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CRM market research reports and industry analysis

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IDC Retail Insights Western European Annual Survey Methodology, 2011
2/1/2012 | published by: IDC
... industry. This report presents all the details regarding survey methodology and respondents. Readers should use this document as a guide to understand the survey approach and methodology. Results of the survey presented in this document ...  |  read more...
LogNet Systems Private Vendor Watchlist Profile: Multiple-Play Customer Care and Billing Solution
1/10/2012 | published by: IDC
... success factors: market potential, technology/solution, corporate strategy, force multipliers, and customers. Leveraging IDC's expert understanding of the competitive landscape and future outlook, this document highlights company and market information tailored to the investment professional's needs.  |  read more...
Western Europe CRM Applications Forecast Update, 2011–2015
1/4/2012 | published by: IDC
... applications market and each of its constituent submarkets: sales, marketing, customer service, and contact center applications. It updates the previous forecasts for these markets published in IDC's Western Europe CRM Applications Forecast, 2011–2015 (June 2011).  |  read more...
Worldwide Web Analytics Applications 2011–2015 Forecast and 2010 Vendor Shares
12/26/2011 | published by: IDC
... and guidance to CRM software vendors, are provided. "Web analytics are on the cusp of an evolution in the face of the demand to glean more from digital relationships. Web 'site' analytics report on what ...  |  read more...
Western Europe CRM Applications 2011–2015 Forecast Update
12/10/2011 | published by: IDC
... and each of its constituent submarkets: sales, marketing, customer service, and contact center applications. It updates the previous forecasts for these markets published in IDC's Western Europe CRM Applications Forecast, 2011-2015 (IDC #LC08T, June 2011).  |  read more...
Cloud Strategies in Practice: Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals Revitalizes Organization with Cloud CRM
12/4/2011 | published by: IDC
This IDC Buyer Case Study outlines the decisions related to and results of Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals' move from an in-house installation of Siebel 8 to Oracle's CRM On Demand SaaS solution.  |  read more...
Business Intelligence Market India 2011
11/29/2011 | published by: Netscribes (India) Pvt. Ltd.
... base tremendously in India. This increase in customer base and an urgency to cater to the massive amount of data is stimulating the need for business intelligence and analytical tools market in India. Currently, the ...  |  read more...
Caesars Entertainment: CRM Cloud Case Study
11/22/2011 | published by: IDC
... CRM within the VIP Marketing Group of Caesars Entertainment. It focuses on the initial business requirements of the original implementation in addition to the subsequent expansion and use of within the Caesars organization.  |  read more...
Traversing the Butterfly: Pathways to Absorbing Analytics Within an Organization
11/21/2011 | published by: IDC
... shown in the form of farfalle, Italian-style butterfly pasta. As such, it highlights areas that organizations should consider. At the same time, this suggests opportunities for providing services to enable organizations to be successful with ...  |  read more...
IDC Worldwide Small and Medium-Sized Business Market Update: July–September 2011
11/8/2011 | published by: IDC
... promotional programs: Canon India Offers New SMB Printing Solutions Dell Unveils New Vostro Laptop for Small Businesses HP and Intel Launch Promotional Campaign for Indian SMBs IBM Unveils New Cloud Solutions and $1 Billion in ...  |  read more...
Message from Large Enterprises and Start-Ups to Providers: Helping Customers in a "Cloudy" World Will Require a Long-Term Strategy, Making Fundamental Changes, and Building an Adaptive Business Model
11/7/2011 | published by: IDC
... long-term strategy (e.g., five years) for their outsourcing business, that can enable changes in business requirements more quickly, and that can ensure service delivery involving consistency across all global locations including SLAs through the entire ...  |  read more...
Technology Selection: An IDC Government Insights Study – CRM Trends in Western Europe's Government Sector
11/2/2011 | published by: IDC
... the ability to capture real-time data to help improve efficiencies and reduce costs will become increasingly clear. There is increasing interest in cloud-based CRM software solutions and vendors are ramping up their functionality in order ...  |  read more...
Microsoft CRM Dynamics Partnerships: A Work in Progress
11/1/2011 | published by: Yankee Group
... ISVs are evaluating Microsoft Dynamics partnerships to enrich their end-toend solutions. While these partnerships decrease time to market and lower TCO for ISVs that need customer management functionality, integration is still a work in progress.  |  read more...
CRM System Providers - Industry Market Research Report
11/1/2011 | published by: IBISWorld
... over the next five years, as corporate profit improves and companies adapt cloud computing technologies. Profit will remain steady as the increased costs for on-demand CRM services outweigh the strong profit margins of on-premise services. ...  |  read more...
Perspective: Cloud and Tablets — A CRM No-Brainer
10/17/2011 | published by: IDC
This IDC Health Insights Perspective discusses the increasing adoption of cloud-based CRM and tablet computers for use in the pharmaceutical sales and marketing industry.  |  read more...
Conference Documentation: Pharmaceutical m-Health
10/11/2011 | published by: SMI Publishing, Ltd
... players in this rapidly evolving field. In such an innovative and fast-paced sector, it is essential that you are kept up to date with the numerous ways the pharmaceutical industry can benefit from, and contribute ...  |  read more...
Western Europe CRM Applications Vendor Shares, 2010
10/3/2011 | published by: IDC
... CRM functional markets), and reviews the market performance by country and functional market. The study also contains reviews of the top 10 CRM vendors. Finally, we provide essential guidance on key strategic priorities for CRM ...  |  read more...
CRM Market in India 2011
9/30/2011 | published by: Netscribes (India) Pvt. Ltd.
... bases in the world, Indian firms across verticals such as Automobile, Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI), Healthcare, Retail etc are focusing more on customers over products. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) enables organizations to achieve ...  |  read more...
Global Sales Force Automation Software Market 2010-2014
9/9/2011 | published by: Infiniti Research Limited - TechNavio
... to increase the overall efficiency of the sales cycle. The Global Sales Force Automation Software market has also been witnessing SaaS-based sales force automation software. However, increasing threat from open source vendors could pose a ...  |  read more...
Global Web Analytics Market 2010-2014
9/9/2011 | published by: Infiniti Research Limited - TechNavio
... online channels over media channels by enterprises. The Global Web Analytics market has also been witnessing increased adoption of hosted web analytics. However, analyzing the data obtained through web analytics tools could pose a challenge ...  |  read more...
Best Practices: Software-as-a-Service Case Study — IPI Wealth Management Deploys for Its Advisor Network
9/5/2011 | published by: IDC
... and experience with this deployment, including the business rationale behind the decision, results attained, and future plans. IPI has implemented to manage its wealth advisor network. IDC Financial Insights Securities and Investment Management Research ...  |  read more...
Best Practices in Customer Data Management and Customer Record Management
8/29/2011 | published by: IDC
... make marketing and sales functions perform more effectively and efficiently. The analysis provides answers to the following questions: How are standards for customer records created and enforced? Who owns the data or which parts of ...  |  read more...
Best Practices: Up Close and Personal: Delivering Delight to Banking Customers in the Middle East & Africa Region
8/25/2011 | published by: IDC
... into the realm of delighting customers by exceeding their expectations and pleasantly surprising them. This study outlines the various technologies that can be beneficial in maintaining high levels of service excellence and delighting banking customers, ...  |  read more...
US Mobile Business Applications Expenditures By Size of Business, 2010-2015
7/27/2011 | published by: Compass Intelligence
... wireless-based custom-coded and packaged applications, including productivity, Enterprise Resource Planning, Email, CRM and security applications. Hosted or rented applications do not fall in this category of IT spending, but are considered ""Outsourcing & 3rd Party ...  |  read more...
Worldwide Customer Service Applications 2010 Vendor Shares: Service Differentiation in the Age of Customer Experience
7/5/2011 | published by: IDC
... role in supplier differentiation. With new channels of engagement evolving daily, customer service and the applications used to support it will be a prime focus for organizations over the next several years," says Mary Wardley, ...  |  read more...
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