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Consumer Goods & Retailing Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Sunglasses in the United Kingdom

    ... as consumers were spending less time outdoors and were unable to travel to sunny destinations at home or abroad. However, once restrictions were lifted, people were able to visit non-essential retail outlets selling sunglasses, go ... Read More

  • Cigars, Cigarillos and Smoking Tobacco in Ukraine

    ... consumers. This is chiefly due to the fact that the cost of roll-your-own sticks is similar to the price of cigarette sticks, with consumers thus more likely to opt for lower-priced illicit trade cigarettes than ... Read More

  • Cigars, Cigarillos and Smoking Tobacco in Hong Kong, China

    ... amendment bill by the Hong Kong government negatively affected sales of these products in 2019. When the protests were taking place in the prime locations of the city such as Causeway Bay, Central and Tsim ... Read More

  • Tobacco in Taiwan

    ... very beginning. There has therefore not been any noticeable downtrading or shift to illicit trade because of COVID-19. In addition, with the three biggest players, JT Tobacco International Taiwan Corp, Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corp ... Read More

  • Tobacco in Estonia

    ... as supermarkets and hypermarkets have been allowed to remain open and are the main distribution channels for cigarettes. Bars, pubs, cafés and restaurants were also been forced to close in Estonia in the first half ... Read More

  • Office Supply Stores

    ... include Office Depot and Staples (both based in the US), Pelikan and Otto Office (both based in Germany), Lyreco and Manutan International (both in France), Officeworks (Australia), and Ryman (UK). COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Demand is driven ... Read More

  • Cigarettes in Costa Rica

    ... be around the corner. Pall Mall introduced larger cigarettes – a value-for-money format that represented the main reference point for capsule innovation. There were no menthol cigarettes without capsules available in 2019, only capsule offerings. ... Read More

  • Smokeless Tobacco, E-Vapour Products and Heated Tobacco in Lithuania

    ... tobacco, as well as the minimal odour they generate while providing a similar experience to smoking regular cigarettes. Sales of heated tobacco devices also grew at an increasingly similar pace to sales of heated tobacco, ... Read More

  • Hair Colourants in New Zealand (2020) – Market Sizes

    ... sales through all retail channels including direct to consumer, but excludes the professional sector including hairdresser sales to the consumer. Market size for Hair Colourants in New Zealand is given in NZD with a minimum ... Read More

  • Skin Care in Algeria

    ... imported brands and erode purchasing power among Algerians. The only exceptions were mass basic moisturisers and mass general purpose body case, both of which registered slightly improved performances in volume terms thanks to trading down ... Read More

  • Tobacco in Uzbekistan

    ... to reduce their purchases of legitimate cigarettes and turn more towards illicit trade with the latter predicted to record stronger volume growth compared to the previous year. This will be a continuation of a trend ... Read More

  • Beauty and Personal Care in Honduras

    ... and Personal Care in Honduras report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the market at a national level. It provides the latest retail sales data 2015-2019, allowing you to identify the ... Read More

  • Cigars, Cigarillos and Smoking Tobacco in Switzerland

    ... more price-sensitive smokers over from cigarettes as it is perceived as offering better value for money as the consumer has greater control over the amount smoked. However, premiumisation and innovation also contributed to the success ... Read More

  • Cigarettes in South Africa

    ... smoking contributed to the decline. Rising health concerns continued to encourage existing cigarette smokers to cut down or quit, whilst also making younger people less likely to start smoking in the first place. In addition, ... Read More

  • Mass Beauty and Personal Care in Algeria

    ... hikes that resulted from rising inflation, the imposition of higher customs duties and the depreciation of the dinar. The same factors continued to erode purchasing power among consumers, however, which subdued volume growth rates for ... Read More

  • Cigars, Cigarillos and Smoking Tobacco in Costa Rica

    ... demand is driven by inbound tourism. Cigars and cigarillos are frequently purchased by tourists from the US, who accounted for the largest share of visitors prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. This tourist-oriented category looks towards ... Read More

  • Tobacco in Costa Rica

    ... towards illicit products. Trading down is set to accelerate, as an increasing number of smokers move to illicit products at low prices. Illicit cigarettes, which come from countries such as India, Paraguay and China, are ... Read More

  • Deodorants in Algeria

    ... customs duties and the depreciation of the Algerian dinar. The same factors eroded purchasing power among consumers, however, with the result that all deodorants categories saw volume growth rates slow. Euromonitor International's Deodorants in Algeria ... Read More

  • Oral Care in Algeria

    ... However, the same factors continued to depress consumer purchasing power, and together with increasing maturity this caused volume growth rates for most product categories to slow from 2018. Nonetheless, oral care weathered increasing economic hardship ... Read More

  • Smokeless Tobacco, E-Vapour Products and Heated Tobacco in Switzerland

    ... period. The main message around heated tobacco is that this innovation is a “reduced risk” tobacco product and manufacturers are heavily promoting these products to cigarette smokers as a less toxic alternative, with a great ... Read More

  • Cigarettes in Western Europe

    ... or France also explain the decline in cigarette sales, which is expected to further stand out due to the impact of the Covid 19 crisis in cigarette sales expected over the forecast period. Euromonitor International's ... Read More

  • Cigars, Cigarillos and Smoking Tobacco in South Africa

    ... current value declines, fine cut tobacco saw another year of growth. This is partly due to the category’s growing appeal amongst urban millennials, although it is also continuing to attract older smokers seeking a more ... Read More

  • Smokeless Tobacco, E-Vapour Products and Heated Tobacco in South Africa

    ... that seen in the previous three years. Heated tobacco saw a strong performance. This was partly because sales were emerging from a relatively low base, as these product types only appeared in South Africa in ... Read More

  • Beauty and Personal Care in Algeria

    ... the existing economic crisis that has arisen from the decline in global prices for oil and gas – the country’s main exports – and the resultant depreciation of the Algerian dinar in recent years. This ... Read More

  • Depilatories in Algeria

    ... urbanisation, the increasing use of social media and advertising on French language TV stations remaining highly influential in this regard. Improvements in the distribution of different brands and product types via modern retailing channels also ... Read More

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