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Positioned as a global consulting powerhouse, Boston Strategic Partners, Inc. specializes in providing an exclusive array of services tailored specifically for the dynamic life sciences industry.

The comprehensive suite of services includes:

  • Business & Clinical Strategy: Enabling clients to navigate the intricate intersection of business and clinical considerations, fostering strategic decision-making.
  • Health Economics & Outcomes Research (HEOR): Equipping stakeholders with in-depth insights into the economic implications and real-world outcomes of medical interventions.
  • Medical Communications: Conveying complex medical concepts to varied audiences through effective communication strategies.
  • Regulatory Strategy: Guiding clients through the intricate web of regulatory requirements, ensuring compliance and seamless market entry.
  • Financial Advisory: Providing expert financial guidance that aligns with the unique challenges of the life sciences landscape.

In conjunction with these services, Boston Strategic Partners (BSP) conducts rigorous statistical and econometric analyses to bolster all service domains. This involves leveraging Electronic Health Record (EHR) data spanning an impressive 15 years, capturing the healthcare journeys of over 60 million individuals across a staggering 350 million encounters. With a rich history of servicing clients within the pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostics sectors, BSP has built a reputation as a trusted partner. Their clientele spans the spectrum from startup CXOs to influential leaders in Fortune 100 enterprises.

The cornerstone of BSP's success lies in their prowess in accomplishing the clinical, financial, and regulatory goals of their clients. This achievement is underpinned by their reports, which serve as invaluable resources offering actionable insights to life science stakeholders engaged in sales, marketing, and business management. These reports cast a spotlight on critical facets of hospital-treated diseases, including:

  • Patient volumes and segmentation (considering severity, demographics, and comorbidity).
  • Patient admission settings and the trajectory of patient flow through diagnoses.
  • Lab tests and empirical therapies that inform treatment decisions.
  • Treatment transitions based on lab results, fostering dynamic treatment pathways.
  • Duration of hospital stays and the associated treatment costs.
  • Holistic outcomes of treatments.

The depth of data at BSP's disposal derives from an expansive sample size, encompassing diverse patient profiles across the United States and various healthcare systems. This includes data drawn from inpatient, outpatient, and emergency room settings, as well as comprehensive information on lab orders, results, and the consequent therapy alterations that follow. BSP is also adept at assessing the intricate relationship between costs and outcomes tied to distinct patient and treatment categories.

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1 Reports from Boston Strategic Partners

  • Real-World Patient Journey Type 2 Diabetes in the Inpatient and Emergency Departments

    Real-World Patient Journey Type 2 Diabetes in the Inpatient and Emergency Departments Using an electronic health record (EHR) database with information collected from about 750 hospitals across the US, we evaluated overall trends in the diagnosis, treatment, costs, and outcomes associated with the h ... Read More

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