Retail: Top 5 trends for 2019 and beyond

Retail: Top 5 trends for 2019 and beyond


Retail will experience significant change over the coming years. Some brands holding a large number of physical stores have struggled against the rise of pure online enterprises. Success for some has been found through creating highly adaptable business models.A key area for major retailers is next-day delivery services, and these are likely to reform in response to rising discontent concerning employment regulations. Elsewhere technological advances are predicted to not only change how consumers shop but how the underlying business structure functions too. Retail companies are entering another period of fundamental change in how the sector is organized - adapting to new challenges is critical.Key Highlights

  • Next day delivery has proven essential to online retailer expansion, but depending upon the results of court cases regarding employment rights around the world the future of fast delivery services could be cast into doubt.
  • Integrating technology into the customer shopping experience at physical stores is taking on greater relevance as prominent retailers seek to head-off the challenge presented by pure online offerings.
  • Seniors are a powerful consumer group due to high spending power, and over the coming years retailers will continue the trend of targeting these consumers.
  • Scope
    • Examines the growth of purely online retailers
    • Analyzes the threat of gig economy regulation
    • Explores the introduction of new technology into stores
    • Looks at the rise of the ‘grey dollar’
    • Assesses the growth of the Internet of Things
    Reasons to buy
    • What role will the Internet of Things play?
    • Will the rise of the ‘grey dollar’ continue?
    • What is the future of next day delivery?
    • Will online retailers continue rapid growth?
    • How will stores change due to improved technology?

    Internet retail stores will thrive whilst high-street is beset by financial troubles
    Online retailers will exert greater pressure on physical store outlets
    Some leading brands remain on top following reform of business models
    String of bad financial results for several high-street brands reveals rising control of internet retailers
    Next day delivery services are expanding, but regulation could change matters
    Court cases are exerting pressure on vital gig economy, potentially creating big problems for major retailers
    Fierce battles over future of gig economy in United States could have far reaching consequences for global retailers
    Technology entering stores represents future of immersive shopping
    Integration of technology into consumer shopping experience is now vital
    New technology will transform the physical shopping experience
    Holographic imaging to provide retail stores with key advantages over online shopping
    Virtual reality will change how consumers purchase high-value items
    Quietly expanding, the Internet of things is creeping into retail
    Internet of Things is conforming to consumer needs much better
    Internet of Things is predicted to improve retailer business operations
    Supply chains are predicted to further embrace IoT technology in race for efficiency
    Under pressure to expand revenues, retail is courting the ‘grey dollar’
    Major retail brands are increasingly appealing to older consumers, but doing so is not without challenge
    Appealing to desires of senior consumers rather than age will unlock spending potential
    Retailers face period of profound change to business environment
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    Table 1: Belgium wireless telecommunication services market value: $ million, 2013-17
    Table 2: Belgium wireless telecommunication services market volume: million number of subscribers, 2013-17
    Table 3: Belgium wireless telecommunication services market category segmentation: $ million, 2017
    Table 4: Belgium wireless telecommunication services market geography segmentation: $ million, 2017
    Table 5: Belgium wireless telecommunication services market share: % share, by volume, 2017
    Table 6: Belgium wireless telecommunication services market value forecast: $ million, 2017-22
    Table 7: Belgium wireless telecommunication services market volume forecast: million number of subscribers, 2017-22
    Table 8: Lycamobile UK Limited: key facts
    Table 9: Orange SA: key facts
    Table 10: Orange SA: key financials ($)
    Table 11: Orange SA: key financials (€)
    Table 12: Orange SA: key financial ratios
    Table 13: Proximus SA: key facts
    Table 14: Proximus SA: key financials ($)
    Table 15: Proximus SA: key financials (€)
    Table 16: Proximus SA: key financial ratios
    Table 17: Telenet Group Holding NV: key facts
    Table 18: Telenet Group Holding NV: key financials ($)
    Table 19: Telenet Group Holding NV: key financials (€)
    Table 20: Telenet Group Holding NV: key financial ratios
    Table 21: Belgium size of population (million), 2013-17
    Table 22: Belgium gdp (constant 2005 prices, $ billion), 2013-17
    Table 23: Belgium gdp (current prices, $ billion), 2013-17
    Table 24: Belgium inflation, 2013-17
    Table 25: Belgium consumer price index (absolute), 2013-17
    Table 26: Belgium exchange rate, 2013-17
    List of Figures
    Figure 1: Boohoo Group revenues (£m) 2013 to 2018
    Figure 2: Inditex revenue (EURbn) 2009 to 2017
    Figure 3: New Look Retail Group Ltd profit/loss (£m) 2013 to 2018
    Figure 4: Deliveroo
    Figure 5: California Supreme Court ruling, 2018
    Figure 6: Ralph Lauren holographic fashion show, 2015
    Figure 7: Samsung interactive mirror
    Figure 8: Amazon ‘dash button’
    Figure 9: Internet of Things
    Figure 10: UK population aged over 65-years (million) 2000 to 2017
    Figure 11: Daphne Selfe

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