Info-Tech Research Group

Info-Tech Research Group (Info-Tech) is a professional services firm providing comprehensive, practical research and advisory solutions that enable IT managers to make better and more timely decisions. Their services include continuous Research and Analyst Access, expert Reports, Best Practice Guides and Consulting services. Together, these services improve the IT decision-making process, which helps to keep current and expedite critical IT projects, enabling clients to achieve greater personal and corporate success.

All of Info-Tech's research and services are practical and actionable – they provide clients with the information they need to make the difficult decisions you face on a daily basis.

Info-Tech's analysts avoid sweeping generalizations and watered-down recommendations to get to the core of an issue and deliver unique insight.

Info-Tech is the global leader in serving IT professionals in mid-sized enterprises. Their goal is to help clients work more effectively, make better decisions, achieve business success and reduce IT risk. Their practical, actionable solutions allow clients to tackle the key IT challenges they face today.

Info-Tech Research Group

US: 800.298.5699
Int'l: +1.240.747.3093
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