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Public Sector Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Market research reports on the public sector cover dozens of industries from Defense to Education and Housing. Public sector includes reports on governments, associations, non-profits groups and legal services. A number of market research publishers, both large and small cover these topics including Frost and Sullivan, IBISworld and Business Monitor International.
The reports in this section are not reports provided by the public sector, but rather they analyze the public sector and its markets.

To find the report you want, simply choose a category below for in-depth analysis on the defense industry, education markets, associations and non-profit organizations, government, housing and law.

Reports on the defense industry cover everything from military aircraft to Navy vessels to private and building security services. The education market includes books and materials including e-learning and reports on education companies, special education and continuing education entities. Association and non-profit research cover business and professional associations, risk ratings for donations, grants and endowments, as well as analysis of non-profits such as the Special Olympics, AARP and the Red Cross. Research Reports on government cover Anti-terrorism and Homeland Security, government contracting and law enforcement. Internet and technology reports are covered here as well based on government expenditures for these. The Housing market research includes reports on government housing, community and social housing, as well as research on landlord and multi-housing reports. Research reports on religion analyze church and religious groups and organizations around the world.

  • Defense (5333)
  • Education (1349)
  • Government (1709)
  • Law (352)
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