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  • Eastern Europe B2C E-Commerce Market 2019

    ... but remains behind that of Western Europe. In the region’s largest online retail market, Russia, just above one-third of the population made purchases over the Internet in 2018, compared to more than three-quarters in Germany ... Read More

  • Eye Care in France

    ... in standard eye care. A traditional eyewash is usually priced at EUR3-4, while a medical device is sold for EUR10-12, which offers good margins for players selling these products. Euromonitor International's Eye Care in France ... Read More

  • Eye Care in Romania

    ... of eye problems linked to people using consumer electronics devices more often and for longer periods of time. Tired and strained eyes are becoming more common, especially among younger people who use their laptops, tablets ... Read More

  • Eye Care in Denmark

    ... allergy eye care. However, the length and intensity of the annual pollen season tends to fluctuate from year to year, and with the weather in Denmark notoriously difficult to predict, it can be difficult for ... Read More

  • Eye Care in Greece

    ... carried waves of dust from the African continent across the Mediterranean, with this impacting Greece as well. The dust clouds not only affect breathing but can also cause eye dryness and irritation. The phenomenon was ... Read More

  • Eye Care in Spain

    ... from some form of eyesight problem, with presbyopia having the highest prevalence. Presbyopia is clearly linked to ageing and the Spanish population is one of the oldest in the world. The Spanish population will continue ... Read More

  • Eye Care in Bulgaria

    ... rate, which for many years has contributed to the average age of the country’s population creeping slowly upwards. Despite being potentially problematic for the country overall, the ageing of the population is good news for ... Read More

  • Eye Care in the Czech Republic

    ... Czech consumers’ eyes by modern lifestyles (long hours in front of computers, televisions and other electronic devices) and pollution (smog and dust). Czech consumers have become used to the fact that self-medication with OTC products ... Read More

  • Eye Care in Ukraine

    ... increasing number of cases of dry eye, conjunctivitis and allergies. Such eye problems stem from a number of factors, including more access to and usage of digital technologies by consumers of various ages, pollution, diabetes ... Read More

  • Eye Care in Hungary

    ... lifestyle trends of the modern age, such as increased exposure to digital screens during both work and leisure time. These factors are also set to contribute to the stable growth expected in both standard and ... Read More

  • Eye Care in Norway

    ... approximately 20% of the Norwegian population (one million people) suffer from some sort of pollen allergy. However, growth in allergy eye care is projected to be lower than standard eye care over the forecast period, ... Read More

  • Eye Care in Finland

    ... to the improved performance of standard eye care, which holds marginally higher volume share compared to the allergy segment. Players in standard eye care are actively marketing their products, specifically targeting dry eye, with sales ... Read More

  • Eye Care in Austria

    ... and laptops is only expected to increase further in the future. Smartphones are used everywhere, at home, at work, while commuting and waiting in general. This, among other factors, is anticipated to lead to an ... Read More

  • Eye Care in the Netherlands

    ... the larger category, allergy care continued to record a more dynamic performance in both retail volume and current value growth terms, shaped by increasing incidence of hay fever and high pollen counts during the spring ... Read More

  • Eye Care in Belgium

    ... purchase it directly from a chemist/pharmacist on an OTC basis. Thus, self-medication has yet to take off in eye care. The downturn in retail volume sales of eye care towards the end of the review ... Read More

  • Eye Care in Sweden

    ... that many Swedes spend long hours in front of computer screens and the prevalent use of smartphones resulting in the need for dry eye treatments such as eye drops. Standard eye care is predicted to ... Read More

  • Eye Care in Switzerland

    ... to supress symptoms. This contributed to slower growth of eye care overall. Nevertheless, pollution and climate change are expected to continue to contribute to raising annual pollen counts, as well as the number of consumers ... Read More

  • Western Europe B2C E-Commerce and Online Payment Market 2019

    ... in the EU-5 and the rest of Western Europe remain on the growth path, according to the forecasts cited in the report. The growth rates are projected to decline through 2022, but the online ... Read More

  • Eye Care in Portugal

    ... particularly in artificial light. With ongoing digitalisation at work and home, consumers’ eyes are increasingly being exposed to flickering, blue light and small screens. In addition, there is a growing incidence of allergies due to ... Read More

  • Eye Care in the United Kingdom

    ... wider “free from” trends seen previously across many other industries such as food and beauty and while preservative-free eye drops have long been available, they have in the past been more positioned towards contact lens ... Read More

  • Dermatologicals in the United Kingdom

    ... pressure due to further budget cuts, a decision was therefore made to cut back on Rx treatments routinely prescribed by GPs. A full list of which exact medicines was released by the NHS this year, ... Read More

  • Eye Care in Germany

    ... rates of myopia. This may also lead to glaucoma from which over 900,000 people in Germany are suffering. Another issue is presbyopia, which affects more than half the population. This, among other factors, leads to ... Read More

  • Eye Care in Poland

    ... front of monitors means, however, that our eyes work intensively, trying to adjust the visual acuity to the small font of devices. This may result in Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) or a disorder such as ... Read More

  • Eye Care in Ireland

    ... trend that is predicted to continue into the forecast period. Support for allergy eye care stems from strong allergic reactions to pollen including watery and itchy eyes amongst other factors, encouraging sufferers to seek relief ... Read More

  • Fire Alarm Systems (UK) - Industry Report

    ... 560 companies, including ADI-GARDINER LTD, HOCHIKI EUROPE (U.K.) LTD and ARGUS FIRE PROTECTION COMPANY LTD. This report covers activities such as fire, cctv, fire alarm, fire alarms, installation and includes a wealth of information on ... Read More

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