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China Local Competition

China Local Competition


Multinational companies in China have been experiencing increasing challenges from local competitors. Not only have Chinese companies become much more competitive in their technological capabilities, they are also proactively enhancing Chinese brand equity at home and abroad. Various levels of industry protectionism hinder multinational corporate growth in China, while uneven regulatory enforcement leaves room for local players to exploit cost advantages.

In order to help executives address issues resulting from intensified Chinese competition, FSG has developed an effective approach to tackling competitive challenges in China and built 12 cases studies showcasing multinational best practices in market positioning, product localization, local partnership, and organizational efficiency.

What you will learn

  • What is unique about the domestic competitive environment in China
  • Which strengths can multinational companies emphasize to outperform against local competitors
  • Understand 12 actionable case studies that can be directly applied to your China business

Executive Summary
Section 1: Understanding Local Competition in China
  Local Competition is Rising in China
  Reason 1: Rising Local Capabilities
  Reason 2: Complex Regulatory Landscape
Section 2: Increasing MNCs' Competitive Advantages
  Winning the Middle Market in China
  Learning from Chinese Competitors
  The Competitive Advantages of the Four P's
Section 3: Case Studies on Overcoming Local Competition
  Overview: Case Studies
  Case Studies: Market Positioning
  Case 1: Local Service Model
  Case 2: Highlight Multinational CSR
  Case 3: Enhance Premium Branding
  Case Studies: Product Localization
  Case 4: Shift Focus to Value-Added Services
  Case 5: Simplify Products to Reduce Price
  Case 6: Cater to Mixed Customer Needs
  Case Studies: Local Partnerships
  Case 7: Leverage Local Channel Network
  Case 8: Find Local Manufacturing Partners
  Case 9: Partner to Foster Innovation
  Case Studies: Operational Efficiency
  Case 10: Separate Teams by Brand
  Case 11: Strengthen Regulatory Efforts
  Case 12: Utilize Local Digital Platforms
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