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IDTechEx provides independent research, business intelligence and advice to companies across the value chain. The company’s core research activities provide critical data to business leaders, strategists and emerging technology scouts for guiding strategic business decisions.

IDTechEx has published over 70 technology and market research reports on printed electronics, 3D printing, energy harvesting, energy storage, electric vehicles, RFID and emerging materials and devices. IDTechEx reports help businesses profit from emerging technologies.

The analysts at IDTechEx are experts in their fields, holding Masters degrees or PhDs in relevant specialties. They conduct comprehensive primary research around the world, through interviews and direct meetings with companies, custom research projects and conference participation.
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117 Reports from IDTechEx Ltd

  • Conductive Ink Markets 2017-2027: Forecasts, Technologies, Players

    ...material type. The market forecasts are given in tonnage and value at the ink level. It includes critical reviews of all the competing conductive inks and paste technologies including firing-types pastes, PTFs, laser-cut or photo-patterned ... Read More

  • Industrial and Commercial Electric Vehicles on Land 2016-2026 spent. That must lead them to industrial and commercial electric vehicles because today these represent 60% of the value of the electric vehicle market. Indeed, this sector is set to grow 4.5 times in ... Read More

  • Wireless Charging 2016-2026: Phones & Small Electronics, Electric Cars & Other Vehicles because it increasingly involves the same technologies, locations and companies. Why are people so enthusiastic when they experience ubiquitous phone charging? How will the standards battles be resolved? Why will the planned move to ... Read More

  • Electric Drones: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) 2015-2025

    ...employed: from smart skin to structural components and intelligent motors with integral gearing. Electric power makes the use of wheel power for take-off possible because electric motors can give maximum torque from stationary. It gives ... Read More

  • Micro EVs, e-Bikes, e-Scooters, e-Motorbikes, Mobility for Disabled 2017-2027

    ...names obscures the fact that they are closely related and add up to a very large market. Although car-like micro EVs are usually lower in cost than regular cars, together with two wheel EVs, they ... Read More

  • Power Electronics for Electric Vehicles 2016-2026, water and airborne vehicles will be electric. The emphasis is land vehicles. It fully explains why power electronics is becoming more important in the performance and cost of an electric vehicle, hybrid or pure ... Read More

  • Triboelectric Energy Harvesting (TENG) 2017-2027

    ...a deluge of proof-of-principle demonstrations for highly imaginative applications from microwatts to megawatts, millimetre devices to a one square kilometre blanket on the sea but what is the true situation in terms of feasibility and ... Read More

  • Manned Electric Aircraft 2016-2031

    ...are embedded in this work, almost entirely researched in 2016 by award winning PhD level IDTechEx analysts travelling worldwide. Interviews, IDTechEx databases, web searches and conference attendance were extensively used. Old information is useless in ... Read More

  • Electric Vehicle Traction Motors, Belt Driven & Integrated Starter Generators 2016-2026

    ...of the now more-complex rotating electrical machines REMs needed. Electricity handled is usually up at least fourfold. These REMs are increasingly doubling as both motor and generator in an increasingly versatile manner. As a motor ... Read More

  • Electric Vehicles Change the World 2017-2037

    ...just a taster. Industries will collapse but certain countries, companies and users will prosper. The unique IDTechEx overview report, "Electric Vehicles Change the World 2017-2037" explains all this including the barely-noticed new end game of ... Read More

  • Force Sensing in User Interfaces 2017-2027

    ...many players now look beyond touch to the future of user interfaces. Whilst advanced solutions including voice and gesture detection, right through to perceptive computing are suggested, many suppliers are looking for the best ways ... Read More

  • Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles 2015-2030: Land, Water, Air

    ...will also assist those participating in the value chain of alternatives, such as batteries and supercapacitors, to understand the considerable opportunities for both collaborative use of their components with fuel cells and scope for common ... Read More

  • Functional Materials for Future Electronics: Metals, Inorganic & Organic Compounds, Graphene, CNT

    ...the memristor logic of the human brain or possessing any other previously- impossible capability in a manufactured device. De-risking that material development is vital yet the information on which to base that has been unavailable. ... Read More

  • Autonomous Vehicles Land, Water, Air 2017-2037

    ...level multi-lingual analysts in 2016 with frequent updates. The Executive Summary and Conclusions is insightful, detailed yet easily assimilated. An introduction gives an overview of the technologies and a chapter analyses important applications followed by ... Read More

  • Internet of Things (IoT) 2017-2027 assist investors, participants and intending participants in the value chain including developers and academics, interested government officials and users seeking the truth based on new investigation. The focus is on identifying genuine capabilities and ... Read More

  • Lithium-ion Batteries 2016-2026

    ...on the present and the future such as how parameters will improve and lower costs, new shapes and mechanical properties, improved safety and non-flammable non-toxic versions will open up new markets. Over 450 manufacturers are ... Read More

  • Electric Car Technology and Forecasts 2017-2027

    ...value chain including manufacturers, developers, academics, government and users seeking the best forecasts and technology roadmaps based on new global investigation. The pages are mostly in the form of easily assimilated infograms, roadmaps and forecasts. ... Read More

  • Energy Independent Electric Vehicle Technology Roadmap 2016-2036

    ...powertrain efficiency. 45 EIVs and projects intended to lead to EIVs are profiled, identifying business opportunities such as the new types of photovoltaics and batteries coming in and where this is taking place. It is ... Read More

  • Printed and Flexible Sensors 2017-2027: Technologies, Players, Forecasts

    ...generation of printed sensors will enable other applications, from human-machine interfaces to environmental sensing. IDTechEx predicts the market for fully printed sensors will reach $7.6 billion by 2027. These sensors benefit from the latest materials ... Read More

  • Electric Vehicles for Construction, Agriculture and Mining 2015-2025

    ...mainly hybrid - while other manufacturers offer smaller, pure-electric versions. Pure electric is a legal requirement indoors. Outdoors, fuel saving and better performance attracts. Cranes and man lifters have many applications. Their production volumes are ... Read More

  • 3D Printing 2017-2027: Technologies, Markets, Players

    ...fact invented in the early 80s. They remained a niche technology until the expiration of a key patent in 2009 allowed many start-ups to emerge offering cheap consumer-level 3D printers. A media frenzy in 2012 ... Read More

  • Supercapacitor Technologies and Markets 2016-2026

    ...battery technologies, they will never be able to compete with supercapacitor technology in terms of power and number of cycles. This technology will supplement and, in some cases, replace the role of incumbent energy storage ... Read More

  • Transparent Conductive Films (TCF) 2016-2026: Forecasts, Markets, Technologies

    ...40 innovators, suppliers and end-users, organised several conferences around the world, developed a detailed and constantly updated forecast datasheet, and advised our clients globally either through consulting or subscriptions. We have cultivated strong relationship with ... Read More

  • Environmental Gas Sensors 2017-2027 lost work days and hospital costs and could develop into a health and climate crisis reminiscent of those seen in China and India, a study by a global policy forum has found. The growing ... Read More

  • Electric Buses 2016-2026

    ...the subject of this report, where innovation often comes before cars because they are less price sensitive. In this report we show how the Chinese are now dominating the league table, buying the most buses ... Read More

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