Consumer Goods & Retailing Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Consumer Goods & Retailing Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Eyewear in Japan

    ... spend more time at home due to the measures being taken to control COVID-19, appearance has become less of a concern, with functionality being key. As a result, during Q1 2020 many consumers have simply ... Read More

  • Surface Disinfectant Wipes with COVID-19 Market Impact Analysis

    ... surface disinfectant wipes in households and variety of commercial and industrial settings as a result of the growing concern for potential bacterial and viral contamination. This study covers the US market for surface disinfectant wipes ... Read More

  • Mass Beauty and Personal Care in Pakistan

    ... neighbouring markets India and China. Consumers continued to slowly embrace the trend towards personal grooming and care with sophistication in purchasing behaviour gradually evolving. Hence, mass brands remained dominant in the market as mass consumers ... Read More

  • Cigarettes in Algeria

    ... campaigns and strategies implemented by the Algerian Government, coupled with the fact that smokers are increasingly switching to vapour products (still a very small niche), are expected to suppress cigarettes’ growth over the coming years. ... Read More

  • Cigars, Cigarillos and Smoking Tobacco in Bulgaria

    ... populations and trends linked to globalisation. As a category associated with status, indulgence and conspicuous consumption, the growth of high-end bars, nightclubs, cigar and whisky bars, as well as gourmet restaurants with a focus on ... Read More

  • Premium Beauty and Personal Care in Pakistan

    ... Pakistan’s media industry as well as fashion and style in the country became increasingly inspired by Western trends. This globalisation made Pakistani consumers more willing and able to invest in their beauty and personal care ... Read More

  • Beauty and Personal Care in Pakistan

    ... in a bid to reduce and finally halt transmission of the virus led to a temporary but dramatic change in consumer lifestyles, particularly in the second quarter of the year. Home seclusion, lockdown, home-based working ... Read More

  • Skin Care in Pakistan

    ... the category with a wide consumer base. While the average consumer is still not aware of the different specialised products for body care, facial cleansers and moisturisers are understood by all and benefited from extensive ... Read More

  • Cigars, Cigarillos and Smoking Tobacco in Algeria

    ... (ex SNTA) of domestic brands of cigars. Cigars and cigarillos, which rely exclusively on imports, remain expensive products. The local currency devaluation and consumer purchasing power decline will continue, thus further limiting scope for growth. ... Read More

  • Depilatories in Pakistan

    ... tend to use low cost products, many of which are natural, with such salons not being brand loyal while urban-based salons opt for quality branded products such as Veet or Nair. However, women from middle ... Read More

  • World Market for Cigarettes

    ... out of a moderately improved volume and value performance in 2019, the industry is likely to suffer disruption in 2020 with high single-digit volume declines expected and intensifying commoditisation up to 2024. Euromonitor International's World ... Read More

  • Sunglasses in Australia

    ... allowing you to identify the sectors driving growth. It identifies the leading companies, the leading brands and offers strategic analysis of key factors influencing the market – be they new product developments, distribution or pricing ... Read More

  • Oral Care in Pakistan

    ... also more aware of the importance of having healthy teeth to their overall appearance. Such consumers who use oral care as a staple in their lives are now being pulled towards more sophisticated options to ... Read More

  • Beauty and Personal Care in Jordan

    ... and Personal Care in Jordan report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the market at a national level. It provides the latest retail sales data 2015-2019, allowing you to identify the ... Read More

  • Cigars, Cigarillos and Smoking Tobacco in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    ... tax which caused price hikes and therefore deterred consumers from purchasing the products. Secondly, the category was still in growth from a very low base and was seeing an acceleration due to an improved economy ... Read More

  • Cigarettes in Bulgaria

    ... decade, due to a combination of political stability and success in combating the sale of illicit cigarettes based on a partnership between the state authorities and tobacco players. 2019 also saw the use of measures ... Read More

  • Smokeless Tobacco, E-Vapour Products and Heated Tobacco in Algeria

    ... This product is very popular among older people, although some young people also fall back on this type of tobacco as an alternative to smoking. Many smokers thus continue to consume tobacco, but instead become ... Read More

  • Cigarettes in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    ... than stopping people smoking completely, this simply led to a further increase in illicit trade, which has been growing rapidly over the last couple of years since Bosnia-Herzegovina started adapting to the European Union and ... Read More

  • Fragrances in Pakistan

    ... country. Premium fragrances such as Gucci, Channel, Versace, Armani and Lacoste all retail at very high prices and offer prestige as well authenticity. However, their sales remained low in 2019 as only a small consumer ... Read More

  • Tobacco in Algeria

    ... allowed to remain open. Bars, pubs, cafés and restaurants have all also been forced to close to try and contain the virus, eliminating socialising and related tobacco consumption occasions. However, the majority of consumers are ... Read More

  • Toys and Games in Australia

    ... value decline as the gap with Toys r Us was being closed by both physical and online retailers after manufacturers focused on innovative products to support growth following a challenging 2018. However, intense competition in ... Read More

  • Cigarettes in Kenya

    ... stick continuing to rise, cigarettes are becoming less affordable, especially among lower-income consumers. As a result, some of these consumers have been forced to reduce their consumption or quit, while others have turned to illicit ... Read More

  • Smokeless Tobacco, E-Vapour Products and Heated Tobacco in Kenya

    ... price of these products. This is especially true of e-vapour products, but the category also suffers from a lack of knowledge and awareness around these products as they remain unavailable in regular retailing channels. E-vapour ... Read More

  • Video Games in Australia

    ... interactive and social gaming including chat fiction (digital book alternatives presented as text messages, which are widely attractive to teenagers) have been enabled as mobile gaming integrates with social media. Increased mobile population in combination ... Read More

  • Cigarettes in Kazakhstan

    ... provide better quality and to be less harmful to health. Premium cigarettes also benefited from status-conscious consumers preferring to smoke them in public situations. Euromonitor International's Cigarettes in Kazakhstan report offers a comprehensive guide to ... Read More

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