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E-commerce Round Up India 2014 "A Reality Check"

E-commerce Round Up India 2014 "A Reality Check"

The B2C E-commerce market is witness to a lot of traction and action today. The VCs, the fund managers and the investors are pumping in their monies into new ventures, and also into existing players. And not just that, but even the big B2C E-retail vendors are now staking a share in other such players by investing or funding in them. This ongoing market action and shake-up will eventually see more consolidation and buy-ups happening among market players in India.

The present report surmises the latest shake-up and action in the market ecosystem. To undertake this, first fundamental question of understanding the constituents of the market has been dwelled upon in detail. This calls for an analysis of the business model of B2C E-commerce vendors by evaluating their online product categories, payment mechanisms and channels of delivery. The analysis in the present report puts forth clearly the lead market players and the business models being followed by them. These constitute the market ecosystem.

The report undertakes a thorough reality check of the E-commerce Market in India. The market size of the entire market (retail and non-retail) in terms of product categories has been calculated. The market size is in terms of revenues accrued out of online sales of all vendors. E-Retail is smaller than Non E-retail (which includes travel) in India. This report focuses only on the E-Retail segment of the B2C E-commerce market.

A Reality Check of the market also calls for an evaluation of the performance of the E-retail vendors. For this, the revenues accrued by these vendors have been calculated. Other financial ratios indicating their performance have also been analyzed. This presents a very clear picture of where the market is headed and who all are the current lead players in this market.

In continuation of our Reality Check the report further establishes the number of Internet Buyers at present active in the market ecosystem. These buyers are the ones who are not just online shoppers (who visits online sites but don’t necessarily end up buying) but online buyers (who visits online sites but end up buying also). These online buyers have been calculated product category-wise. This further establishes the top E-Retail product categories witnessing maximum traction in terms of buyers in this market. The report also presents a matrix detailing the demographic profile of an Internet Buyer that puts forth the profile of the target audiences to lead vendors in a very succinct manner.

The Reality Check Report couldn’t be complete without addressing the critical question of digitally addressable market in India. Based on the latest Census 2011 data and our analysis we have segmented the entire pan India market to arrive at City/District and State wise categorization of the digitally addressable market in India.

So this E-commerce Round up Report 2014 is a reality check presenting; the overall market size, performance evaluation of the lead E-Retail Vendors, Internet Buyers product category-wise, demographic profile of Internet Buyers and finally the digitally addressable market for vendors.

All numbers presented in the Report presents the current status and the future projections going forward for the year 2012, 2013 and 2014.

1.Executive Summary
2. View
3.B2C E-commerce Vendors Performance Valuation
4.B2C E-commerce Market Overview
5.B2C E-commerce Market Size India
Table 1: E-Retail Market Size (In Rs. Billions) India 2013
Table 2: Non E-Retail Market Size (In Rs. Billions) India 2013
Table 3: E-Retail Market Size (In Rs. Billions) India 2012-2014 & CAGR
Table 4: Non E-Retail Market Size (In Rs. Billions) India 2012-14 & CAGR
6.B2C E-commerce Vendor Analysis What Constitutes the Market Ecosystem?
Table 5: Break-Ups (in %) of B2C E-commerce Vendors in terms of Business Models 2013
Figure 1: Vendors Share of the Market Pie 2013
Table 6: E-Retail Vendors Prevalent Business Models 2013
7.B2C E-commerce Vendor Revenues
Table 8: Vendors Revenues FY2013; Revenues are Net E-commerce Revenues (in USD millions)
8.M-Commerce in India
Table 9: M-commerce Market Size (as % of E-Retail) 2013
Table 10: M-commerce (includes m-ticketing & m-coupons) Market Size (In INR millions) 2013
9.E-Retail Vendors and Fastest Growing Product Categories
Table 11: New & Upcoming E-Retail Categories in last 6 months (prior to March 2014)
Table 12: Top 10 Best Selling E-Retail categories 2013 (Ranks in Terms of their market size shares; in Rs. billions)
10.Internet Buyers
Table 13: Internet Buyers (In millions) Product Category-wise 2013
Table 14: B2C E-commerce Market Internet Buyers (In Millions) Product Category-wise 2012-14
11.Average Spends Per Internet Buyer India
Table 15: Average B2C E-commerce Spends Per Internet Buyer 2012 to 2014, (in INR)
Table 16: B2C E-commerce Product Category Ranks 2013
Table 17: Internet Buyers Overall Universe 2013
12.Mobile Internet Buyers Table 18: Mobile Internet Buyers in India, 2012-2014
Table 19: Pure Mobile Internet Buyers (PMIB’s) in India (In millions), 2012-2014 Search Online and Buy Offline (SOBO) How many of the shoppers do SOBO? Search Online and Buy Offline?
Table 20: Internet Buyers Universe Doing SOBO* Device wise (as %) India 2013 Demographic Profile of Internet Buyers in India, 2012-2015
Table 21: Demographic Profile of Internet Buyers in India, 2012-2015
13.Digitally Addressable Market in India
Table 22: E-commerce Market Segmentation City/Districts and States Categorization as; Tier I, Tier II, Tier III and Tier IV Cities
14.Optimal City Mix to Target by E-Retail Vendors
Table 23: Optimum City Mix to Target to Achieve Highest Growth Rates in next 1 to 2 Years
15.Trends in E-Retail going forward
16.Key Research Insights for B2C E-commerce Vendors

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