Europe Collagen Market - Industry Trends and Forecast to 2027

Europe Collagen Market - Industry Trends and Forecast to 2027

Short Description
Europe Collagen Market, By Product Type (Gelatin, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Native Collagen, Collagen Peptide and Others), Type (Type I, Type II, Type III And Type IV), Form (Powder and Liquid), Source (Bovine, Poultry, Porcine, Marine and Others), Product Category (GMO and Non-GMO), Function (Texture, Stabilizer, Emulsifier, Finding and Others), Application (Food Products, Beverages, Nutraceuticals & Dietary Supplements, Cosmetics & Personal Care, Animal Feed, Laboratory Tests and Others), Country (Germany, France, U.K., Italy, Spain, Russia, Turkey, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland and Rest of Europe) Industry Trends and Forecast to 2027
Market Definition
Collagen are kind of fibrous components which are extracted from the bones, tendons, ligaments as well as skin of various kinds of animals such as pigs, cats, fishes and several others. The collagen is used in the manufacturing of various kinds of medicines which helps in curing the heart diseases as well as provides relief from the joint pain. The collagen is also used in cosmetics that moisturize the skin, decrease wrinkles and strengthen the skin. It has wide range of application in food products, beverages, dietary supplements and several others.
Market Segmentation
Europe collagen market is segmented into product type, type, form, source, product category, function and application.
• On the basis of product type, the market is segmented into gelatin, hydrolyzed collagen, native collagen, collagen peptide and others
• On the basis of type, the market is segmented into Type I, Type II, Type III And Type IV
• On the basis of form, the market is segmented into powder and liquid
• On the basis of source, the market is segmented into bovine, poultry, porcine, marine and others
• On the basis of product category, the market is segmented into GMO and non-GMO
• On the basis of function, the market is segmented into texture, stabilizer, emulsifier, finding and others
• On the basis of application, the market is segmented into food products, beverages, nutraceuticals and dietary supplements, cosmetics & personal care, animal feed, laboratory tests and others
Market Players
The key market players for Europe collagen market are listed below:
• Rousselot
• Pb Liener(A part of Tessenderlo Group)
• Ewald-Gelatine Gmbh
• Jellagen
• Collagen Solutions Plc
• Ashland

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1 Introduction
1.1 Objectives Of The Study
1.2 Market Definition
1.3 Overview Of Europe Collagen Market
1.4 Limitation
1.5 Markets Covered
2 Segmentation
2.1 Markets Covered
2.2 Geographical Scope
2.3 Years Considered For The Study
2.4 Currency And Pricing
2.5 Dbmr Tripod Data Validation Model
2.6 Product Type Life Line Curve
2.7 Multivariate Modelling
2.8 Primary Interviews With Key Opinion Leaders
2.9 Dbmr Market Position Grid
2.10 Market Application Coverage Grid
2.11 Dbmr Market Challenge Matrix
2.12 Vendor Share Analysis
2.13 Secondary Sources
2.14 Assumptions
3 Executive Summary
4 Premium Insights
4.1 Import-export Analysis
4.2 Raw Material Pricing Analysis
4.3 Production And Consumption Pattern
4.4 Marketing Strategies
4.5 List Of Substitutes In The Market
5 Regulatory Framework, Associations And Certifications
6 Impact Of Covid-19 Impact On The Pandemic
6.1 Analysis On Impact Of Covid-19 On The Europe Collagen Market
6.2 Aftermath Of Covid-19 And Government Initiative To Boost The Europe Collagen Market
6.3 Strategic Decisions For Manufacturers After Covid-19 To Gain Competitive Market Share
6.4 Price Impact
6.5 Impact On Demand
6.6 Impact On Supply Chain
6.7 Conclusion
7 Market Overview
7.1 Drivers
7.1.1 Increasing Usage Of Collagen Products In The Cosmetic Industry
7.1.2 Substantial Demand For The Collagen Product As A Food Stabilizer
7.1.3 Rising Collagen As Ingredients In Supplements For Sports Athletes
7.1.4 Growth In The Use Of Collagen Proteins In The Medical And Pharmaceutical Industry
7.1.5 Growth Of Fishing Industry To Use Fish As A Raw Material For Gelatin Production
7.2 Restraints
7.2.1 Increasing Stringent Regulation Regarding Use Of Food Additives
7.2.2 Regulations Over The Imports Of Raw Material For The Production Of Gelatin And Collagen Products In European Union
7.2.3 Risk Of Disease Transfer From Animal Sources
7.2.4 Regulations Upon The Slaughtering Of Farm And Poultry Animals
7.3 Opportunities
7.3.1 Rising Collagen Application As A Biomaterials In The Laboratories
7.3.2 Recent Technological Advancements Including Formation Of Collagen-based Pellet As Gene Delivery Carrier
7.4 Challenges
7.4.1 Lack Of Proper Processing Technologies For Raw Materials Of Collagen
7.4.2 High Cost Of Processing Expenditure In The Collagen Industry
7.4.3 High Difficulty In Gaining Gmo Certification For Labelling Collagen Products
8 Europe Collagen Market, By Product Type
8.1 Overview
8.2 Gelatin
8.3 Hydrolyzed Collagen
8.4 Native Collagen
8.5 Collagen Peptide
8.6 Others
9 Europe Collagen Market, By Type
9.1 Overview
9.2 Type I
9.3 Type Ii
9.4 Type Iii
9.5 Type Iv
10 Europe Collagen Market, By Form
10.1 Overview
10.2 Powder
10.3 Liquid
11 Europe Collagen Market, By Source
11.1 Overview
11.2 Bovine
11.2.1 Cattle
11.2.2 Buffaloes
11.2.3 Yak
11.2.4 Others
11.3 Poultry
11.3.1 Chicken
11.3.2 Duck
11.3.3 Turkey
11.3.4 Others
11.4 Porcine
11.5 Marine
11.5.1 Marine Fish
11.5.2 Marine Sponges
11.5.3 Krill
11.5.4 Squid
11.5.5 Marine Algae
11.5.6 Others
11.6 Others
12 Europe Collagen Market, By Product Category
12.1 Overview
12.2 Gmo
12.3 Non-gmo
13 Europe Collagen Market, By Function
13.1 Overview
13.2 Texture
13.3 Stabilizer
13.4 Emulsifier
13.5 Finding
13.6 Others
14 Europe Collagen Market, By Application
14.1 Overview
14.2 Food Products
14.2.1 Food Products, By Application Bakery Products Cakes And Pastries Cookies And Biscuits Breads And Rolls Donuts Others
14.2.2 Chocolates And Confectionary Chocolates Gummies/Jellies Hard Candies Sugar Confectionary Others
14.2.3 Processed Food Pasta Noodles Extruded Snacks Soups And Sauces Others
14.2.4 Breakfast Cereals
14.2.5 Instant Formula
14.2.6 Meat And Poultry Products
14.2.7 Dressings And Seasonings
14.2.8 Sports Nutrition Sports Nutrition Bars Sports Protein Powders Sports Rtd Beverages Cereal Bars Dairy Products Others
14.2.9 Food Products, By Type Type I Type Ii Typeiii Type Iv
14.3 Beverages
14.3.1 Beverages, By Application Energy Drinks Soft Drinks Rtd Coffee Functional Drinks Flavoured Drinks Honey Caramel Vanilla Chocolate Mocha Others Others
14.4 Beverages, By Type
14.4.1 Type I
14.4.2 Type Ii
14.4.3 Type Iii
14.4.4 Type Iv
14.5 Nutraceuticals And Dietary Supplements
14.5.1 Nutraceuticals And Dietary Supplements, By Application Skin Health Joint Health Weight Management Bone Health Others
14.5.2 Nutraceuticals And Dietary Supplements, By Type Type I Type Ii Type Iii Type Iv
14.6 Cosmetics And Personal Care
14.6.1 Cosmetics And Personal Care, By Application Skin Care Sun Screen Lotion Serum Moisturizer Scrub Lip Care Cream Others Hair Care Shampoo Conditioner Hair Oil And Serum Others Soaps And Body Wash Others
14.7 Cosmetics And Personal Care, By Type
14.7.1 Type I
14.7.2 Type Ii
14.7.3 Type Iii
14.7.4 Type Iv
14.8 Animal Feed
14.8.1 Animal Feed, By Application Ruminants Calves Dairy Cattle Beef Cattle Poultry Broilers Layers Breeders Swine Starters Growers Sows Pets Cats Dogs Rabbits Mice Others Aquatic Animal Fish Feed Carp Salmon Tilapia Catfish Others Mollusk Feed Oyster Mussel Others Crustaceans Shrimp Crab Others Other Aquatic Animal
14.8.2 Animal Feed, By Type Type I Type Ii Type Iii Type Iv
14.9 Laboratory Tests
14.9.1 Laboratory Tests, By Type Type I Type Ii Type Iii Type Iv
14.10 Others
14.10.1 Others, By Type Type I Type Ii Type Iii Type Iv
15 Europe Collagen Market, By Geography
15.1 Europe
15.1.1 Germany
15.1.2 U.K.
15.1.3 France
15.1.4 Turkey
15.1.5 Russia
15.1.6 Italy
15.1.7 Spain
15.1.8 Switzerland
15.1.9 Netherlands
15.1.10 Belgium
15.1.11 Denmark
15.1.12 Sweden
15.1.13 Poland
15.1.14 Rest Of Europe
16 Europe Collagen Market, Company Landscape
16.1 Company Share Analysis: Europe
17 Swot
18 Company Profiles
18.1 Ashland
18.1.1 Company Snapshot
18.1.2 Company Share Analysis
18.1.3 Product Portfolio
18.1.4 Recent Updates
18.2 Dsm
18.2.1 Company Snapshot
18.2.2 Company Share Analysis
18.2.3 Product Portfolio
18.2.4 Recent Updates
18.3 Collagen Solutions Plc
18.3.1 Company Snapshot
18.3.2 Company Share Analysis
18.3.3 Product Portfolio
18.3.4 Recent Updates
18.4 Rousselot (A Subsidiary Of Darling Ingredients Inc.)
18.4.1 Company Snapshot
18.4.2 Company Share Analysis
18.4.3 Product Portfolio
18.4.4 Recent Updates
18.5 Gelita Ag
18.5.1 Company Snapshot
18.5.2 Company Share Analysis
18.5.3 Product Portfolio
18.5.4 Recent Updates
18.6 Advanced Biomatrix, Inc.
18.6.1 Company Snapshot
18.6.2 Product Portfolio
18.6.3 Recent Updates
18.7 Cobiosa
18.7.1 Company Snapshot
18.7.2 Product Portfolio
18.7.3 Recent Update
18.8 Connoils Llc
18.8.1 Company Snapshot
18.8.2 Product Portfolio
18.8.3 Recent Update
18.9 Et-chem
18.9.1 Company Snapshot
18.9.2 Product Portfolio
18.9.3 Recent Update
18.10 Ewald-gelatine Gmbh
18.10.1 Company Snapshot
18.10.2 Product Portfolio
18.10.3 Recent Updates
18.11 Gelnex.
18.11.1 Company Snapshot
18.11.2 Product Portfolio
18.11.3 Recent Updates
18.12 Holista Colltech.
18.12.1 Company Snapshot
18.12.2 Product Portfolio
18.12.3 Recent Updates
18.13 Italgelatine S.P.A.
18.13.1 Company Snapshot
18.13.2 Product Portfolio
18.13.3 Recent Update
18.14 Jellagen
18.14.1 Company Snapshot
18.14.2 Product Portfolio
18.14.3 Recent Updates
18.15 Juncà Gelatines Sl
18.15.1 Company Snapshot
18.15.2 Product Portfolio
18.15.3 Recent Update
18.16 Kenney & Ross Limited Marine Gelatin
18.16.1 Company Snapshot
18.16.2 Product Portfolio
18.16.3 Recent Updates
18.17 Lapi Gelatine S.P.A.
18.17.1 Company Snapshot
18.17.2 Product Portfolio
18.17.3 Recent Updates
18.18 Nippi Collagen Na Inc.
18.18.1 Company Snapshot
18.18.2 Product Portfolio
18.18.3 Recent Updates
18.19 Pb Leiner (A Part Of Tessenderlo Group)
18.19.1 Company Snapshot
18.19.2 Product Portfolio
18.19.3 Recent Updates
19 Questionnaire
20 Related Reports
List Of Figures
Figure 1 Europe Collagen Market: Segmentation
Figure 2 Europe Collagen Market: Data Triangulation
Figure 3 Europe Collagen Market: Droc Analysis
Figure 4 Europe Collagen Market: Europe Vs Regional Market Analysis
Figure 5 Europe Collagen Market: Company Research Analysis
Figure 6 Europe Collagen Market: The Product Type Life Line Curve
Figure 7 Europe Collagen Market: Interview Demographics
Figure 8 Europe Collagen Market: Dbmr Market Position Grid
Figure 9 Europe Collagen Market: Market Application Coverage Grid
Figure 10 Europe Collagen Market: The Market Challenge Matrix
Figure 11 Europe Collagen Market: Vendor Share Analysis
Figure 12 Europe Collagen Market: Segmentation
Figure 13 Growth In The Use Of Collagen Proteins In The Medical And Pharmaceutical Industry Is Driving The Europe Collagen Market In The Forecast Period Of 2020 To
Figure 14 Gelatin Is Expected To Account For The Largest Share Of The Europe Collagen Market In 2020 &
Figure 15 Collagen Raw Material Price Analysis In
Figure 16 Concentration Of Each Amino Acid In Hydrolysed Collagen (In %)
Figure 17 Europe Collagen Market, By Production (Usd Million)
Figure 18 Consumption Of Collagen, By Region (Usd Million)
Figure 19 Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities And Challenges Of Europe Collagen Market
Figure 20 Estimated Production Of Cosmetic In Thailand (2017-2020) (Usd Billion)
Figure 21 Percentage Of People Taking Nutritional Supplements, By Age Group, Sex In Canada Excluding Territories (2015) (In %)
Figure 22 Europe Collagen Market, By Product Type,
Figure 23 Europe Collagen Market, By Type,
Figure 24 Europe Collagen Market, By Form,
Figure 25 Europe Collagen Market, By Source,
Figure 26 Europe Collagen Market, By Product Category,
Figure 27 Europe Collagen Market, By Function,
Figure 28 Europe Collagen Market, By Application,
Figure 29 Europe Collagen Market: Snapshot (2019)
Figure 30 Europe Collagen Market: By Country (2019)
Figure 31 Europe Collagen Market: By Country (2020 & 2027)
Figure 32 Europe Collagen Market: By Country (2019 & 2027)
Figure 33 Europe Collagen Market: By Product Type (2020-2027)
Figure 34 Europe Collagen Market: Company Share 2019 (%)

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