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CACKLE LLC is a consumer electronics market research company that focuses on what is occurring NOW in the market.   Although we use some secondary sources to corroborate, back up and substantiate some of research as well as provide some basic definitions, we prefer to use real data obtained from consumers or potential consumers of CE products, in this case-wearable technology.  

Our goals are to:

Show where the REAL market trends in wearable tech and other similar products are through primary research, and not by just making educated guesses or estimates.  There have been multiple studies, articles and blogs written over the past few years about the growth and expected growth of wearable tech. Some have been somewhat correct, but many have incorrectly forecasted market segments and sub-segments, and few if any have done a comprehensive analysis of what consumers ACTUALLY WANT.

Help our customers to make the right decisions regarding any product, new or in the market.  Even something as simple as the right color band on a watch or fitness band can make the difference between being successful now or waiting months to start selling a product.
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3 Reports from Cackle LLC

  • Primary Market Research-Wearable Fitness Devices

    Primary Market Research-Wearable Fitness Devices Wearable fitness trackers have been purchased at a rate of 2-3 times vs. smartwatches. People have been most influenced to purchase a fitness tracker by seeing them on others who wear them and by friends and family. Advertising, social and digital me ... Read More

  • Primary Market Research-Smartwatches

    Primary Market Research-Smartwatches Smartwatches today are too expensive for today’s consumer. If an OEM is looking to retail a smartwatch for over $250 in North America, it probably will not sell very well. Ideally, it would retail for under $100. In addition, smartwatches are considered by m ... Read More

  • Primary Market Research-Wearable Technology

    Primary Market Research-Wearable Technology This market research analysis is not mere estimates of the market sizes and shares and estimated growth over the next number of years. Our intention is to describe to consumer electronics OEMs, research professionals such as financial analysts, industry p ... Read More

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