CAMCAR Distribution Landscape

CAMCAR Distribution Landscape


The Central America and Caribbean (CAMCAR) region is expected to outpace Latin America’s overall growth in the short-to-medium term, boosting the attractiveness of the sub-region and increasing investment flows.

However, given the sub-region’s complex operating environment and country-specific dynamics, multinationals will need to continue to monitor distributor strengths and weaknesses and understand the rules of the business environment to optimize gains.

Businesses will also need to prepare for potential shifts in power dynamics with on-the-ground partners in the medium-to-long term.

What you will learn

  • What is the optimal distribution structure for CAMCAR
  • How can companies maximize local partner performance
  • Learn about the key elements of a CAMCAR distribution strategy
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Executive Summary
MNCs are Dependent on Distributors
Distributor Sophistication is Key
Analytical Framework
Business Environment
Analytical Framework
Market Size and Conditions Limit Options
Business Environment: Demographics
Business Environment: Geography
Business Environment: Econ. Fundamentals
Business Environment: Infrastructure
Business Environment: Logistics
Business Environment: Informality
Business Environment: Local Culture
Business Environment: Corruption
Business Environment: Talent
Business Environment: Security
Business Environment: Tax Environment
Business Environment: Legal Framework
Business Environment: Alternative Partners
Most Common Footprint in the Sub-Region
Partner Capabilities
Analytical Framework
Partner Capabilities: Market Reach
Ambition to Expand Business
Financial and Operational Stability
Partner Capabilities: Compliance
Partner Capabilities: Information Sharing
Customer Service
Partner Capabilities: Sales Fundamentals
Logistics & Operational Efficiency
Partner Capabilities: Value-added Services
The Future of CAMCAR’s Distribution Landscape
Bargaining Power Favors Distributors
Future of Distribution Landscape
US Growth Will Drive CAMCAR Attractiveness
Investment Will Empower Distributors
Cuba Could Offer Growth in the Long Term
Engaging Cuban Distributors Will Be Key
Puerto Rico’s Addressable Market May Grow
Puerto Rican Partners Will Be in Demad
Improving Your Channel Performance
Distributor Capabilities Framework
Framework Components
Channel Capabilities Drive Performance
1. Consistent Process
2. Channel Manager
3. Capability Monitoring
4. Capability Training
5. Status-Based Incentives
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