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Home is Where the Luxury Is: A Study of Luxury Consumers and Their Furnishings, Redecorating and Remodeling Purchases

Home Furnishings Market Poised For Growth: Is Your Company Ready?

Home furnishings a prosperous and growing market segment, but accessing key consumers depends on careful targeting and messaging

STEVENS, PA July 30, 2012 – The home furnishings market is on an upswing. According to a new survey, Home Is Where the Luxury Is, Unity Marketing projects the luxury sector of the home furnishings market to grow over 5 percent in 2012 to reach just over $100 billion.

Unity Marketing is not alone in its positive predictions for the home furnishings market. As we wait for full reporting of data from the second quarter 2012, these gems give us reason for optimism:

Sales of home furnishings in the U.S. are expected to shoot higher in the second quarter, with in-store sales increasing nearly 8 percent to $23.222 billion and online sales increasing 28.4 percent, according to an IBM analytics-based forecast.

Combined in-store and online sales of home furnishings are expected to grow 16.6 percent in the second quarter from same period last year.

Additionally, the Census department’s Advanced Monthly Retail Sales reports that they expect home furnishings and furniture store sales will grow 9 percent from 2011 totals for the first half of this year.

The market for home furnishings is healthy, but marketers can’t expect sales to be effortless.

Is your company going to get your share of this prosperous and growing market?

“Finally, we have a segment of the market that has rebounded from the recession to be healthy and showing signs of growth,” says Pam Danziger, president of Unity Marketing and author of Home is Where the Luxury Is: A Study of Luxury Consumers and Their Furnishings, Redecorating and Remodeling Purchases. Unity Marketing’s newest report shows consumers are ready to invest in their homes, but only if the marketing messages they receive match the consumers’ own desires.

“For example, home furnishings marketers should be pleased to learn that income is not predictive of participation in the home furnishings market, so HENRYs (HHI $100K-$250K) are just as likely as ultra-affluents to be spending on sprucing up their homes. This is great news, since HENRYs who make up 90 percent of the affluent consumer segment are the heavy lifters of the economy,” says Danziger.

“Our research also shows home furnishings consumers view their homes as a retreat or a refuge, and they look for items that make them feel calm and comfortable. This is to be expected after a turbulent economic recession; consumers want a place to retreat from the stress of the outside world. And, since it looks likely that the housing market in most parts of the country will not rebound to pre-recession levels for several years, consumers are wise to invest in making their current homes a sanctuary.”

The data and analysis home furnishings marketers need to effectively reach their most valuable consumer is contained in Home is Where the Luxury Is 2012, a comprehensive report that shows who is buying home furnishings, where they shop, how much they spend, and what marketing messages resonate with them.

More About the Research

This trend report will be a powerful tool to help you benefit from a vital and growing luxury home market. It covers two surveys among luxury consumers giving different perspectives on their luxury homes.

Home Furnishings Purchases: The latest, conducted in April 2012, covers luxury consumers who purchased of home furnishings items, including decorative items as well as furniture, bedding, art and others (excluding home electronics and major home appliances). The survey same was 1,271 affluent (top 20 percent income) luxury consumers. Average income $274.8k; 44.8 years; 45 percent male and 55 percent female.

Major Home Projects: Affluent luxury consumers involved in major home projects (2010). This survey was conducted among 1,349 affluent luxury consumers (Average income $306.7k; 44.8 years; 45 percent male and 55 percent female). Results were compared with similar study conduct in 2008 among 1,024 affluent luxury consumers (Average income $204,800; age 45 years; and men 36 percent/women 64 percent 2008 income weighted to 2010 income sample)

The Objectives

To understand the market for luxury home goods and services, specifically:

  • Profile the luxury home furnishings consumers, what they buy, where they shop, how much they spend and most importantly, why they buy
  • Market size and growth of the luxury home furnishings market
  • Attitudes and motivations in home furnishings purchases
  • Factors that influenced home purchases
  • Places where luxury consumers shop for their home
  • Use of a decorator or designer and why they use a decorator
  • Favorite styles of home decorating
  • Trends in major home projects, 2008 to 2010
  • Trends in amount spent on major home projects
  • Personalities of luxury home consumers and how to sell to them

Home Is Where the Luxury Is:
A Study of Luxury Consumers and their Home Furnishings, Redecorating and
Remodeling Purchases
Home Furnishings Market Looks Strong for 2Q2012
The Research
About Half of Lluxury Consumers Are Actively Involved in Home-Related Purchases
Part One: Home Furnishings Details
Nearly Half of Luxury Consumers Bought Home Furnishings
Demographics Identify Home Furnishings' Marketers Best Prospect
Virtually the Same Percentage of Luxury Consumers Plan on Purchases
Most Widely Purchase Luxury Home Furnishings
What They Purchased, Details
Key Demographic Segments by Home Furnishings Product
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Luxury Consumer Expenditures on Home Furnishings
Total Home Furnishings Market Size 2010-Est. 2012
Luxury Home Furnishigns Market Size 2010-Est. 2012
Home Furnishings Purchases Made For….
Demographic Distinctives Related to Reasons for Home Furnishings Purchases
Areas of the Home for which Home Furnishings Were Bought
How Frequently They Shop by Type of Item/Price Point
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Luxury & Home Furnishings: Good-Better-Best Options
How to Position Home Furnishings to Increase Appeal and Grow Sales
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Take Action>>
What Influences Shoppers in their Purchasing Decisions
Take Action>>
Purchasing Influences by Age
Take Action>>
Take Action>>
Factors Rated Very Important When Purchasing Home Furnishings
Take Action>>
Where Luxury Consumers Shop for Home Furnishings
Shopping Destinations by Demographic Segments
Get Inspired>>
When Shopping, What Kind of Displays Attract Luxury Customers
Retailer Features that Attract Affluent Shoppers
Take Action>>
About Using Professional Decorating Services
Type of Decorating Professionals Used
Why Affluents Use Decorating Services
Take Action>>
Next Series of Questions Asked of All Luxury Consumers
Favorite Home Decorating Styles
Take Action>>
How Often They Entertain in ther Home
Feelings about Home Furnishings
Take Action>>
Home Furnishings Buyers Feel More Positively Toward Home Furnishing Buying
The More Positive Customers Feel toward Home Furnishing Buying, the More They Spend
People who Feel More Positive about Home Furnishings Buying also Shop More Often
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Executive Summary of Key Findings about the Luxury Home Furnishings Customer
Part Two: Major Home Projects Details
Majority of Affluents Involved in Major Home Projects, 2008 & 2010
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Major Home Projects
More Major Home Projects Planned for Rest of 2010 through 2011
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Rooms that Got Attention
Rooms that Will Get Treatment
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Luxury Consumers Spent 40 percent More on Home Projects in 2010
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Home Owners' Income Linked to Spending
Understanding Your Customer -- Three Perspectives (Demographics, Psychographics, Purchase Behavior)
Psychographics Measure Attitdues & Motivations
People's Approach to Luxury Is Directly Linked to How Much They Spend on their Home Projects
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Projects Where They Are Spending Their Money
Projects Where They Plan to Spend Their Money
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Lighting Details
What Influences Purchases Most
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Use Blogs
Use Facebook
Use Twitter
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Luxury Consumers Shopping Destinations
Take Action>>
Use of Home Decorator
Take Action>>
Use of Decorator and Spending
Type of Decorator
Take Action>>
Decorators Provide Many Important Services
Take Action>>
Take Action>>
Idenitifying Decorators' Primary Target Market
Favorite Decorating Styles
Luxury Consumers Attitudes Toward Home & Home Decorating
Four Decorator Personalities
Attitudes by Personalities
Personalities and their Luxury Lifestyles
Demographics of the Personalities
How to Sell to the Castle Keeper
How to Sell to the Hostess
How to Sell to the Do-It-Yourselfer
How to Sell to the Nester
More on Selling to the Personalities
Take Action>>
Field Guide to the Four Personalities
Summary Key Finding on Major Home Projects

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