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TechNavio - Infiniti Research Ltd. is a ground breaking technology advisory and research firm with comprehensive international coverage. They focus sharply on emerging tech trends that can direct the makeup of the market.

TechNavio identifies the trends by applying a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods in its proprietary research practices. They build breakdowns throughout market segments and geographies based on the trends seen. These breakdowns and analyses are applied to assist their customers in identifying fresh and already existing opportunities in their markets. TechNavio also assists clients in analyzing their competitive position in a volatile market environment.

Decision makers and leaders in sales, marketing, and R&D teams depend on research from TechNavio. Their clients include end users, consulting companies, technology suppliers, investment firms, and research institutes.

TechNavio was started in 2003 in London. They have around 200 analysts internationally and cover over 500 technologies spanning 80 countries worldwide. Their analysts are carefully watching the market every single day by connecting to all the industry players. TechNavio owns proprietary databases that give them a complete overview of the market and they develop more than 2000 pieces of research deliverables every single day.
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6784 Reports from TechNavio - Infiniti Research Ltd.

  • Global Smart Well Market 2017-2021

    ...demand for oil and gas across the globe. The development of this market is dependent on the efficiency of the smart well, advancement in equipment technology and the increase in investments by market vendors. The ... Read More

  • Global Foot Insoles Market 2017-2021

    ...of the foot due to heels and often flat floor will result in damage to the foot and therefore, in the podalgia. Most humans are born with healthy feet. Damage to the feet predominantly develops ... Read More

  • Global Light and Heavy duty Natural Gas Vehicle Market 2017-2021

    ...or gasoline as fuel for combustion. Natural gas is used in two forms in automobiles: compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG). LNG is stored as a supercooled liquid and is used for ... Read More

  • Global Direct Drive Wind Turbine Market 2017-2021

    ...The harnessed power from the wind is used to generate electricity. The wind power is directed to rotate turbine blades that are fixed to a rotor; the rotor is connected to the main shaft that ... Read More

  • Global Vitrified Tiles Market 2017-2021

    ...and granite. There are four types of vitrified tiles that include soluble salt, double charge, glazed, and full body soluble salt. Vitrified tiles are usually screen printed and polished. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global vitrified ... Read More

  • Global Automotive Ethernet Market 2017-2021

    ...(LAN) and metropolitan area network (MAN). It was first introduced in 1973 and was standardized as IEEE 802.3 standard in 1983. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global automotive Ethernet market to grow at a CAGR of ... Read More

  • Global Virgin Coconut Oil Market 2017-2021

    ...obtained from fresh coconut while normal coconut oil is extracted by cold compression with a moisture content of around 6%. The extraction of virgin coconut oil does not involve heat treatment. Virgin coconut oil tastes ... Read More

  • Global Mini Data Center Market 2017-2021

    ...rack enclosure (containerized and aisle containment solution). The system houses IT infrastructure with integrated support infrastructure, such as power and cooling systems. These data centers can support IT load of up to 250 kW and ... Read More

  • Global Specialty Paper Market 2017-2021

    ...innovative recycling methods for plastics. This poses a challenge for paper packaging and products as recycled paper does not provide high-quality properties required by specialty paper. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global specialty paper market to ... Read More

  • Global Refrigerated Road Transportation Market 2017-2021 items requires to be kept at different temperatures. Refrigerated devices are used to maintain the temperature at the required limit during transportation. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global refrigerated road transportation market to grow at ... Read More

  • Global Food Storage Containers Market 2017-2021

    ...the quality of products, keeping in mind the environmental and sustainability concerns. End-users are also looking for diversification of the uses of food storage containers. Many end-users such as large restaurants prefer to prepare and ... Read More

  • Global Unmanned Surface Vehicle Market 2017-2021

    ...pre-programmed to perform certain defined tasks. Vendors in the marine system industry that have traditionally been dealing with unmanned underwater vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles are expanding their scope to provide USVs. Technavio’s analysts forecast ... Read More

  • Global Mobile Map Market 2017-2021

    ...information anywhere around the globe for outdoor environments. Different technologies such as Wi-Fi, WLAN modems, RFID tags, ultrasound, infrared, and BLE provides content information for indoor environments as GPS cannot operate in such environments. Location ... Read More

  • Global Electric Drives Market 2017-2021

    ...The current market trends are favorable for AC drives because AC motors are more energy efficient than DC motors and do not have unreliable commutators. So, while the market growth of DC drives remained almost ... Read More

  • Global Duty-Free Retailing Market 2017-2021

    ...imposed on such goods once the buyer reaches their country of destination or when the value or quantity of those goods exceeds certain limits. Such retailers operate at international airports, border towns, seaports, train stations, ... Read More

  • Global Automotive Usage-Based Insurance Market 2017-2021 influx of new players owing to its growth potential and the emergence of smartphone app technology in automotive UBI. The competition is expected to intensify during the forecast period because of product extensions and ... Read More

  • Global Semiconductor Micro Components Market 2017-2021

    ...sold. The increased popularity of IoT has led to the need of powerful electronics, which in turn has led to the demand for powerful processors. Local processing capability is most often provided by microcontrollers, hybrid ... Read More

  • Global Lightning Rod Market 2017-2021 of people and infrastructure. Lightning rods are an important component of any lightning protection system. This metallic rod serves as the initial point of lightning strike. The global market for lightning rods is expected ... Read More

  • Global Automotive Premium Audio System Market 2017-2021

    ...with surround sound, eight or more speakers, and power amplification of 400 watts and more, which offer a theater-like sound experience within the vehicle. These high-performance systems are usually part of the in-vehicle entertainment systems ... Read More

  • Global Gallium Arsenide Components Market 2017-2021

    ...mobility, which allow GaAs components to function efficiently at frequencies above 250 gigahertz (GHz). Due to the wider band gap, GaAs components are less sensitive to heat compared with silicon-based devices. In addition, GaAs components ... Read More

  • Global Automotive Pressure Sensors Market 2017-2021

    ...for temperature fluctuations to maximize the accuracy of the sensors. The sensors are coated with a gel passivation layer to make them resistant to chemicals and organic fluids used in automobiles like diesel and gasoline. ... Read More

  • Global Cable Conduit Systems Market 2017-2021

    ...designed to carry wires and cables. The conduit system comprises tubing (conduit) and the required fitting components such as elbows, clamps, connectors, and others. It can be made up of metal, plastic, or fiber. It ... Read More

  • Global Plastic Processing Machinery Market 2017-2021

    ...Industrial plastic processing machinery includes machines such as IMMs, extruders, BMMs, hollow molders, 3D plastic printers, and thermal forming machines. Plastic processing machinery finds applications in industries such as packaging, consumer goods, and construction. Technavio’s ... Read More

  • Global Containerized and Modular Data Center Market 2017-2021

    ...a part of the modular data center, where each module is a container that can host IT, power, and cooling infrastructure to power critical business operations. The deployment cost of these container data center solution ... Read More

  • Global Optical Imaging Market 2017-2021

    ...of digital technology in the optical and medical imaging field helps in ease of diagnosis process for physicians. The growth of the global optical imaging market is inhibited by some serious challenges, despite the presence ... Read More

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