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CRM and the Application of the Wisdom of Crowds
2/28/2010 | published by: IDC
... vendors and customers. "The evolution to becoming a social business requires that organizations not merely dabble in social media and its tools to see where it leads," says Mary Wardley, VP CRM Applications Research, "but ...  |  read more...
Worldwide and U.S. CRM Services 2009-2013 Forecast Update: Wading Through Turbulent Times
2/16/2010 | published by: IDC
... continues into 2010. Clients from all markets must do more with less as they strive to provide high levels of customer service with limited resources. Rather than being leveraged as a tool for growth, CRM ...  |  read more...
The Application Modernization Journey: A Graphical Analysis of U.S. Enterprise Priorities
2/16/2010 | published by: IDC
... cross tabulation of 2009 IDC U.S. application services survey data, the study finds that large enterprises with interest in application hosting models show a high concentration of interest in application modernization for data warehousing, CRM, ...  |  read more...
Guidelines for CRM/SFA Selection
2/15/2010 | published by: IDC
This IDC Health Insights Perspective discusses basic system selection guidelines to consider during CRM and SFA evaluations.  |  read more...
IT Support, CRM & Data Processing Services in the US - Industry Market Research Report
2/2/2010 | published by: IBISWorld
... the competitive environment including market shares and the key issues facing the industry. Industry Definition This industry includes companies that provide specialized hosting or data processing activities. Hosting services can include web and application hosting. ...  |  read more...
Global Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Contact Center Software Market 2008-2012
1/28/2010 | published by: Infiniti Research Limited - TechNavio
... data among users about prospects, customers, partners, competitors, and employees. The purpose of CRM software is to manage the customers through the entire life-cycle, i.e. from prospect to qualified opportunity to order. The CRM applications ...  |  read more...
Worldwide Search and Text Analytics 2010 Top 10 Predictions
1/28/2010 | published by: IDC
... interact with computers. Many enterprise vendors are now embedding search within collaboration, content management, CRM, decision support, marketing, and eDiscovery applications, not to mention enhancing Web-based commerce, advertising, discovery, and premium content sites. "In the ...  |  read more...
Making the Business Case for Web Analytics
1/20/2010 | published by: IDC
... driven by three factors — the acquisition of market leader Omniture by Adobe, the emergence of Google Analytics, and a renewed desire to reach consumers who have become increasingly comfortable in making buying decisions on ...  |  read more...
Global Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Sales Automation Software Market 2008-2012
1/12/2010 | published by: Infiniti Research Limited - TechNavio
... advanced technologies, sales automation improves the collaboration and information sharing. The various features of this software include contact management, sales forecasting, mobility, order tracking, and sales performance reporting & analyzing. CRM software addresses the needs ...  |  read more...
Mobile Virtual Network Enablers 2010: A Study of Functional Viability
1/1/2010 | published by: Mind Commerce Publishing
... Service Provisioning, Work Fulfillment, Billing, Invoice and Settlement, Revenue and Service Continuity Assurance etc. This report evaluates the working aspects of MVNE's and their operations primarily focusing on the market opportunities (outsourced from MVNOs). The ...  |  read more...
IDC AppStats Survey: CRM and Customer Service/ Contact Center Technology Implementations and Future Requirements of U.S. Organizations by Company Size Segment
12/29/2009 | published by: IDC
... and is based on our AppStats Survey conducted in August 2009. "CRM solutions that help align business processes more directly with organizational objectives and greatly contribute to improving on corporate goals are favored by both ...  |  read more...
2010 Trends to Watch: Customer Relationship Outsourcing (BPO)
12/25/2009 | published by: Datamonitor
... has identified in relation to this element of BPO in 2010. Scope An overview of key pain points facing contact center players in 2009, and how these will translate into 2010 Key vertical opportunities aimed ...  |  read more...
Japan CRM Applications 2009-2013 Forecast and 2008 Analysis
12/16/2009 | published by: IDC
... caused by the U.S. financial collapse in 2008, there was a rapid decline in new projects for three months from October 2008 onward. Looking at the situation during the first six months of 2009, the ...  |  read more...
Electronic Commerce Key Recent Media Coverage, December 2009
12/15/2009 | published by: Information Sources Inc.
... methods of sales promotion and advertising to creative approaches to customer relations, familiarity with developments in the world of e-commerce is essential for anyone who buys or sells almost anything. This monthly edition of TecTrends ...  |  read more...
IDC Worldwide Small and Medium-Sized Business Market Update, November 2009
12/14/2009 | published by: IDC
... cloud services, CRM and accounting software and services, and call center capabilities: AT&T Launches Cloud Storage Service and Phone System for SMBs Toshiba Launches Unified Messaging Solution for SMBs Optus and NEC Offer Unified Phone ...  |  read more...
Global Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Marketing Automation Software Market 2008-2012
12/11/2009 | published by: Infiniti Research Limited - TechNavio
... marketing campaigns; executing e-mail campaigns; tracking marketing expenditure; generating leads; managing marketing contacts, brands & collaterals; and measuring the market performance. CRM software addresses the needs of marketing, sales & distribution, and customer service & ...  |  read more...
Text Analytics: Software's Missing Piece?
12/9/2009 | published by: IDC
... applications and the reasons for the market's rapid growth. "Because the amount of information within the enterprise — already overwhelming — continues to grow, neither software vendors nor their customers can afford to ignore the ...  |  read more...
Western European Customer Relationship Management Applications Forecast Update 2009-2013
12/1/2009 | published by: IDC
... ongoing efforts to provide the latest market intelligence that incorporates updated guidance from vendors, channels, reported financial results and other public data made available since the previous forecast. For the original report, please see: Western ...  |  read more...
Nine questions to ask about SaaS
11/25/2009 | published by: Ovum Plc
... growing, number of providers also use SaaS for more complex applications, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management. However, SaaS does not spare customers the need to ask vendors the same questions ...  |  read more...
Customer data: strategic assets for growth and survival
11/25/2009 | published by: Ovum Plc
... this is easier said than done. Most organizations maintain multiple overlapping and often conflicting stores of customer records and often don’t know what data they have, how good it is, where it is, or how ...  |  read more...
Text Analytics Applications: Current Adoption and Growth Expectations
11/22/2009 | published by: IDC
... results of research conducted with IDC's Enterprise Panel, which reveal the current level of adoption and future implementation expectations for a range of text analytics applications. "Because the amount of information within the enterprise — ...  |  read more...
Knowing your CRM outsourcing client in Australia/New Zealand
11/17/2009 | published by: Ovum Plc
... local language-speaking researchers were used to conduct the calls. The data presented in this slide pack was collected as part of a multi-sector study on contact center outsourcing procurement trends, published in September 2009. Please ...  |  read more...
Global CRM Market in Healthcare Industry 2008-2012
11/17/2009 | published by: Infiniti Research Limited - TechNavio
... customer support and preferences, and after-sales services. CRM applications help organizations perform activities in three aspects: operational, collaborative, and analytical. These facilitate companies to efficiently gather customer information, capitalize on current customer relationships, and leverage ...  |  read more...
Knowing your manufacturing/technology CRM outsourcing client
11/17/2009 | published by: Ovum Plc
... lasted approximately 30-45 minutes. local language-speaking researchers were used to conduct the calls. The data presented in this slide pack was collected as part of a multi-sector study on contact center outsourcing procurement trends, published ...  |  read more...
Knowing your financial services CRM outsourcing client
11/17/2009 | published by: Ovum Plc
... interview lasted approximately 30-45 minutes local language-speaking researchers conducted the calls. The data presented in this slide pack was collected as part of a multi-sector study on contact center outsourcing procurement trends, published in September ...  |  read more...
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