Next Genration RPO

Next Genration RPO

Background & Scope
A part of NelsonHall's most recent RPO reseach project, Rethinking Recruitment Process Outsourcing for Compettive Advantage, we interviewed 18 of th leading RPO providers globally. Also, the research included a survey of these vendors' clients from across geographies and industries, of differnt sizes, and with a varying scope of services and levels of maturity in thier sourcing of RPO services.

NelsonHall conducted client references interviews to cover several focus areas tog ain comprehensive understanding from the client perpective, including their experience as a buyer of RPO services in the current understanding from the client perspective, including their expereicne as a buyer of ROP services in the current marketplace. This survey was specifially designed to understand not only the perception of vendor performance in meeting client need currently but also their ability to meet clients needs currently but also their ability to meet clients' needs in the future. THe survey focused on, the following key areas:
- RPO services ussage, satisfaction, and future suitability
- Benefits derived from RPO services, their importance and vendor's effectiveness in delivering them
- Vendor capabilities and their importnace to the client
- Overall client satisfaction
- Client futuree expectations and vendor ability to meet these future requirements.

For each of these focus areas, we asked clients to rate various attributes, including services used, benefits sought importance, service satisfaction, vendor approach, and overall performance satisfaction.

Key Findings
Rapidly changing business circumstances, along with PESTLE (political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental) continue to prevail in 2019. Priorties for organizations focus on addressing talent shortages, embracing technology and tools ( digital transformation), and the need to be more agile.

RPO vendors have adapted to the changing market by offering more choice in RPO models/programs and bundling their expertise into consultancy services (selling these as standalone advisory services or as part of an RPO program).

Over the next few years, the RPO market will become even more complicated, as the impact of PESTLE factors, the global talent shortage, and the advancement of tech/tool intensify. THere will be a more focused drive towards total talent solutions (blended permanent and contingent hiring)- a more holistic approach to talent acquistion - which will require a cultural shift by organizations to think differnetly about how they source talent.

RPO vendors were chosen for their talent acqistion expertise (in geographies, industries, skillsets, etc.) the sense of partnership/level of trust, technical expertise ( advising ontech/tools), level of agility, geopgraphic footpring, and their reputation. However, clients felt that vendors need to improve in some service areas.

Clients felt that vendors were not meeting their future requiements in several areas, including service delivery across multiple geographies, the ability to scale, and provison of data/analytics. If vendors are to win client support in the future, those impovements will need to be made.

1. Market Context
A. RPO Trends
B. Outlook for RPO
2. Executive Summary
A. Ability to Deliver Immediate Benefits
B. Satisfaction and Vendor Ability to Meet Future Needs
3. Ability to Deliver Immediate Benefits
A. RPO Offerings
B. End-User Service Benefits
C. Vendor Approach to Benefit Delivery
4. Ability to Meet Future Client Requirements
A. RPO Issues and Initiatives
B. Vendor Performance

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