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The Informa Media Group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Informa Group Plc.

Building on Informa Media's reputation as the world's largest media information provider, our publications provide insight and expert analysis on all topics, trends and key issues affecting the media industry today. Media professionals throughout the world depend on our publications to keep them updated with the increasingly complex ecology of international media markets, whether they work within broadcasting, programming and production, network development, or new media.

Written and edited by recognised and highly respected experts in their fields, Informa Media newsletters provide essential and hard-to-find data, comment and analysis, and authoritative and timely coverage of news and media industry developments.

Our product portfolio includes established market leaders, Television Business International, Cable and Satellite Europe, and Television 2.0. Each title is ad-supported and a well-known "must-read" for media professionals throughout the world.

Comprehensive, vital data and contact lists are featured in our hugely popular directories: TBI Yearbook, Cable and Satellite Yearbook and Broadband Asia Yearbook, as well as new titles including Television 2.0 Yearbook.

Management Reports
Written and researched by industry experts, our management reports are practical management tools containing high-quality business information, with exclusive data, essential forecasts and analysis. The range of topics within our management report portfolio is diverse, up-to-the minute and unrivalled.
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93 Reports from Informa Media and Telecom

  • OTT's Next Frontiers: Developing content and services in the BRIC markets

    ...within these countries are extending their presence through OTT delivery. OTT (over-the-top) is a term that has been chiefly associated with North American and Western European markets. However, developing markets, like BRIC economies, play host ... Read More

  • What’s next for the BlackBerry ecosystem? An evaluation of potential business restructuring scenarios

    ...around. RIM will have to make the painful decision about whether to exit those parts of the market where it makes lower margins and focus on its key current strengths. This decision is not an ... Read More

  • Small-cell opportunities, strategies and forecasts to 2016

    ...regional and country forecasts for microcell, picocell and metrocell shipments for the forecast period to end-2016. Overview: Small cells, in the form of microcells and picocells, have been widely used by operators for some time ... Read More

  • Future Mobile Handsets – 13th edition

    ...the performance of other handset market segments and has created a number of opportunities and challenges across the mobile telecoms value chain for device vendors, component providers, content providers and mobile operators. Now in its ... Read More

  • Why operators need CEM, customer intelligence and analytics

    ...adequate use of their own extensive data sources to support business decisions and are lagging behind other sectors and Internet company competitors such as Amazon and Google in their use of customer-centric information. This report ... Read More

  • BTS Forecasts

    ...legacy technologies such as GSM and GPRS/EDGE are either already in decline or will start to decline during the forecast period, largely at the expense of growth in WCDMA/HSPA and LTE. Developing market growth will ... Read More

  • Mobile Content and Services Forecasts 2011-2016 - 8th edition is important to remember that mobile app stores still only account for a very small portion of total end-user data revenues. Overview The Mobile Content and Services Forecasts report is the industry authority and ... Read More

  • Successful LTE strategies: How to use LTE to build a compelling broadband strategy What pricing and value propositions are working in the market and which aren’t? How have different operator strategies influenced LTE subscription uptake? These are some of the core questions “Successful LTE strategies” addresses. The ... Read More

  • Customer Economics: The role of loyalty and CEM in maximizing customer lifetime profitability

    ...need to evolve to guarantee an outstanding relationship with their clients during the entire length of the relationship. Loyalty programs demand a significant investment from operators, and just offering a program to the entire customer ... Read More

  • Second-screen strategies for pay-TV operators

    ...that an increasing proportion of people are using to complement their TV viewing. Smartphones and tablets are tools that must be harnessed by players across the TV value chain to engage TV viewers in an ... Read More

  • Global Mobile Roaming (5th edition)

    ...have combined to set the market alight. Navigating the market has become immensely difficult as regulatory changes have occurred at breakneck speed and market opportunities have developed. Informa has sought to develop its market-leading position ... Read More

  • Demystifying Pan-European digital-music rights

    ...service in one country or a number of countries. Overview: Since the turn of the century, Music & Copyright has detailed all of the goings on relating to the licensing of digital-music rights in Europe. ... Read More

  • OTT TV Without Borders

    ...domestic markets to launch elsewhere. International OTT video services will have to exploit their advantages where they can as they compete with rivals that have a very similar service. They will have to use what ... Read More

  • Cloud TV: A future necessity for operators

    ...their TV and video strategies. Several are starting to embrace a “thin client” future, where the majority of processing and functions of a TV service are being pushed out of the set-top box and into ... Read More

  • Smartphones and Mobile Operating Systems target various segments and price tiers. This has led to the implementation of a variety of strategies from players across the value chain, which is reflected in the market positioning of the different operating ... Read More

  • Global Digital TV (11th edition) a major thrust as are value-add services such as HDTV and on-demand. Key Coverage: The digital landscape in 62 countries 19 in-depth country profiles Digital subscriber figures, across all platforms Global rankings and forecasts ... Read More

  • Global IP+TV - 7th edition

    ...statistics and reliable forecasts to 2016. It includes detailed forecasts for the top 55 countries. Global IP&TV report will provide you with: With numerous recent launches of IPTV worldwide, do you have the clear and ... Read More

  • On-Demand TV – 9th edition

    ...or compete with On-Demand services? Which platform has a competitive edge? In which countries will on-demand TV have most success? Who are the key players and what are their strategies for success? Please Note: Informa ... Read More

  • TBI Yearbook 2012

    ... Read More

  • Digital TV Yearbook 2012

    ...latest TV technology across the globe? Do you need help tracking developments in the ever changing European cable business? Market Data: Available as either a searchable pdf or in hardcopy format, you will find hundreds ... Read More

  • M-Commerce: Outlook for mobile payments, banking and NFC services value chain players. A successful suite of m-commerce services can help the operators strengthen their position in the mobile content and services value chain. Overview The major players in the m-commerce value chain are ... Read More

  • Western European TV - 15th edition

    ...of: 5-year subscriber forecasts for the top 60 operators, sets per home, digital/analog cable revenue splits, pay DTT, pay/FTA satellite, population movements and household numbers and penetration. Overview With analog terrestrial TV expected to become ... Read More

  • Middle East and Africa TV (8th Edition)

    ...Africa’s 800 million TV households are also offering important new opportunities. Overview Satellite TV dominates the region’s TV sector, having a presence in more than 60% of MENA TV households. Some homes, particularly in the ... Read More

  • Superfast Broadband Phase Two: New Nga Opportunities, Technologies And Strategies

    ...grow and cable players face decisions about whether they need to upgrade their DOCSIS 3.0 networks further. Our research provides analysis of the latest developments in the technology field, including the use of FTTx for ... Read More

  • Smart networks: Traffic-management implementation and procurement systems and looks at practical implementations. Overview The main driver behind rolling out new services is the monetization of data traffic, a challenge that operators have hitherto found difficult to meet. The main drivers ... Read More

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