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On a yearly basis we update each of our verticals (auto, real estate, recruitment) with major reports. A survey of what each local site earns as well as an outlook/forecast for the upcoming year is also included. Additional reports target market conditions and trends such as online video advertising, podcasting, email marketing, and online promotions. Our primary emphasis is local, and we make a concentrated effort to tailor or forecasts to both dollars spent and received in each market.
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11 Reports from Borrell Associates Inc.

  • Borrell Report: 2020 Outlook - Digital Services Continue to Dominate Marketing Budgets

    ... surpass $800 billion -- more than twice what U.S. businesses invest in advertising. For a small business costs can add up to six figures without them even knowing it. This 30-page report includes more than ... Read More

  • Franchise Advertising Report

    ... how digital media has now overtaken direct mail as franchisees' leading choice for advertising, and that, while there's high interest in social media, franchisees continue to spend half their digital budgets on search engine advertising. Read More

  • Gauging Facebook's Impact on Local Advertising

    ... comparing it to Google's romp in the mid-2000s but showing that Facebook actually may have more steam. It shows that Facebook last year carved a 7% slice out of U.S. local advertising and a 15% ... Read More

  • The Final Analysis: Political Advertising in 2016

    ... 4.6% from the last Presidential Election year in 2012. But things changed dramatically for the biggest beneficiary, TV, which was left with $1 billion less, and for the smallest, digital media, which gained $1.2 billion. Read More

  • 2016 Social Media's Impact on Local Advertising

    ... They aren't the smallest of businesses; in fact, they're spending 11% more than the average advertiser and tend to spend a lot on broadcast, cable, and radio. And 76% manage their own online social presence. Read More

  • 2016 What Local Broadcast TV Advertisers Are Planning

    ... three times more on advertising than the typical local business. And, they're being heavily targeted as a result, getting an average of 40 sales calls per month by reps, 66% more than the average SMB. Read More

  • 2016 Outdoor Advertising Outlook

    ... the four types of outdoor: billboards at $4.7 billion, transit at $1.3 billion, alternative (stadiums, malls, etc.) at $977 million, and street furniture at $414 million. Each is analyzed in detail, offering spending history since ... Read More

  • Trends in Digital Marketing Services

    ... findings: The two categories that businesses spend the most on -- web hosting and design -- are switching positions with SEO and social media management. In short, advertisers have finished the basic structure of their ... Read More

  • 2016 U.S. Political Ad Spending Update

    ... $357 million in spending will be digital, radio, and cable -- and local media in general. With broadcast TV inventory clogged, campaigns and PACs have been turning to available inventory such as cable and radio ... Read More

  • Benchmarking Local Digital Media

    ... report offers insights from revenue performance at 10,395 local media entities across the U.S. and Canada – something we’ve been doing for 14 years to help companies determine how well they’re doing in digital sales Read More

  • 2016 Real Estate Update

    ... estate advertisers are "adjusting the dials" for a more appropriate mix of media. And for the second year in a row, the amount that agents, brokers, and developers are spending on digital media is declining. Read More

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