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  • Asset Tracking and Fleet Management

    ... technological options for asset tracking with and without direct connectivity, alongside the general dynamics of the logistics asset tracking market. It focuses on the most promising uses cases that require direct connectivity at the object ... Read More

  • Autonomous cars

    ... to greatly impact how people travel. This report presents the underlying technologies needed to achieveautomation. It describes the different levels of autonomy and evaluatesthe potential of such vehicles. It also analyses the s trategies of ... Read More

  • World Consumer Electronics Market

    ... the following market segments: • Television • Computers • Portable Media Devices • Digital Media Boxes • Set-Top-Boxes. It also delivers key findings on our market sizing and forecasts for CE and connected CE, with ... Read More

  • Commercial and Consumer Drones

    ... being conducted with professional drones, and the first major contracts should not be far behind. Applications are many and various. The use of UAV in all industry sectors is opening up an array of new ... Read More

  • Public Safety Spectrum & Systems

    ... narrowband systems. At the WRC-15 in November 2015, a decision is to be taken on allocation of frequencies for broadband PPDR spectrum. The 700 MHz is the best candidate at world level, with distinct scenarios ... Read More

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Transportation & Shipping market research reports by IDATE

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