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  • Dermatologicals in Cameroon

    ... both. Cameroon’s hot and humid climate resulted in skin infections caused by various bacteria and fungi, making consumers reach for dermatological solutions. Concerns that environmental pollution and multiple chemicals could cause or exacerbate sensitive and ... Read More

  • Eye Care in Morocco

    ... retailing has a modest share and some ophthalmologists offer free samples to their patients. While some eye products are performing better than others, for example allergy eye care was slightly more dynamic than standard eye ... Read More

  • Eye Care in Nigeria

    ... and smoke emitted from vehicles and industry has had a detrimental effect on the eyes and eye care products are purchased to return eyes to their normal state. The increase in urban populations has led ... Read More

  • Zambia Consumer & Retail Q4 2019

    ... of a large segment of the population. Furthermore, rising food priceinflation poses a risk to consumer purchasing power. Looking ahead, we expect to see a normalisation in weather conditions in2020 and an improvement in economic ... Read More

  • Gabon Consumer & Retail Q4 2019

    ... of inequality and unemployment combinedwith oil wealth significantly enlarging GDP per capita does place a ceiling on growth. However, low inflation and stable economicgrowth will provide some breathing room for consumers over the short term. Read More

  • Eye Care in Egypt

    ... the very high temperatures that prevail for much of the year contributing to the situation. Air quality is particularly poor during what locals call “black cloud season”, which coincides with the burning of rice straw ... Read More

  • Tanzania Consumer & Retail Q4 2019

    ... impact on the incomes agricultural workers whoform a large segment of the working population. We believe that lower food yields will result in increased food prices over thecoming quarters, resulting in lower consumer purchasing power. Read More

  • Egypt Consumer Electronics Q4 2019

    ... that will increase device affordability andcreate a larger addressable market, which will be a powerful trend because, with the exception of featurephones, there isconsiderable scope for increases in device penetration rates over 2019-2023. The domestic ... Read More

  • Home Video in South Africa

    ... true cinematic feel at home, which facilitates high-quality stay-at-home entertainment. For example, Hisense has launched a new flagship 65-inch smart TV, with a built-in soundbar and high-quality resolution. Although this model targets high-income households, other ... Read More

  • Imaging Devices in South Africa

    ... as opposed to purchasing cameras and other imaging devices. There are several reasons for this, including tighter economic conditions, technological development and the importance of social media in the lives of consumers. Given the low-growth ... Read More

  • Home Audio and Cinema in South Africa

    ... threatened by the emergence of wireless speakers, as consumers prefer to connect their smartphones and tablets to wireless speakers. Furthermore, rising smartphone penetration is hampering demand for portable players such as iPods, which were responsible ... Read More

  • Wearable Electronics in South Africa

    ... category’s improved performance - consumers increasingly demand devices that suit their fast-paced lifestyles, which can track workouts in the gym and receive message and calendar notifications linked to their smartphones. As smart watch penetration is ... Read More

  • Consumer Electronics in South Africa

    ... gain market share from their competitors. Furthermore, given weak economic performance, manufacturers continue to innovate to increase product variety, to cater to as wide a consumer base as possible. The trend towards multifunctional devices, led ... Read More

  • South Africa Consumer Electronics Q4 2019

    ... the medium term on the back of strongereconomic growth and a strengthening rand. This will lift spending in South Africa's challenging consumer electronics market, owingto increased purchasing power and demand for imported computer hardware and ... Read More

  • Ghana Consumer & Retail Q4 2019

    ... to be supported by rising disposable incomes and improved access to credit owing to the historically low key policy rate.Furthermore, inflation is trending lower which bodes well for consumer purchasing power over the coming quarters. Read More

  • Ethiopia Consumer & Retail Q4 2019

    ... quarters. We believe that employment gains fromthe agricultural and manufacturing sectors will boost the disposable incomes of households. Furthermore, the country has afavourable demographic profile and a growing urban population which will support consumer demand. Read More

  • Angola Consumer & Retail Q4 2019

    ... through into high rates of inflation. However, incomes areimproving, further supporting purchasing power and we expect inflation to subside over the coming quarters going into 2020. Assuch, consumer spending will continue to grow at faster ... Read More

  • Mozambique Consumer & Retail Q4 2019

    ... thepopulation, faces headwinds from the effects of cyclones Idai and Kenneth. The reduced agricultural production will weigh onhousehold incomes and lead to lower purchasing power as food price inflation increases over the remainder of 2019. Read More

  • South Africa Consumer & Retail Q4 2019

    ... some upside to consumers in terms of wage growth, but there are a number of riskfactors that will ensure that consumption falls short of its potential. Consumer confidence remains subdued and unemploymentremains high. As a ... Read More

  • Botswana Consumer & Retail Q4 2019

    ... a positive contribution to growth in the short term. We believe that the government's decision toincrease salaries bodes well for private consumption. Furthermore, the low inflation environment will support consumer purchasingpower over the coming quarters. Read More

  • Egypt Consumer & Retail Q4 2019

    ... with challenges ahead, but in comparison with lastyear the outlook is one of recovery, albeit on a slow trajectory. Despite the austerity measures, consumer confidence continues torecover, and this will improve consumer spending going forward. Read More

  • Home Audio and Cinema in Egypt

    ... products to disappear from the shelves of retailers. However, importation regulations have eased, and some of these products have started to reappear in stores. The period of low availability stimulated interest, which promises some momentum ... Read More

  • Portable Players in Egypt

    ... electronics. Thus, sales of wireless speakers are increasing in line with rises in sales of mobile phones and laptops for reasons of connectivity. Bluetooth users include young and old consumers, with installed features, such as ... Read More

  • Zimbabwe Consumer & Retail Q4 2019

    ... adverse effects on the consumer base. Extremely high levels of inflation is weighing on consumer purchasing power,while an effective currency devaluation has led to elevated cost of imported consumables, on which a majority of Zimbabweansrely. Read More

  • Imaging Devices in Egypt

    ... and easier and faster connection to the internet. This latter development is most significant for the ever-increasing number of travel/culinary/fashion social media influencers. As a result, digital cameras is seeing a constant drop in demand. ... Read More

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