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  • Depilatories in Poland

    ... to use and provide a long-lasting effect. Women’s razors and blades, which holds the largest value share, witnessed solid growth due to be a relatively inexpensive and fast way of shaving, especially popular with teenagers. ... Read More

  • Skin Care in Poland

    ... new visible trend was the rapid growth of facial care, contrary to general purpose body care, which recorded low value growth and stagnant volume growth. Consumers are looking for products which will answer their unfulfilled ... Read More

  • Sun Care in Indonesia

    ... facial make-up offer these benefits. Sun protection is mostly used as a complementary product to take on holiday, where it is hot and the user will be exposed to the sun for long periods. Since ... Read More

  • Beauty and Personal Care in Ukraine

    ... confidence. While economising trends continued in a number of categories where no sophisticated products are expected (eg liquid soap, nail products), others benefited from the rising consumer interest in more expensive products and premium brands. ... Read More

  • Fragrances in Ukraine

    ... new innovation. Ukrainians are considered by industry players to be extremely sensitive to new scent launches. This contrasts with Western European consumers for whom traditional scents sell well, with some iconic scents existing for 20-30 ... Read More

  • Depilatories in Ukraine

    ... is a priority. As the category saw no major conceptual innovations, demand remained stable benefiting from the improving economic stability and rising consumer confidence. Euromonitor International's Depilatories in Ukraine report offers a comprehensive guide to ... Read More

  • Men's Grooming in Ukraine

    ... temptation from unisex products. These trends are set to remain over the forecast period. For example, while the male population reduced by 74,000 in 2017, by 2022 the male population is expected to have reduced ... Read More

  • Deodorants in Ukraine

    ... in addition to overall consumer confidence recovering. While women’s and unisex deodorants generated the bulk of deodorants sales at the end of the review period, with time men’s deodorants is forecast to grow in share, ... Read More

  • Mass Beauty and Personal Care in Ukraine

    ... the minimum monthly salary to UAH3,200, consumer spending power remained weak with many people affording only essential and basic care products (eg toothpaste, shampoo, soap, mascara). However, 2017 was not a year for strong economising ... Read More

  • Premium Beauty and Personal Care in Ukraine

    ... Statistical Service of Ukraine). Consumers demonstrated stronger interest in more efficient, functional and better quality beauty and personal care products, in particular those products that enabled the better appearance of “strategic” areas, such as the ... Read More

  • Skin Care in Ukraine

    ... More attention has been paid to the face in particular for which multi-stage procedures have been increasingly adopted, especially impacted by Korean beauty trends and assortments of such products expanding rapidly. More expensive products and ... Read More

  • Video and DVD Hire Outlets in Australia - Industry Market Research Report

    ... general merchandise such as snack food and drinks. Businesses can operate through a variety of mediums including stores, kiosks and mail order. This report covers the scope, size, disposition and growth of the industry including ... Read More

  • Men's Grooming in Poland

    ... photographs online and want to look attractive in them. This process, combined with the growing income of the population, drives the boom for colourful cosmetics. The dynamic development of online blogs and video tutorials where ... Read More

  • Bath and Shower in Venezuela

    ... Venezuelan government in 2012 caused large supply losses because the ceilings set were not adjusted for more than two years, making its production unprofitable. After shortages became intolerable, the government eased price regulations during the ... Read More

  • Beauty and Personal Care in Venezuela

    ... on beauty and personal care products regarded as essential, such as shampoos, 2-in-1 products, conditioners, bar soap, toothpaste, razors and deodorants. For more than two years the government did not authorise manufacturers to adjust prices ... Read More

  • Bath and Shower in the Czech Republic

    ... Products free from oils and paraben grew in popularity over the review period, while in 2017 demand for colour cosmetics brands that are based on natural ingredients (mostly minerals) such as titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, ... Read More

  • Colour Cosmetics in the Czech Republic

    ... growth of 1% was recorded and even though growth for older children was not as significant, this still noticeably contributed to the performance of the category in 2017. Future demographics will play a very important ... Read More

  • Baby and Child-Specific Products in the Czech Republic

    ... such as armpits, arms are increasingly the subject of depilation. This marginally aids the category’s performance despite a strengthening position of electric epilators, which benefit from strengthening advertising, product innovation and most give consumers more ... Read More

  • Home Furnishings in the US

    ... last 30 years. Still, many millennials prefer to live close to their jobs in apartments in the city centre, so both trends are occurring simultaneously. This naturally creates the need for innovative products. Bigger houses ... Read More

  • Skin Care in Indonesia

    ... personal care products for Indonesian parents to purchase for their children. The products are available in many pack sizes which are suitable for many consumers in any income group. Well-known brands such as Zwitsal enjoy ... Read More

  • Colour Cosmetics in Indonesia

    ... imported lipstick brands such as Kylie Cosmetic, Sleek and Bourjois. Middle-income female consumers tend to buy colour cosmetics because they want to follow the latest trends and can afford to do so. Matte lipstick will ... Read More

  • Depilatories in the Czech Republic

    ... intimate parts was an unwanted sight in the Czech Republic which marginally benefited men’s shaving sales in 2017. Electric trimmers played an increasingly important role as consumers sought greater convenience, product safety and long-life products. ... Read More

  • Oral Care in the Czech Republic

    ... while aftersun brands were increasingly sought after due to rising consumer awareness and stronger brand availability. Euromonitor International's Sun Care in Czech Republic report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the ... Read More

  • Hair Care in the Czech Republic

    ... or regenerative properties) gained in popularity. In addition, combining anti-ageing properties in skin care with firming/anti-cellulite was increasingly popular due to a slowly ageing population and growing consumer purchasing power. Nivea Anti-Wrinkle + Firming (by ... Read More

  • Oral Care in Ukraine

    ... in November, from UAH6,008 earlier in January, according to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine. In spite of economic improvements, for the average Ukrainian, these income levels remain insufficient to afford anything other than the ... Read More

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