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TechNavio - Infiniti Research Ltd. is a ground breaking technology advisory and research firm with comprehensive international coverage. They focus sharply on emerging tech trends that can direct the makeup of the market.

TechNavio identifies the trends by applying a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods in its proprietary research practices. They build breakdowns throughout market segments and geographies based on the trends seen. These breakdowns and analyses are applied to assist their customers in identifying fresh and already existing opportunities in their markets. TechNavio also assists clients in analyzing their competitive position in a volatile market environment.

Decision makers and leaders in sales, marketing, and R&D teams depend on research from TechNavio. Their clients include end users, consulting companies, technology suppliers, investment firms, and research institutes.

TechNavio was started in 2003 in London. They have around 200 analysts internationally and cover over 500 technologies spanning 80 countries worldwide. Their analysts are carefully watching the market every single day by connecting to all the industry players. TechNavio owns proprietary databases that give them a complete overview of the market and they develop more than 2000 pieces of research deliverables every single day.
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6534 Reports from TechNavio - Infiniti Research Ltd.

  • Global Protective Coatings Market 2016-2020

    ...multiple layers of same or different generic types. This together forms a coating system consisting of one or more coats, applied in a predetermined order by prescribed methods, and generally involves surface preparation and quality ... Read More

  • Global Refractory Materials Market 2016-2020

    ...refractory units from corrosion, erosion, heat damage, and oxidation. They are also used in manufacturing crucibles and molds for application in the casting of glass and metals. The flame deflector systems that are used in ... Read More

  • Global Gastrointestinal Stents Market 2016-2020

    ...bleeding, and other diseases. SEMSs are considered to be the most commonly used mesh cylindrical stents with large diameter to treat severe gastrointestinal conditions. The gastrointestinal stents are positioned under endoscopic view with fluoroscopic imaging ... Read More

  • Global Automotive Battery Aftermarket 2016-2020

    ...the aftermarket supplies. This has resulted in the strengthening of the automotive aftermarket for accessories and parts, including batteries. With the continuous technological advancement in the automotive world, the trend to install more and more ... Read More

  • Global Military GPS Device Market 2016-2020

    ...technically advanced and the ability to achieve precision strike with minimum self-loss are taking the center stage. This has resulted in greater use of GPS-guided devices and weapons by soldiers. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global ... Read More

  • Global Non-woven Fabrics Market 2016-2020

    ...Non-woven fabrics are fabrics that are not woven or knitted. Non-woven fabrics can have specific properties such as higher absorbency, repellence to liquids, stretchability, strength, washability, softness, cushioning, filtering ability, providing a barrier to microorganisms, ... Read More

  • Global Tire Pressure Monitoring System Market 2016-2020

    ...The system basically has a tire pressure monitor sensor that consists of a sensor chip. The sensor chip comes with an integrated µ-controller and a transmitter that are designed to send alert signals to the ... Read More

  • Global Ultraviolet Disinfection Equipment Market 2016-2020 germicidal wavelengths of ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet rays from the sun have always played significant roles in the earth's atmosphere. The ultraviolet spectrum is higher in frequency than visible light and lower than X-rays. As ... Read More

  • Global Pickup Truck Market 2016-2020

    ...full-size. Pickup trucks are mostly used as good carriers, but they also find application in personal transport, especially in the US, Mexico, and Brazil, among others. This can be attributed to rising demand for comfort ... Read More

  • Global Coconut Milk Market 2016-2020

    ...attributed to the high oil and sugar contents in it. It is one of the main ingredients of Southeast Asian cuisine and is used for making curries, deserts, and sweets. Coconut milk is consumed as ... Read More

  • Global Chemical Warehousing and Storage Market 2016-2020

    ...natural gas. Many intermediate chemicals are also produced during their production processes, which are used in other industries. The storage and handling of different chemicals require trained professionals and highly regulated activities. Technavio’s analysts forecast ... Read More

  • Global Nanorobotics Systems Market 2016-2020

    ...a large number of automation and robotics vendors. The global robotics market is growing at a steady pace, with the majority of its revenue from the automotive, electrical and electronics, and food and beverage sectors. ... Read More

  • Global Connected Mining Market 2016-2020

    ...focus on improving the productivity by offering innovative solutions. Connected mining includes remote-controlled robotic machinery for mineral extraction, which is referred to as tele-robotic mining and reduces the risk for miners. For instance, Caterpillar uses ... Read More

  • Global Sensor-based Gun Systems Market 2016-2020

    ...(IR) or passive IR (PIR) sensors for target detection. Such guns can further be integrated with face recognition systems and Bluetooth technology for greater operational efficiency. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global sensor-based gun systems market ... Read More

  • Global Electrical Conductors Market for Power Industry 2016-2020 essential component in the power industry and is responsible for the T&D of electric power. Electrical conductors are used in power cables, transformers, and busbars. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global electrical conductor market for ... Read More

  • Global Erection Ring Market 2016-2020

    ...that they trap the blood flow in the penis and stops the blood going backward. Therefore, the use of erection rings will help men experience increased sensitivity along with harder erections. Another advantage of using ... Read More

  • Global Anti-Aging Products Market 2016-2020

    ...are a plethora of anti-aging products and services that help in reducing the visible physical effects of the aging process on the skin. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global anti-aging products market to grow at a ... Read More

  • Global Electrical Enclosures Market for Power Industry 2016-2020

    ...such as power generators, transmitters, power distributors, and other electrical equipment. They are two types that include metallic and non-metallic enclosures. Power generators, transmitters, and power distributors use enclosures as a cabinet to mount switches, ... Read More

  • Global Travel Vaccines Market 2016-2020

    ...diseases are specifically region prone, unlike that of other indications. As vaccines are largely used as a preventive measure against these known infectious diseases, the travelers are advised to follow the region-specific immunization plan. The ... Read More

  • Global Aluminum Plates and Sheet Coils Market 2016-2020

    ...applications. This is attributable to their flexibility, durability, and sustainability. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global aluminum plates and sheet coils market to grow at a CAGR of 3.52% during the period 2016-2020. Covered in this ... Read More

  • Global Automotive Wiring Harness Market 2016-2020

    ...and power among the electronic components of a vehicle. It is also known as a wiring loom for vehicles. Electric wires are tied together with the help of different components such as cable ties, electrical ... Read More

  • Global Knee Pad Market 2016-2020

    ...rigorous physical tasks. Knee pads are one of the measures to keep the knees comfortable and prevent injuries, abrasions, and pain. Knee pads are available in a wide variety and can be adopted as per ... Read More

  • RTLS Market in the US 2016-2020 of nodes or tags and readers. Nodes or tags are embedded in smartphones or navigational devices through which a user can easily track an object. A reader is used to receive wireless signals from ... Read More

  • Global Aerospace 3D Printing Market 2016-2020

    ...or component. This process empowers manufacturers to produce small and micro-components of almost any shape or size. It also allows the manufacturers to reduce the overall weight of the components, thus substantially reducing the overall ... Read More

  • Global Fighter Aircraft Market 2016-2020

    ...and neutralization of enemy fighter planes, and they intercept/target enemy bombers. The global fighter aircraft market is dominated by manufacturers in the US, China, and Russia. However, since the past decade, there have been increasing ... Read More

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