Children’s Participation in Safeguarding: Ethical and Practical Considerations

Children’s Participation in Safeguarding: Ethical and Practical Considerations

The task of bringing about change through participatory practices that promote personal and social protection of children is necessarily intergenerational. It requires changes in adult attitudes about children, risks and priorities. It requires collaboration between and within generational groups, to understand how progress towards social justice can be achieved. It also requires political challenge to dominant ideologies that lead to decision-making based on neo-liberal market principles rather than on evidence. Many of the children, young people and adults participating in the research and environments described in the articles within this volume are already engaged in trying to achieve these changes. We hope that this edition will provide readers with some inspiration for how further changes might be achieved.

Challenging dominant notions of participation and protection through a co-led disabled young researcher study.,Children at the centre of safety: challenging the false juxtaposition of protection and participation,Co-producing and Navigating Consent in Participatory Research with Young People,From the ground up: young research advisors’ perspectives on relationships between participation and protection,Independent Reviewing Officers’ and social workers’ perceptions of children’s participation in Children in Care Reviews,Next steps in children and young people’s research, participation and protection from the perspective of young researchers,Participation as a methodological and ethical issue in child protection research,Qualitative research with primary school-aged children: Ethical and practical considerations of evaluating a safeguarding programme in schools.,Young people and police making ‘Marginal Gains’: climbing fells, building relationships and changing police safeguarding practice

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