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We are an India-based consulting organization engaged in bi-vertical businesses of consulting and research. We specialize in providing research and consulting solutions for a diverse multitude of industries and handle client portfolios from the world markets.

We help organizations understand where to put the money that capitalizes the maximum growth for them by providing them research models based on qualitative as well as quantitative research segments in order that decision making for global managers attains the crucial edge of knowledge.

AR’s team of highly skilled researchers, analysts, content developers, consultants and research editors contribute a knowledge capital basis of over 10 years of experience in the various segments of their respective fields, providing an insight to answering these business needs on committed timescales to put these organizations ahead of their competitors in managing global businesses.

AR research reports have the synergetic advantage to help business organizations and individual consulting investors to assess opportunities, understand and evaluate risk spread, track the new market developments globally, and much more. AR has been commissioned to successful complete order-based studies for clients across a wide spectrum of industries, including Energy, Education, Information and Technology, Healthcare and Biotechnology, Insurance, Financial Services, Retail, Food & Beverages, Media & Entertainment, Logistics, among others.

Our products are industry flag bearers and we take pride in welcoming you to AR which is a knowledge repository, a consulting guide and a trusted growth partner for many of our B2B customers worldwide.

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486 Reports from Aruvian's R'search

  • Analyzing Regenerative Fuel Cells 2017

    ...environmental concerns with the rampant applications of fossil fuels in the transportation industry is forcing the development of alternatives like the Fuel Cell. Aruvian Research’s whitepaper – Analyzing Regenerative Fuel Cells 2017 - analyzes the ... Read More

  • Analyzing Water Fuel Cells 2017

    ...1900’s that fuel cells will be supplying energy and automotive power in the future. The whitepaper further provides a view on the basics of a fuel cell; its structure hardware and the working principles of ... Read More

  • Asset Management Industry in US – Porter’s Five Forces Strategy Analysis

    ...unit trusts and assets managers. The sector is split between institutional and retail investors, with values provided based on total assets under management. The asset management industry in the US is standing on the edge ... Read More

  • Analyzing Photoelectrochemical Solar Cells 2017

    ...more popular thought revolves around beginning from our roots. There are many questions that mankind is endeavoring to answer about its origin, evolution and sustenance in the coming century. The perennial question of balancing energy ... Read More

  • The Boeing Company – SWOT Framework Analysis

    ...Boeing is also involved in the production of space and security systems. A SWOT Analysis is a strategic planning tool used to evaluate: Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats involved in a project or in a business ... Read More

  • Allied Irish Banks – SWOT Framework Analysis

    ...With an entry into the Baltic markets in 2008, AIB has spread its presence out of Ireland and the UK as well very successfully. In 2009, the bank had to take a rescue package of ... Read More

  • Canada’s Construction Industry - Porter’s Five Forces Strategy Analysis

    ...the manufacture of buildings products and of machinery and equipment for construction, operation and maintenance, and disposal of facilities. The construction industry is a major driver of activity in the Canadian economy. It is made ... Read More

  • Nanotech: Making Photovoltaics Possible 2017

    ...crystalline Si cells, but is hampered with high costs. Today’s solar cells are simply not efficient enough and are currently too expensive to manufacture for large-scale electricity generation. However, the cost of these cells is ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Hydrogen Economy 2016

    ...of ways. Proponents of a hydrogen economy suggest that hydrogen is an environmentally cleaner source of energy to end-users, particularly in transportation applications, without release of pollutants (such as greenhouse gasses) at the point of ... Read More

  • Analyzing Micro Fuel Cells 2017

    ...– Fuel Cell Technology. The advent of Fuel Cells though yet to achieve mass commercial successes has presented new clean opportunities for meeting energy requirements. The rising fuel prices globally and the increasing environmental concerns ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Semiconductor Industry in Taiwan 2016

    ...years is also expected to bring strong growth to the Taiwanese semiconductor industry. Macroeconomic pressures and high manufacturing prices have put a damper on the industry and caused revenues to dip slightly in 2015 to ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Coal Industry in China 2016

    ...Russia and the US, and its annual coal output and consumption rank number one in the world. Coal industry is the basic industry in China and it plays an important role in the construction of ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Semiconductor Industry in South Korea 2016

    ...of the technological revolution. The market faces tough competition from the Chinese, Japanese and Taiwanese semiconductor markets in the region of Asia Pacific. The industry has been posting strong growth in the past few years ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Semiconductor Industry in China 2016

    ...period as well. Having revenues of over USD 110 billion at the end of 2015, the industry is ahead of the Singaporean and Indian semiconductor markets as well. The boom in the market for smartphones ... Read More

  • Global Semiconductor Industry - Porter's Five Forces Strategy Analysis the fantastic growth of the global semiconductor industry in recent years. High manufacturing prices as well as macroeconomic pressures led to the drop in the industry performance during 2015. Aruvian Research analyzes the Global ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Cosmetics Industry in Canada 2016

    ...Canadians seek a higher standard of living. Cosmetics are as defined as "any substance or mixture of substances manufactured, sold or represented for use in cleansing, improving or altering the complexion, skin, hair or teeth ... Read More

  • Analyzing Algae as a Source of Fuel 2016

    ...power the world’s vehicles has been at the heart of many business plans over the years. Solazyme was one of the first firms to focus on the alternative chemicals and personal care markets, developing a ... Read More

  • Analysis of

    ...industrial items, health and beauty products, books, games, etc. The company has the benefit of being of the first movers in this industry and boasts of one of the largest assortment of products retailing on ... Read More

  • Analyzing Small Wind Turbines 2016

    ...twenty years it is expected to expand at double-digit rates. The industry was affected by the global financial crisis and 2010 was a challenging year for the global wind turbine industry. However, the silver lining ... Read More

  • Analyzing the Global Semiconductors Industry 2016

    ...well as macroeconomic pressures led to the drop in the industry performance during 2015. Taiwan, China and India continue leading the semiconductor market in the Asia Pacific region, while many of the leading players in ... Read More

  • Analysis of Expedia, Inc well as destination services and activities. Travel suppliers distribute and market products through its sites, its private label business and its call centers. Its portfolio of brands includes, a service online travel agency ... Read More

  • Analysis of Apple Inc the business of providing related software, services and networking solutions worldwide. Founded in 1976, Apple Inc. is headquartered in Cupertino, California, US. The company has made famous the design of the Apple iPhone worldwide ... Read More

  • Analysis of BASF SE

    ...Gas. The company has customers in more than 160 countries and operates production sites in 41 countries. Aruvian Research presents Analysis of BASF SE. A complete and comprehensive analysis of BASF, a leading chemical company, ... Read More

  • Analysis of Akzo Nobel NV Netherlands, the company operates through three business segments namely decorative paints, performance coatings and specialty chemicals. Aruvian Research presents Analysis of Akzo Nobel. A complete and comprehensive analysis of Akzo Nobel includes an overview ... Read More

  • Analyzing Gas to Liquids Market 2016

    ...scientists, Franz Fischer and Hans Tropsch (FT), invented a process that could convert natural gas to a hydrocarbon mixture which could then be upgraded into petroleum products. The FT technology provides an alternative to traditional ... Read More

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