The Intersection Of Technology Innovations And Food Retail Evolution

The Intersection Of Technology Innovations And Food Retail Evolution

According to Amazon robotics is key and the only vehicle to future expansion, as growth will remain at breakneck speed and there is simply not enough human labour available.

But with the rise of robotics there will be a concomitant rise in complexity and a host of other problematic issues.

There are a number of other technology disruptions that will change our retail future in coming years beyond recognition. This will range from AI and machine learning to drones to IOT/Voice and other profiled technologies.

With the vibrant pace at which technology is developing, technology companies, retailers, brand manufacturers, service providers and startups are being forced to adapt and explore new avenues in order to stay relevant with consumers.

This report offers a 360 degree view of how future retailing will take shape, how consumer behaviour will evolve and what the shopper journey of the future will look like.

  • Executive summary technology innovations and food retail
  • Robots
    • Robots - introduction
    • Robots: 3 segments, 4th industrial revolution, Japan at the forefront
    • Robots: retrofitting retail warehouses, growth of inspection, tech to evolve
    • Robots: worldwide supply of industrial robots (units)
    • Robots: density per 10,000 employees per country
    • Robots: worldwide operational stock of industrial robots
    • Robots: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
    • Robots: fixed prices coming down, leasing, broad sector impact
  • Customer facing retail robots All hype?
    • Customer facing: Can robots in store become an antidote to ecommerce?
    • Retail examples: Softbank's Pepper, Nestle, Nissan, SCNF, Carrefour
    • Retail examples: Mitsukoshi
    • Retail examples: Lowe's Fellow Robots, Ceconomy's Paul, Walmart
  • Robots in the back end The real thing
    • Robots: backend preparation and restocking
    • Robots: backend and logistics, most potential in short term
    • Retail examples: Tory, Adler Modemaerkte, Panasonic, Walmart
    • Retail examples: Tally Robot
    • Retail examples: Best Buy Robotic arm
  • Automation in online DCs Robots in logistics
    • Robot solutions in logistics: The total cost of robotic solutions is falling sharply
    • Robot solutions in logistics: the cost calculations
    • Robot solutions in logistics: Toyota, Balyo
    • Inbound logistics/order picking
    • Automation in DCs: general benefits and Amazon stats
    • Robots: the AI transformation of backend and logistics
    • Amazon: online grocery on the backend, Fresh operation bottlenecks
    • Amazon: a solution to high wastage?
    • Ocado: the MHE solution
    • Ocado: productivity and fulfilment benefits, highly modular and flexible design
    • Ocado: embracing automation from the beginning
    • Ocado: the Monoprix deal
    • Retail examples: Scallog
    • Retail examples: Fetch & DHL
  • Future stores Automation
    • Future stores: beyond automation
    • Technology solutions
    • Technological innovations
    • Future stores: Inditex and Walmart's Pick up tower
  • The Amazon Go store The intersection of technology innovations and food retail evolution
    • Amazon Go: getting rid of queues
    • Amazon Go: selling the technology on to other retailers?
    • Amazon Go: could become a game changer when labor costs are increasing
    • Amazon Go: how the sensor fusion technology works - the patents
    • Amazon Go: how the sensor fusion technology works II
    • Amazon Go: nine points to take into consideration
    • Amazon Go: five details to consider when judging Amazon Go
    • Amazon Go: coming to the UK?
    • Amazon Go: teething problems, only works with 20 shoppers in store so far
    • Amazon Go: November 2017 finally opening its doors?
  • Robot deliveries & driverless cars The future of delivery
    • The future of logistics: will be automated, connected and emission-neutral
    • Retail examples: Lidl, Ford Lyft
    • The future of logistics: Platooning, assistance systems, electrification
    • Retail examples: Starship, Mercedes Benz
    • Delivery to smartphones
    • Deliveries to smartphones: ultra speed, ultra convenience
    • Drones
    • Presence throughout the value chain
    • Outbound - drones: case for B2C?
    • Drones: Amazon, Google, Facebook
    • Drones: legal, ethical issues, and is there an economic case?
    • Retail examples: Airbus and SignPost
    • Retail examples: Mercedes Benz and siroop, JD.Com
    • PrimeAir: leaving roads and a creaking infrastructure behind, goin' up in the air
    • PrimeAir: Pony Express-like drone delivery patent
    • PrimeAir: docking stations on vertical structure for a relay race
    • PrimeAir: docking stations to provide free Wi-Fi
    • PrimeAir: route density problems, driverless trucks, "Swarm" logistics
    • PrimeAir: combining trucks and drones; self driving trucks as mobile warehouses
    • Logistics: Drones and trucks
    • Logistics: Drones and trucks - anticipatory shipping
    • Logistics: Drones and trucks - pragmatic and practical solutions
    • Logistics: Drones - hitch rides on trucks/buses en route to delivery location
    • Logistics: Drones - first successful trials in the UK, TV stick and dog food
  • Drones & urban farms A radical departure
    • Hypermarkets: urban farming and opening up roofs, City Farm Systems
    • Hypermarkets: drones for agriculture and drone helipads
    • IOT and Voice
    • The future of loyalty: data sharing all about convenience?
    • The past: moving beyond clubcard
    • Personalisation - impact on shoppers and retailers
    • Moods and emotions
    • Moods and emotions - future tracking, AI, machine learning, use cases
    • Connected household devices
    • Connected kitchen devices: 5 common characteristics and benefits
    • Connected kitchen devices: pointing towards the internet of things
    • Alexa: the next retail revolution
    • Alexa: the new operating system of every day life
    • Alexa: how echo was created
    • Alexa: launching a wearable device
  • Conclusion & recommendations
    • Conclusion
    • Robots: difficulty of reprogramming, 100% automation impossible
  • A bit more on ResearchFarm July 2017

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