 Company Snapshot
11.3.2 Revenue Analysis
11.3.3 Product Portfolio
11.3.4 Recent Development
11.4 Zimmer Biomet
11.4.1 Company Snapshot
11.4.2 Revenue Analysis
11.4.3 Product Portfolio
11.4.4 Recent Developments
11.5 Wright Medical Group N.V.
11.5.1 Company Snapshot
11.5.2 Revenue Analysis
11.5.3 Product Portfolio
11.5.4 Recent Development
11.6 Smith & Nephew Plc
11.6.1 Company Snapshot
11.6.2 Revenue Analysis
11.6.3 Product Portfolio
11.6.4 Recent Development
11.7 Acumed Llc
11.7.1 Company Snapshot
11.7.2 Product Portfolio
11.7.3 Recent Developments
11.8 Extremity Medical
11.8.1 Company Snapshot
11.8.2 Product And Service Portfolio
11.8.3 Recent Development
11.9 Osteotec Ltd
11.9.1 Company Snapshot
11.9.2 Product Portfolio
11.9.3 Recent Development
11.10 Response Ortho
11.10.1 Company Snapshot
11.10.2 Product And Service Portfolio
11.10.3 Recent Development
11.11 Vilex In Tennessee, Inc.
11.11.1 Company Snapshot
11.11.2 Product Portfolio
11.11.3 Recent Development
11.12 Globus Medical Inc.
11.12.1 Company Snapshot
11.12.2 Revenue Analysis
11.12.3 Product Portfolio
11.12.4 Recent Developments
11.13 Integra Lifesciences Corporation
11.13.1 Company Snapshot
11.13.2 Revenue Analysis
11.13.3 Product Portfolio
11.13.4 Recent Developments
11.14 Jeil Medical Corporation
11.14.1 Company Snapshot
11.14.2 Product Portfolio
11.14.3 Recent Development
11.15 Vilex In Tennessee, Inc.
11.15.1 Company Snapshot
11.15.2 Product Portfolio
11.15.3 Recent Development
11.16 Ottobock
11.16.1 Company Snapshot
11.16.2 Product Portfolio
11.16.3 Recent Developments
11.17 Össur Americas
11.17.1 Company Snapshot
11.17.2 Revenue Analysis
11.17.3 Solution Portfolio
11.17.4 Recent Development
12 Questionnaire
13 Related Reports

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