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GMR Data is an independent, business information research company. They were founded on the core principles of independence, financial and market accuracy, plus developing innovative business critical topics.

GMR Data is completely independent, the company is not associated with any parent organisation. They do not produce reports under contract for any other organisation. They are not led by any PR firms nor do they accept any advertising.
The information produced by GMR Data is not available elsewhere. Only by ordering and reading a GMR Data report will you have access to their unique information.

GMR's dedicated, qualified analysts, researchers and writers produce up to date, quantifiable information which allows the company to produce accurate, forward facing reports across a variety of business sectors. Their analysts and researchers are based around the world, allowing a unique insight into businesses on an international scale. GMR's analysts all have specific academic qualifications, as well as years of practical, hands-on, business experience.

Their reports are purchased by a wide range of entities; from smaller niche producers to large multi-nationals, from local authorities to national governments. This wide breadth of sales arena indicates GMR Data’s close market relevance and wide ranging market contact. Their reports have been bought by 88% of FTSE100 and Fortune 500 companies. GMR's reports are purchased by companies and organisations in all G20 countries, as well as developing nations.

GMR Data Ltd.

List of reports from GMR Data Ltd.

The Global Dermatology Market to 2028
4/6/2018 | published by: GMR Data Ltd.
... of biennial Dermatology reports sees GMR Data again interview industry experts to produce a market leading report that dissects and investigates the key questions in the Global Dermatology Market across the next decade. GMR Data ...  |  read more...
USD 2,501
The Healthcare Packaging Market to 2028
11/24/2017 | published by: GMR Data Ltd.
... comprehensive analysis of the global healthcare packaging market. GMR Data assesses that this market will generate revenues of $117.2bn in 2018. Read on to discover the most lucrative areas in the industry and the future ...  |  read more...
USD 3,000
The BRIC OTC Market to 2025
4/4/2017 | published by: GMR Data Ltd.
... the field, in depth company research and up to date tracking of trends in the OTC sector. By exploring and comparing these key 4 markets GMR Data aim to give the reader the best indication ...  |  read more...
USD 3,000
The Global Dermatology Market to 2026
11/5/2016 | published by: GMR Data Ltd.
... and products in the dermatology drugs market today.   5 Reasons why you must read this report today: 1. Dermatology drug manufacturers are enjoying higher revenues than ever before in this niche market and with ...  |  read more...
USD 3,000
The India Medical Devices Market to 2026
8/1/2016 | published by: GMR Data Ltd.
... report covers who the main customers are, which companies will cater to that need and how the companies will go about it. The report describes the current medical devices scene, one of the most populated ...  |  read more...
USD 3,000
The Global Desalination Market to 2026
6/7/2016 | published by: GMR Data Ltd.
... report focuses on the key countries that will drive the desalination sector across the next 10 years; looking at the factors that will drive or restrain each country. The global desalination sector reached $7,865m across ...  |  read more...
USD 3,000
The Indian Pharmaceutical Market - Leading Domestic Companies 2015
9/14/2015 | published by: GMR Data Ltd.
... in depth, with specific focus on the ten leading domestic India pharmaceutical companies; their key financials since FY2011; their key global markets; their Merger, Acquisition and Joint Venture activity; their Research & Development spending; as ...  |  read more...
USD 3,000
The Chinese Medical Devices Market to 2025
4/28/2015 | published by: GMR Data Ltd.
... next decade. We discuss key markets, key products and how the Chinese Medical Device market operates in general; Chinese Healthcare spending has risen from $90.8bn in 2004 to reach $590.2bn across 2014, a ten-year CAGR ...  |  read more...
USD 3,000
The Global Semiconductor Market 2015-2020
3/10/2015 | published by: GMR Data Ltd.
... - 2020 is GMR Data’s latest Tech sector report. This report forecasts revenues for key services across key geographies. The global semiconductor market is forecast, by GMR Data, to reach $332bn across 2015, representing a ...  |  read more...
USD 3,000
The Global Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose Market to 2025
1/15/2015 | published by: GMR Data Ltd.
... latest pharma report, covering the pharmaceutical, commercial and strategic developments in the global Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose (SMBG) market. The report highlights key companies, geographies and products that we believe will deliver strong growth across ...  |  read more...
USD 3,000
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