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Espicom Business Intelligence – a Business Monitor International company - is a leading provider of specialist pharmaceutical and medical device market information. Based in the UK and with 30 years of experience, the company produces a broad range of healthcare business and therapy titles. Reports and services span the industry from comprehensive newsletters in key areas such as cancer drugs, generics and drug delivery to in-depth market, company and therapy reports.
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406 Reports from Espicom Healthcare Intelligence

  • The Medical Device Market: Israel

    ...of these in value terms are dominated by highend products falling under the diagnostic imaging apparatus category. It also has important domestic manufacturing capabilities, with just under 300 medical device companies in the country, according ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Lithuania

    ...of Lithuania is estimated at 3.0mn in 2013. Lithuania joined the EU in 2004. Lithuania's economy was hard hit by the global recession, contracting by 14.8% in 2009, but has since shown signs of recovery. ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Mexico

    ...principally from the USA. US manufacturers benefit from geographic proximity and preferential terms under NAFTA. Some of these imports, however, are used to produce goods which are eventually sent back to the USA. Mexico is ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Morocco

    ...medical device manufacturing industry remains at an embryonic stage, leaving most sectors of the market reliant on imports, which totalled US$181.1mn in 2012. Morocco is the biggest recipient of EU financial aid outside of Europe. ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Norway

    ...2.5% per annum to reach US$1.8bn by 2018, equal to US $351 per capita The population of Norway is estimated to be 5.0mn in 2013, with 16.0% of the total aged 65 years and over. ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Peru

    ...2007 and Peru in June 2006, and signed between both countries in April 2006. The PTPA eliminates tariffs and removes barriers to US services, provides a secure legal framework for investors, and strengthens protection for ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Philippines expenditure, the private sector and medical tourism. The Philippines has a history of political instability. The current ruling administration has had its fair share of controversy. The highly devolved health sector makes it difficult ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Poland

    ...US$529.0bn in 2013 and is expected to increase by an average 3.5% per annum between 2014 and 2018, reaching US$733.7bn. GDP per capita will rise from US$13,800 in 2013 to US$19,117 in 2018. Funding for ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Serbia

    ...& Eastern Europe (CEE), in per capita terms. In 2013, GDP per capita stands at US$6,159, around half that found in Russia. The economy is expected to register real growth of 1.3% in 2013, but ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Singapore

    ...all dealers (including importers and manufacturers) need to be licensed. The standard of living in Singapore is comparable to many developed Western nations and, with the exception of Japan, GDP per capita is the highest ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Slovakia Romania. However, BMI projects real GDP growth of just 1.2% in 2013, due to stagnant domestic demand and slow export growth; real growth is almost entirely dependent on exports. The economy is expected to ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Sweden

    ...preventative care in an effort to reign in ever rising healthcare expenditure. In common with many other Western European countries, Sweden has an advanced, publicly funded healthcare system. There is an eagerness to be at ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Thailand

    ...attractive 13.7% per annum in the medium term, to reach around US$2.3bn by 2018. In April 2012, the Ministry of Industry announced it had approved in principle the plan to establish a new industrial production ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Turkey

    ...not yet complete and the two systems are not yet identical. As a result of this alignment, the regulatory environment in Turkey is far more complex and the processes much more comprehensive than elsewhere in ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: UAE

    ...expenditure is estimated to stand at US$16.3bn in 2013, equal to 4.1% of GDP. Per capita spending is US$1,984. A wide range of public health facilities are run by the Ministry of Health, including hospitals, ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Russia

    ...project's implementation, numerous medical facilities have been upgraded and a substantial number of medical personnel have been awarded salary increases. The government will continue to work on the project over 2012-2014. In December 2012, the ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Slovenia

    ...a per capita basis. In 2013, the medical device market is estimated at US$314.8mn, equal to US$154.0 per capita, and equivalent to 7.3% of total health expenditure, 0.7% of GDP and 0.1% of the world ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: South Africa

    ...and the dire AIDS situation is having a negative impact on population growth, despite the country having one of the highest birth rates in the world at around 22 live births per thousand population. South ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Indonesia

    ...Despite the present administration placing more emphasis on healthcare, funding, insufficient numbers of health professionals and bureaucratic problems are hampering development. In December 2012, the Ministry of Health (MoH) launched e-Regalkes or the Medical Device ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Iraq

    ...was the deadliest month in more than five years according to the UN mission in Baghdad. Iraq's radical Islamist insurgency has become increasingly active after a popular protest movement which developed since the end of ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Taiwan

    ...have grown to expect a high level of care. That said, like a lot of public welfare systems, the healthcare system is being constrained by rising costs, and a rapidly growing elderly population is adding ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Argentina

    ...dollar terms, fuelled by increasing health expenditure . Medical device imports are very high , although a relatively large domestic medical device sector is operational . The country has recovered from a severe economic crisis ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Bulgaria

    ...alongside Romania. The population of Bulgaria is estimated at 7.3 million in 2013, 18.4% of whom are aged 65 or over. The Prime Minister of Bulgaria is Boyko Borissov, leader of the GERB and former ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Hong Kong

    ...of the People’s Republic of China, although this role has arguably lost some of its importance due to rapid business development on the mainland. As one of the richest parts of Asia, healthcare provision is ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Ukraine

    ...International (BMI), GDP is estimated at US $149.1bn in 2013; a contraction is projected for 2013 due to weak external demand and poor performance in the dominant steel export sector. GDP is expected to increase ... Read More

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