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Mobile Bar Code Marketing: Challenges, Opportunities, Global Outlook 2012-2017

Mobile Barcodes are now appearing in various media including magazines, catalogs, website, outdoor signage and billboards, packaged goods, conference presentations, name tags, clothing, and more. With the increasing adoption of smartphones, and rapid advancements in their capabilities, Mobile Barcodes are becoming a powerful advertising vehicle. Unfortunately, far too few marketers recognize its true potential.

Although the technology does represent an efficient way to access websites, there is significantly more value attainable with effective implementation. This report provides analysis and insights into business challenges, strategies, customer response, use-case analysis, competitive analysis, and market outlook.

Mind Commerce anticipates mobile bar code redemption value to exceed $50B globally by 2017. We see this as a continuation of relatively moderate growth as Mobile Bar Codes enter a steep growth phase beginning in 2017.

Companies in Report:

Solution providers: 3G vision, Bar code System, Bar code Data Ltd,, Barcodesite, Datalinx, ExPD, MJM, Penmobile, Sciamed, TSC Barcode solutions, qdata, Gamma solutions Pty ltd, Scanlife, Buongiorno Digital, Neomedia, Microsoft, Spyderlynk.

Other companies:

Apple, BlackBerry, Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, RIM, HTC, Sony, Vodafone D2, Siemens, CTS Eventim, Coca cola, Georgia Coffee, Bloomingdale’s, Calvin Klein, Nine west, La Quinta Inn, Nexence, lf Digest, Best Buy, Marks & Spencer, Betfair, EBay, Volkswagen, Betfair, NRMA, EMS, Toyota, Nissan, Toys “R”, Hyundai, InterActive Nutritions, Papa Jones, Starback, PayPal, B & Q, The Sunday Times, Latterie Friulane, Pepsi, Volvo, BBC, La Gazzetta dello sport, Google, Ponti,Australian Postal service,, Amnesty International, USPS, Emart, Walmart, Mobile Europe.

Target Audience:

  • Brands and merchants
  • Mobile network operators
  • Bar code solution providers
  • Mobile commerce providers
  • Media companies and portals
  • Marketing companies and advertisers

General Methodology

Mind Commerce Publishing's research methodology encompasses input from a wide variety of sources.

We rely heavily upon our Subject Matter Experts (SME) in terms of their market knowledge, unique perspective, and vision. We utilize SME industry contacts as well as previous customers and participants in our market surveys and interactive interviews.

In addition, we rely upon our extensive internal database, which contains modeling, qualitative analysis, and quantitative data. We review secondary sources and compare to our primary sources to update previous findings (for prior version reports) and/or compile baseline information for technology and market modeling.

We share preliminary models with industry contacts (select previous clients, experts, and thought leaders) to verify the veracity of initial modeling. Prior to final report production (analysis, findings, and conclusions), we engage in an internal review with internal SMEs as well as cross-expertise, senior staff members to challenge results.

We believe that forecasts should be prepared as part of an integrated process which involves both quantitative as well as qualitative factors. We follow the following 3-step process for forecasting.

Forecasting Methodology

Step 1 - Forecasts Input: The inputs for the present and historical revenues are derived from industry players. Financial and other quantitative data for individual sub-market categories are derived from original research and tested with interviews with major industry constituents.

Step 2 - Forecasting of Future Years: Mind Commerce extends forecasts based on a variety of factors including demand drivers as well as supply side data. Key success factors and assumptions are considered.

Step 3 - Validation of Data: The final step is to validate projections, which is accomplished in consultation with both internal and external industry experts, including both topic and regional experts. Adjustments are made to the forecasts based on factors identified throughout this process.

1.0 Executive Summary
2.0 Introduction
2.1 Mobile Bar Code
2.2 Types Of Mobile Bar Code
2.3 QR Vs. Conventional Bar Code
2.4 How QR Code Works
3.0 Mobile Bar Code Uses
3.1 General Uses
3.2 QR Code And Education
3.2.1 QR Codes Revolutionize Education
3.3 Mobile Donation
3.4 Tourism And QR Code
4.0 Choosing A Mobile Bar Code
4.1 Need To Consider
4.2 Mobile Bar Code Types And Format
4.3 Mobile Bar Code Service Provider Matrix
4.4 Widely Available Mobile Bar Code For Data Capture And Data Display
5.0 Mobile Bar Code Solution Providers And Readers
5.1 Mobile Bar Code Solution Providers
5.2 Mobile Bar Code Readers
6.0 Strategies For Mobile Bar Code Campaign
6.1 Top 15 Things Marketer Need To Know About QR Code
6.2 Tips For Mobile Bar Code Campaign
6.3 Mobile Bar Code Best Practices
7.0 Country Analysis
7.1 Usa
7.2 Europe
7.3 Asia- Japan
7.4 Top Countries Using QR Code
8.0 Business Opportunities
8.1 Mobile Subscribers Worldwide
8.1.1 Top Mobile Markets
8.2 Expenditure On Mobile Advertising And Mobile Marketing Worldwide
9.0 Mobile Handset Adoption Rate For Mobile Bar Code Marketing
9.1 Smartphone Market Analysis
9.2 Mobile Tablet And E Reader
10.0 Successful Mobile Bar Code Implementation By Brands
10.1 QR Code Smartbox For Restaurant
10.2 Orange Crate QR Code
10.3 Shadow QR Code Campaign Increases Sales 25%
10.4 QR Code Marketing With Balls
10.5 Fishing With QR Codes
10.6 Musical Bus Shelter QR Code
10.7 Touring Picks Up Truck QR Code
10.8 Double QR Code Campaign
10.9 QR Code Safe Sex Campaign
10.10 Sears And Kmart QR Code Shopping Wall
10.11 QR Code “voice” Gift Tag
10.12 Tag Teams: Toyota & Toyotag V Nissan & QR Code
10.13 Blackberry QR Code Ad
10.14 QR Code Enhance Loyalty Program
10.15 QR Code Plus Viral Video Idea
10.16 Fresh Produce Labeling In Japan
11.0 Mobile Bar Code Case Studies
11.1 Coca Cola’s Interactive QR Code Push Coca-cola Taps QR Codes To Drive Consumer Engagement
11.2 Interactive Nutritions Increases Mailing List By 40% With QR Code
11.3 Neomedia & Papa Jones Innovative Campaign
11.4 Analyzing Starback’s Mobile Blue Print
11.5 Paypal Rolls Out Barcode Payment In Uk
11.6 Australian Postal Service-mobile Campaign To Promote The E Postcard
11.7 Beep.Nl-mobile Tickets For Cineasts
11.8 Amnesty International-mobile Tickets For Promotion Campaign
11.9 Magazine Sweepstakes Promotion-scan The Code To Win A I Pad.
11.10 Vodafone Load A Ticket-the Mobile Event Ticket
11.11 Usps-mobile Bar Code Implementation
12.0 Mobile Bar Code Trends
13.0 Three Dimensional (3d) Barcodes
14.0 Mobile Bar Codes Vs Nfc
15.0 Conclusions And Recommendations

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