Video Game Industry Assessment

Video Game Industry Assessment 11012015

  • This Assessment looks at the current status of the video game hardware business worldwide as well as the pros and cons governing the individual 8th gen consoles.
  • It projects video game sales for the whole of 2015 in comparison to 2014 as this relates to sales by Region as well as by Device. It also assesses the importance of Digital and in particular of Mobile sales and it looks at the Hybrids [the Skylanders etc]. A comparison is made between the major releases in 2014 and 2015 and looks at the game release density for both years.
  • The Assessment reviews the current major retailers [Tencent, Gamestop] and projects Gamestop’s 2015 sales – see sample below.
  • Activision, Electronic Arts, TakeTwo and Ubisoft are reviewed and assessed in overall terms as well as in terms of their digital performance, current catalog sales, second half catalog sales expectations and important releases during the second half of 2015. We also provide sales projections for 2015 – see sample below:
Gamestop Sales Projection
Worldwide, in US$ million

The data in this report is based on metrics provided by the Klosters Retailer Panel plus feedback from national buyers at the leading video game retailers, both in the U.S. and Europe.

1 Video Game Industry Assessment
2 Klosters Trading Corporation
3 Distribution Restriction
4 Methodology
5 Subject Index
7 Factors affecting Consoles
8 8th Gen Consoles versus 7th Gen
9 Why Consumers buy the PS4
10 Why Consumers buy the Xbox One
11 Why Consumers buy the WII U
12 Why Consumers buy the WII U
13 8th Gen Consoles Capacity Issue
14 9th Generation Consoles
16 Growth Trends of Video Games
17 Video Games Consumer Interest –Web Traffic
18 Video Games Consumer Interest –Social Media
19 The largest Video Game Markets
20 Video Games Sales by Region
21 Biggest Video Game Countries
22 The biggest Publishers
23 Video Games Sales by Device
24 U.S. Video Game Market 1998 - 2015
25 Factors governing Digitals
26 Importance of Digital Sales
27 The Outlook for Mobile Games
28 Hybrids
29 Hybrids Sales History
31 Retailer Wars
32 Video Game Retailer Market Shares
33 Tencent is going outside China
34 Video Game Publisher Market Shares
35 Gamestop Assessment
36 Gamestop Consumer Interest –Web Traffic
37 Gamestop Consumer Interest – Social Media
38 Gamestop Digital Sales
39 Gamestop Stores
40 Gamestop Sales History
41 Gamestop Sales Projection 2015
43 Overall Assessment
44 ATVI Progress in Digital
45 Activision Consumer Interest – Web Traffic
46 Activision Consumer Interest – Social Media
47 Call of Duty Online - China
48 Skylanders
49 Skylanders Consumer Interest – Web Traffic
50 Skylanders Consumer Interest – Social Media
51 Skylanders Shelf Space
52 Hybrid Sales Worldwide
53 Activision’s Retail Performance
54 Activisions’ Market Share at Retail
55 Activision Sales History
56 ATVI October Sales Ranking
57 ATVI Releases 2nd Half 2015
58 Activision Sales Projection 2015
60 Overall Assessment
61 EA Progress in Digital
62 Electronic Arts Consumer Interest - Web Traffic
63 Electronic Arts Consumer Interest – Social Media
64 Star Wars Battlefront
65 Electronic Arts Retail Performance
66 EA’s Market Share at Retail
67 Electronic Arts Sales History
68 EA October Sales Ranking
69 EA Releases fourth Quarter 2015
70 EA Sales Projection 2015
72 Overall Assessment
73 TakeTwo Progress in Digital
74 Take Two Consumer Interest- Web Traffic
75 Take Two Consumer Interest – Social Media
76 Grand Theft Auto
77 TTWO Retail Performance
78 TTWO’s Market Share at Retail
79 TakeTwo Sales History
80 TTWO’s October Sales Ranking
81 TTWO Releases 2nd Half 2015
82 Take Two Sales Projection 2015
84 Overall Assessment
85 Ubisoft Digital Progre
86 Ubisoft Consumer InterestWeb Traffic
87 Ubisoft Consumer InterestSocial Media
88 Assassins Creed
89 Ubisoft Retail Performance
90 Ubisoft’s Market Share at Retail
91 Ubisoft Sales History
92 Ubisoft’s October Sales Ranking
93 UBI Releases 2nd Half 2015
94 Ubisoft Sales Projection 2015

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