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Demographics Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis provides reports with information in World Demographics trends. This demographic market analysis can assist with two main objectives: first, to discover which sectors or subgroups live in the population; and, second, to generate a comprehensive image of the traits that a typical member of each of these sectors possesses. The available demographic reports have outlined effective strategies for attracting targeted groups of people for certain products worldwide. Reports include global data to help marketers access information about any potential target market.

You can also use demographic market research reports to assist in characterizing a specific demographic profile. Creating a profile will provide information about a typical member for a certain group to aid in creating a visual of a hypothetical target market. As an example, a marketer may focus on members of a population that are male, single, between the ages of 17-24, and college educated.

Demographics are the traits of a selected human population. Demographic trends can be determined through data consisting of age, disability, race, gender, income, mobility, home ownership, location, employment status, and/or education level. By utilizing this trends data, you can analyze changes in a particular population over a specified period of time. You can use this data to assist with economic and marketing decisions in industries such as public policy or sociology.

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Demographics Industry Research & Market Reports

  • New Consumer Values Foster Disruptive and Novel Concepts in Beauty

    ... as well as more authentic experiences. With consumers adopting more mindful consumption patterns, as well as seeking further transparency and meaningful stories behind brands, quality credentials by both disruptive and established brands seek to align ... Read More

  • Better For You Beverages in New Zealand

    ... alternatives such as stevia or monk fruit. 2017 saw much hype around children with bad tooth decay at a younger age, mainly due to sugary food and beverages along with poor oral hygiene habits. With ... Read More

  • Better For You Packaged Food in New Zealand

    ... forefront of consumer decision-making. As such, strong new product development activity was observed in better for you packaged food, driving the overall performance of the category and, consequently, value sales growth. The value CAGR at ... Read More

  • Naturally Healthy Beverages in New Zealand

    ... weight ratio. The childhood obesity rate in New Zealand has increased by 4% over the last 10-year period, from 8% in 2006/2007, to 12% in 2016/2017 according to the New Zealand Health Survey. In addition, ... Read More

  • Naturally Healthy Packaged Food in New Zealand

    ... over the review period. Where NH was once a key point of difference, many players within the category began to advertise the NH aspects of packaged food, seeing the category become increasingly mainstream. As such, ... Read More

  • Better For You Beverages in the United Arab Emirates

    ... the influx of expatriates into the country, most of whom prefer the dual proposition of leisure and business. The country’s hosting of Expo 2020 is expected to result in 25 million visitors in addition to ... Read More

  • Better For You Packaged Food in the United Arab Emirates

    ... 20% of people aged 20-79 years in the country have Type 2 diabetes. Both public and private stakeholders are now actively working to reduce these alarmingly high rates of obesity and diabetes. The government continuously ... Read More

  • Naturally Healthy Packaged Food in Ukraine

    ... popular, while manufacturers are also looking to introduce new products such as airan and tan. Traditional recipes are being enriched with new flavours and additions (eg kefir Slovyanochka by Pepsico with added fruit). However, sour ... Read More

  • Naturally Healthy Beverages in the United Arab Emirates

    ... in the country. The urban population prefer health and wellness products with more natural positioning. Excise tax on carbonates and energy drinks will reduce the production of sugary beverages and help companies concentrate on formulating ... Read More

  • Naturally Healthy Packaged Food in the United Arab Emirates

    ... the daily diets of many consumers in the United Arab Emirates. For example, laban (NH sour milk products) is a traditional local beverage that is consumed after meals or as a snack. Since the introduction ... Read More

  • Better For You Packaged Food in Ukraine

    ... per capita BFY sales will increase over the forecast period, after declining during the review period. Loyalty to well-known brands and flavours in standard categories will remain strong, with companies set to engage consumers with ... Read More

  • Consumer Lifestyles in Hong Kong, China

    ... in-store shopping, but more are warming to the convenience of online shopping. High housing prices are preventing many younger consumers from jumping on to the property ladder and, in turn, that is defining their consumer ... Read More

  • Generation Z: The Next Wave of Consumers

    ... largest consumer base through to 2030. Despite their young age and limited income today, Gen Z will shape the ways businesses create and market their products tomorrow. Brands that can accomplish Gen Z’s expectations for ... Read More

  • Bahrain: Country Intelligence Report

    ... at a CAGR of 1.1% in the 2017-2022 period, to reach 1.5m by year-end 2022. Bahrain’s nominal GDP reached US$35bn in 2017, ranked 29th in the AME region. GlobalData expects the country’s nominal GDP to ... Read More

  • China in 2030: The Future Demographic

    ... and falling birth rates, will be responsible for a continuous slowdown in growth. China will remain one of the oldest countries regionally in 2030 as a result of the rapidly increasing share of older age ... Read More

  • Income and Expenditure in Asia Pacific

    ... as the region with the highest total consumer spending. However, Asia Pacific is a region with grave income disparities and rising income inequality, which require companies to adopt a granular approach. The region’s gender income ... Read More

  • Austria: Country Intelligence Report

    ... deaths. Austria’s nominal GDP reached US$417bn in 2017. The country’s nominal GDP will grow at a CAGR of 5.5% over the 2017-2022 forecast period, to reach $544bn by year-end 2022.The purchasing power parity (PPP)-adjusted GDP ... Read More

  • Azerbaijan in 2030: The Future Demographic

    ... the population increase in 2017-2030. Baku dominates the urban landscape and is bigger than the other nine largest cities combined. Euromonitor's Azerbaijan in 2030: The Future Demographic report analyses factors influencing national consumer expenditure. Consumer ... Read More

  • U.S. Elder Financial Exploitation Compliance

    ... the risks. Elder financial exploitation is a growing problem. By some estimates, losses related to elder financial exploitation run in the tens of billions of dollars. An aging U.S. population of individuals over age 65 ... Read More

  • Turkey in 2030: The Future Demographic

    ... the 2017-2030 period, mean that population growth will be slowing down whilst the population ages over this period. Despite this, Turkey will still be the youngest and one of the fastest growing countries in Western ... Read More

  • Central African Republic: Country Intelligence Report

    ... country’s population to grow at a CAGR of 2.0% over the 2017-2022 period, to reach 5.6m by year-end 2022. CAR’s nominal GDP value reached about US$2bn in 2017, which is the 58th-largest value for a ... Read More

  • Belarus in 2030: The Future Demographic

    ... change, with births declining rapidly due to a drop in the number females of childbearing age combined with below replacement level fertility. Despite overall population decline, the urban population is set to increase by 3.1% ... Read More

  • The U.S. Health Coaching Market

    ... bad lifestyle habits and to manage chronic conditions such as diabetes. You are most likely to find a health coach in private practice, at a doctor’s office, or via a corporate wellness program. Large self-insured ... Read More

  • Black Consumers and Social Media - US - May 2018

    ... consumers to new ideas and information while simultaneously serving as a public platform to create and maintain agency over their identity and beliefs. Brand communication that is integrated in Black users’ social media experience may ... Read More

  • Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd (TEVA) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

    ... bring to you a clear and an unbiased view of the company’s key strengths and weaknesses and the potential opportunities and threats. The profile helps you formulate strategies that augment your business by enabling you ... Read More

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