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Understanding the complexities of nomadic identities

Understanding the complexities of nomadic identities

This e-book seeks to understand identity – namely something that is in a constant flux, that moves beyond and across single locations and that poses new challenges for researchers and practitioners of workplace diversity. Nomadic identities are understood as the sense of self of those moving individuals who inhabit the ‘in-between’ permanently and might not even conceive themselves in majority-perspective dichotomies such as ‘bi-national’ or ‘bi-cultural’. The term ‘nomadic’ is used broadly as referring to all who are born, placed or place themselves into a state of expatriation, migration or transculturality. ‘Movement’ is understood either literally, as spatial movement of the individual studied, or figuratively, as the fluidity and multi-spatial character of those categories of social identity with which an individual chooses to identify. The papers in this e-issue explore the intersections between nomadic individuals’ sense of self and wider social discourses, categories of thought, structures, practices and institutions, focusing on related inequalities.

Black Women In Management: Paid Work And Family Formations,Expatriates' and teenagers' nomadic identities: an intersectional analysis,Nomadic identities and workplace diversity: implications for theory and practice,Researching migrants who hold nomadic identities: analysing multi-level dynamic discourses of power,The Color Bind: Talking (and Not Talking) About Race at Work,Third-country graduates and their transition to the German labor market: understanding dominant identity categories, strangerness and agency in context,Travelling inner landscapes: a longitudinal study on transcultural identity development

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