Vaping Technology Development

Vaping Technology Development

This paper includes extensive discussion of many inventions that either have contributed significantly to evolution of vaping technology or hold promise for future contributions. The former ones are presented in the first part of this paper, and the latter ones are discussed extensively in the second part.

The first part covers several milestone inventions that gave rise to today’s two-piece design with a cartridge and an atomizer integrated in a single unit. Both insights and shortcomings of these inventions are discussed to emphasize the fact that engineers have to look beyond obvious shortcomings of recent inventions in order to understand the overall dynamics of vaping technology innovation.

With this idea in mind, we present, in the second part, several dozen inventions disclosed within the last two years that we selected after a broad patent search as holding the best promise. These inventions are broken down into the following groups:

1. E-liquids (including flavor and nicotine control) and smoking cessation
2. New features (use of a valve for sealing a tank, improved vaporization and dosage control, use of two capillary materials)
3. Temperature control to prevent burning and overheating
4. Power control and fluid-supply control
5. Battery and charging
6. Heater circuitry and design
7. Filters
8. Marketing

We do not discuss here the viability of these inventions but rather present a wide picture of ideas brought forward within the last two years to facilitate future advance of vaping technology

1. Technology Development History (prior to 2010)
1.1 The First Prototype
1.2 The Beginning of the Modern Period
1.3 Development of Current ENDS Architecture
1.4 Summary
2. Recent Patents
2.1 E-Liquids and Flavors
2.1.1 Polyester Diols and Polyglycerols as E-Liquids
2.1.2 Addition of Ion-Pairing Agents to E-Liquid
2.1.3 Multi-Container E-Cig with User-Controlled Flavor or Nicotine Level
2.1.4 Non-Tobacco Nicotine Delivery
2.1.5 Smoking Cessation Device
2.2 Designs with New Features
2.2.1 E-Cig with a Shuttle Valve
2.2.2 Improved Vaporization and Dosage Control
2.2.3 Design with Two Capillary Materials
2.3 Solving Burning/Overheating Issues in E-Cigarettes
2.3.1 Control of Temperature and Liquid Remaining in the Tank
2.3.2 Temperature Control
2.4 Controls and Indicators
2.4.1 Programmable Power Control
2.4.2 Controller-Regulated E-Cigarette with a Heater Embedded in a Filter
2.4.3 Smartphone-Controlled Electronic Cigarette
2.4.4 Heating Element Cut-o in Absence of E-Liquid
2.4.5 Visual Indication of E-Cigarette ActivationUsing a Waveguide
2.5 Battery and Charging
2.5.1 Improved Lithium Ion Battery
2.5.2 Charging and Data Transfer Device
2.6 Heater and Its Circuitry
2.6.1 Fluid-Permeable Electric HeaterAssembly
2.6.2 Use of a Mouthpiece as a Cartridge Electric Contact Retainer
2.6.3 Power Supply Connection to Vaporizerwithout Attachment
2.6.4 Support Plane with a Printed Conductive Circuit for Connecting Heater to Power Supply
2.7 Filters
2.7.1 Flavored Filter
2.7.2 Tubular Filter
2.7.3 Flavored Tubular Filter
2.8 Marketing

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