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Kalorama Information, a division of MarketResearch.com, is a leader in worldwide business intelligence and syndicated market research in the life sciences. With a more than 30-year history of providing timely, high-quality research to decision makers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and diagnostics sectors, Kalorama comprehensively researches the market sectors and healthcare trends that matter most to emerging and established life science firms.

After a long history under the wing of Find/SVP and MarketResearch.com, Kalorama Information has emerged as a leading producer of syndicated market research.
Our independent voice, quality research, and innovative approach to the analysis and presentation of market intelligence have made Kalorama a premier source of market information for top decision makers in the market.

Our Products & Services

Kalorama Information Market Profiles are in-depth analyses of specific markets based on extensive interviews with industry experts, unique market modeling techniques, and comprehensive secondary research. Generally several hundred pages in length, Market Profiles provide market size; growth rates; market share and profiles of market leaders, including technologies, products, and business strategies; and analysis of major clinical, demographic, and regulatory trends.

Kalorama Information MarketLooks are detail- and graphic-rich reports consisting of the top-level findings, charts, and graphs from our longer, full-length Market Profiles. Typically 15-30 pages in length, MarketLooks provide primary research findings from full reports to accommodate those with limited research budgets or limited time to ramp up on a topic. The electronic format of these reports makes them easy to integrate into internal presentations and reports.

Kalorama DeviceLooks are concise profiles of specific medical device markets providing key market information with a strong emphasis on data and graphics. Ranging from 30-50 pages in length, DeviceLooks provide the data that matters for the medical device industry in an affordable format.

Our Team

Steven Heffner, Acquisitions Editor
Steven Heffner has been involved in publishing information for healthcare professionals for 15 years. He began in peer-reviewed clinical literature, editing the Current Opinion line of clinical medical journals. Later, his focus shifted to healthcare books, and held editorships at Faulkner & Gray’s Healthcare Information Center, specializing in books on managed care policy, and most recently at Theta Reports, part of PJB Medical Publishing. Steven joined Kalorama in the spring of 2001. He personally commissions and edits all of Kalorama research studies to ensure that they are consistently of the highest quality. Steven can be reached at sheffner@kaloramainformation.com.

Our Industry Specialists
Kalorama Information’s Industry Specialists are dedicated to serving you and meeting your information needs. Whether you need help browsing through our collection or require advice about which particular research will best suit your needs, our Industry Specialists are here to help. Contact an Industry Specialist today at 1-800-298-5602 or (212) 807-2660 outside the U.S.

Why Buy from Us?

Our Independent Voice
With Kalorama studies you get:
  • Primary research based on interviews with industry insiders
  • Data built from the ground up, not taken from published databases
  • Analysis by experienced objective analysts
  • A coherent opinion from an independent point of view

    Our Quality Analysts
    Kalorama’s analysts are experienced researchers in their fields who provide you with:
  • Critical analysis that comes from years of experience in the field
  • Research from one-time end users of this market research; they’re asking the questions you’re asking
  • Quality data of the kind available only to industry insiders

    Our Research Methodology
    Kalorama Information studies include data gathered the old-fashioned way – through primary research. Our market studies are based on independent primary research conducted by analysts with years of experience in the industry. They build their market analysis from the ground up, validating data with inside industry contacts and extensive secondary research, not by regurgitating numbers from an enormous database you already have. Extensive interviewing of industry executives, clinical practitioners, government policy makers, and respected consultants form the basis of every Kalorama study. Secondary sources, such as regulatory filings, company literature, press reports, and commercial databases, are relied upon to validate market assumptions and detail industry events.
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    Top 25 Pharmaceutical Company Pipeline Analysis and Sales Projections to 2023
    4/7/2014 | published by: Kalorama Information
    ... late-term pipeline of major companies. This report provides long-term company sales forecasts which are based on 2013 market conditions. For each company, the report provides: Revenues R&D Spending 2007-2013 Geographic Breakout of Revenues Performance of ...  |  read more...
    EMR 2014: The Market for Electronic Medical Records
    4/2/2014 | published by: Kalorama Information
    ... and industry associations as the source for market sizing and market share in healthcare.  This Kalorama Information report, EMR 2014, is a complete global analysis of the EMR market.  The report includes the important trends ...  |  read more...
    The United States Market for In Vitro Diagnostic Tests
    3/18/2014 | published by: Kalorama Information
    ... its volume is still a strong advantage of this market.  Most recently the U.S. IVD market weathered interrupted lab and healthcare sector investment in anticipation of the Affordable Care Act and several regulatory and austerity ...  |  read more...
    Retail Clinics Market Overview and 2014 Survey Results
    3/11/2014 | published by: Kalorama Information
    ... option for busy Americans seeking a convenient option for basic healthcare needs such as vaccinations or cold remedies. Kalorama Information has published several studies on retail clinics since 2007. Over the past few years, we ...  |  read more...
    The Long Term Care Market: Nursing Homes, Home Care, Hospice Care, and Assisted Living
    2/27/2014 | published by: Kalorama Information
    ... important segments of the long term care industry, each of which provide medical care and/or assistance with the activities of daily living (ADLs) on an ongoing basis: Nursing care Home care Hospice care Assisted living ...  |  read more...
    Surgical Procedure Volumes: Global Analysis (US, China, Japan, Brazil, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Mexico, Russia)
    2/22/2014 | published by: Kalorama Information
    ... an in-depth analysis of growth drivers and inhibitors, including world population growth, aging demographics, lifestyle indicators, growing incidence of diseases, advances in surgical techniques and several other general issues affecting the forecast for procedures.   The ...  |  read more...
    The Market for Medical Devices in EMEA
    2/11/2014 | published by: Kalorama Information
    ... in EMEA concentrates on the EMEA medical device markets and estimates markets for specific device categories. Included in this review is Europe Middle East and Africa. There are specific device market estimates for the following ...  |  read more...
    Medical Imaging Markets (X-Ray, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, PET, SPECT, Others)
    2/5/2014 | published by: Kalorama Information
    ... to optimized treatment regimes. This report, Medical Imaging Markets , analyzes the current and potential world markets for medical imaging systems, including x-ray, mammography, fluoroscopy, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, PET and SPECT, and fusion systems. This ...  |  read more...
    McEvoy and Farmer's Guide to IVD Distribution in the Philippines
    2/5/2014 | published by: Kalorama Information
    ... financial downturns better than its regional peers due to minimal exposure to troubled international securities, lower dependence on exports, relatively resilient domestic consumption, large remittances from four- to five-million overseas Filipino workers, and a rapidly ...  |  read more...
    The Market and Potential for Molecular Point of Care Diagnostics
    2/5/2014 | published by: Kalorama Information
    ... a growing interest in developing molecular diagnostic platforms that can be used in POC settings.   Indeed, as this new market research report from Kalorama Information details, the emerging area of rapid molecular POC testing has ...  |  read more...
    Next-Generation Sequencing in Latin America
    1/30/2014 | published by: Kalorama Information
    ... on instrumentation, with a goal of providing a complete count of NGS systems sold to customers in key Latin American Countries. Latin America is a focus for healthcare markets.  During 2000-2010 the region went through ...  |  read more...
    The Worldwide Market for Respiratory Devices (Inhalers, Nebulizers, Airways, Masks, Sleep Apnea, Oxygen Therapy, Ventilators Medical Humidifiers, Respiratory Measurement)
    1/23/2014 | published by: Kalorama Information
    ... and monitor respiratory conditions as well as many large and small manufacturers. This Kalorama Information report provides exhaustive market coverage, including estimates and forecasts for the following devices: Inhalers Inhalers, device-only market Nebulizers, Jet Nebulizers, ...  |  read more...
    The World Market for Molecular Diagnostics Six Month Update
    1/14/2014 | published by: Kalorama Information
    ... development.  However many more unique tests have been launched as test services, especially for cancer management and infectious disease epidemiology.    In light of the amount of activity in test development and regulatory and reimbursement ...  |  read more...
    The World Market for Infusion Pumps (Large Volume Pumps, Ambulatory Pumps, Insulin Pumps, Enteral Feeding Pumps, Others)
    1/6/2014 | published by: Kalorama Information
    ... increased need for healthcare services, this device is a high-interest area for several manufacturers. Kalorama's report details the important types of infusion pumps, projects revenues and discusses the key companies who manufacture and market them. ...  |  read more...
    IVD in Singapore and Malaysia
    1/1/2014 | published by: Kalorama Information
    ... In this report, Kalorama details two nations that are expected to provide opportunity for IVD manufacturers: Singapore and Malaysia. This Kalorama Information Report, IVD in Singapore and Malaysia, contains the following data: Healthcare Statistics for ...  |  read more...
    Clinical Lab Services Market (Growth Opportunities, Competitive Analysis and Competitor Profiles)
    12/20/2013 | published by: Kalorama Information
    ... lab service providers. There is constant pressure to reduce healthcare spending, and that in turn is shifting healthcare utilization in favor of the laboratory. This has not escaped the attention of major competitors who operate ...  |  read more...
    The World Market for Hematology
    11/22/2013 | published by: Kalorama Information
    ... allergy, iron and vitamin deficiencies are easily diagnosed through a CBC.  This report, authored by Kalorama Analyst Emil Salazar, defines the market worldwide for analyzers, point of care tests, stains and slides and imaging systems ...  |  read more...
    The World Market for Medical Beds
    11/8/2013 | published by: Kalorama Information
    ... those watching the medical device markets with an overview of the medical beds industry and the trends driving growth. Medical beds include all hospital types of beds including mattresses and overlays. Included in the report ...  |  read more...
    Wireless Opportunities in Healthcare (The Market for Bluetooth, RFID, Zigbee, UWB WWAN, WMAN, WLAN and other technologies
    11/8/2013 | published by: Kalorama Information
    ... other technologies) is a complete guide to the fast-growing market for wireless healthcare applications in the United States and globally. This report contains explanations that cut through the confusion surrounding these technologies and provide readers ...  |  read more...
    The World Market for Immunoassays
    11/6/2013 | published by: Kalorama Information
    ... that exist for large IVD companies adopting new strategies and for new entrants to take market share. Immunoassays have been used in clinical laboratory medicine since the 1960s, and are indispensable tools in clinical diagnostics. ...  |  read more...
    Reimbursement for IVD Tests
    10/25/2013 | published by: Kalorama Information
    ... Vitro Diagnostic Tests , answers these questions and provides authoritative data for IVD business planners. One of the critical factors for the success of an IVD product is reimbursement. Reimbursement is a critical component of ...  |  read more...
    The World Market for Infectious Disease Diagnostic Tests
    10/21/2013 | published by: Kalorama Information
    ... with many of these acquired in hospitals. This Kalorama Information report, The World Market for Infectious Disease Diagnostic Tests , takes a comprehensive look at the markets for companies of testing products that can combat ...  |  read more...
    The Global Market for Biomarkers (Cancer Markers, Cardiac Markers, Blood Markers, Endocrine Markers, Infectious Disease and Neurological Disease Markers)
    10/16/2013 | published by: Kalorama Information
    ... medicine. Biomarkers are physiologic, genetic or biochemical parameters that provide insight into understanding disease processes and ways that medicines can work to counteract the disease.  With them, diseases are detected earlier, more effective treatments can ...  |  read more...
    The World Market for Biosimilars (EPO, G-CSF, HGH, Insulin, Interferon Alpha, Monoclonal Antibodies, Other), 4th Edition
    9/22/2013 | published by: Kalorama Information
    ... designed to provide a comprehensive look at the various strategies being used by select worldwide generic companies in exploring the emerging area of biosimilars, the issues and trends that are shaping the marketplace, and the ...  |  read more...
    Laboratory Information Systems (LIS / LIMS): Software, Hardware and Service Markets for Clinical Labs and Drug Discovery Labs
    9/19/2013 | published by: Kalorama Information
    ... for industrial and medical-related laboratories, including clinical and analytical laboratories. This Kalorama Information market report, The World Market for Lab Information Systems (LIS) analyzes the current and potential world markets for medical laboratory information system ...  |  read more...
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