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Involved in publishing, market research, business reference and online information systems for over 40 years, Euromonitor International is recognized as a leading provider of global business intelligence and market analysis.

Euromonitor creates global reports for Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia­Pacific, Oceania, Africa and the Middle East. The company creates market reports used for marketing and strategic planning in all sectors of industry.

Country reports look at statistical data and current industry trends for 80 countries globally. Company profiles highlight insights of leading companies regarding operations and strategies. Specializing in market research for consumer goods which includes the following sectors: alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, toiletries, disposable paper products, electrical appliances, packaged foods, hot and cold beverages, household products, OTC healthcare, pet foods, pet care and tobacco. Industry sectors include: financial services, food service, retail, leisure, lifestyles and travel/tourism.
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21023 Reports from Euromonitor International

  • Dixons South East Europe SA in Consumer Electronics (Greece)

    ...Having renovated 25 of its outlets and added three more to its network in 2015 and early 2016, to total 95 outlets, the company aims to further increase its sales by 5% in 2016. This ... Read More

  • Loewe Opta GmbH in Consumer Electronics (Germany)

    ...consumer electronics by offering a wide array of innovative premium products especially within home video and home audio and cinema. Reductions in personnel and process optimisations are only some of the previous strategic steps in ... Read More

  • Media-Saturn-Holding GmbH in Consumer Electronics (Germany)

    ...extension and improvement of its online business. Aside from improving its internet presence, continuous efforts to keep customers in stores are likely to be another crucial aspect of the company’s future direction. Euromonitor International Local ... Read More

  • Mobile Phones in Greece players (which is actually disappearing), feature phones and, as it finally turns out, tablets. Thus, Greek consumers are demonstrating an increasing preference for bigger smartphones, with the 4.7’’-5.49’’ format gaining ground and accounting for ... Read More

  • Portable Players in Greece

    ...had a positive impact on certain products like wireless speakers and a devastating impact on others, such as portable media players. Wireless speakers, although starting from a rather low point, is rapidly expanding and in ... Read More

  • Wearable Electronics in Greece generation equipment, wearable electronics appeals to the trend of always-on connectivity to the internet and social media that was evident within Greece over the latter part of the review period. Along with this is ... Read More

  • Consumer Electronics in Germany

    ...Consumer Electronics in Germany report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the in-home, portable and in-car consumer electronics products markets at a national level. It provides the latest retail sales data, ... Read More

  • Imaging Devices in Germany

    ...smartphones. With camera technology for smartphones becoming continuously advanced, the difference in quality between a photo taken with a smartphone and a photo taken with a fixed lens camera has become marginal. Therefore, fewer consumers ... Read More

  • Imaging Devices in Greece

    ...retail volume terms in 2016. As smartphones devices are replacing the bulk of entry-level models, Greek consumers now buy these products only when in need of more advanced features and an elevated image quality, with ... Read More

  • In-Car Entertainment in Germany

    ...interest in and significance of aftermarket in-car products. Even though car possession and penetration rates in Germany continued growing slightly in 2015, consumers opted against equipping their vehicles with aftermarket products and kept the previously ... Read More

  • Hilton Worldwide in Travel (World)

    ...are aggressively expanding through acquisition in an increasingly consolidated industry. With the largest room pipeline globally, Hilton is expected to continue to see positive growth. The group also hopes to capitalise on its new mid-scale ... Read More

  • Computers and Peripherals in Germany replacement cycles. German consumers have started to increasingly opt for high-quality and more premium devices. This is especially impacting laptops and tablets, where growing consumer demand for convertibles has resulted in a considerable increase ... Read More

  • Computers and Peripherals in Greece

    ...follows the artificial boost given to the category during 2015 by the Digital Solidarity programme. This was a social fund for consumers within eight regions of Greece to support them in gaining internet access through ... Read More

  • Consumer Electronics in Greece the decline of the industry. While 2014 was the first year to offer a hint of stabilisation and recovery in Greece, 2015 saw positive growth in some categories of consumer electronics due to political ... Read More

  • Home Audio and Cinema in Germany

    ...caused through the growing demand for high-end and technologically-advanced products, which often have higher unit prices than standard devices. In particular, soundbars and products within smart and connected home solutions drove value sales in 2016. ... Read More

  • Home Audio and Cinema in Greece cut down on any purchase considered to be of secondary importance. Therefore, even though home entertainment remains popular, hi-fi systems, home cinema and speaker systems, and digital media player docks continue to decline in ... Read More

  • Home Video in Germany

    ...down the negative development caused by the high level of saturation and penetration in Germany was the positive impact innovations and the UEFA European Championship had in 2016. The growing selection of UHD TVs, very ... Read More

  • Home Video in Greece

    ...are becoming all the more affordable, with televisions between 40’’-49’’ now costing as low as EUR450. As prices have significantly dropped, 32’’ TVs has also seen a rise in its volume share in 2016 to ... Read More

  • In-Car Entertainment in Greece

    ...with only a slight decline recorded. In-dash media players, which is the biggest category within in-car entertainment, has seen a small volume increase of 2% in 2016, with it stagnating in current value terms due ... Read More

  • Mobile Phones in Germany Germany reached 1.6 devices per household in 2016, growth potential remained highly limited. Having reached obsolescence for the vast majority of German consumers, feature phones has developed into a niche for elderly people who ... Read More

  • Portable Players in Germany

    ...portable media players. This led to this product area declining drastically over the review period. E-readers has reached a high level of saturation and therefore has failed to make a positive impact. Only wireless speakers ... Read More

  • Wearable Electronics in Germany

    ...wearables benefits from the increasing popularity and availability of smartwatches in Germany. In 2015, Apple GmbH and Huawei Technologies Deutschland GmbH entered smart wearables, drawing further attention to smartwatches and raising increased awareness among German ... Read More

  • Haugiang Pharmaceutical JSC in Consumer Health (Vietnam)

    ...and development activities to introduce new product developments. The company is very aggressive in its marketing and advertising activities. In addition, it also strives to expand its distribution network across the country. In addition to ... Read More

  • Intesa Sanpaolo SpA in Consumer Finance (Italy)

    ...achieve sustainable growth. In addition the bank cares about customers’ and shareholders’ satisfaction, as well as employees’ and local consumers’ needs. At the same time Intesa Sanpaolo SpA would like to continue to increase its ... Read More

  • Mobile World JSC in Consumer Electronics (Vietnam)

    ...the first retailing company to establish national coverage across all 63 provinces of the country, Mobile World JSC’s major activities in the future are set to include the optimisation of its outlet network to increase ... Read More

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