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The Freedonia Group is a renowned international market research company that has empowered businesses with reliable and comprehensive market intelligence for more than 35 years. As an established and trusted name, The Freedonia Group has served more than 90% of the Fortune 500 and is a go-to resource for leading multinational companies, investment banks, and management consulting firms.

With an unwavering commitment to quality and accuracy, The Freedonia Group leverages the expertise of an experienced team of in-house economists, industry analysts, writers, and editors all working together to produce more than 300 syndicated market research reports each year. Freedonia’s extensive collection of research features wide-ranging coverage of major US and global markets, and each study is thoughtfully designed to equip clients with the knowledge and foresight needed to successfully navigate today's competitive business landscape.

Gain an Advantage with The Freedonia Group

The Freedonia Group stands apart from other market research firms and offers several key advantages to clients. Here’s why:

Strong expertise: With more than three decades of experience analyzing markets, The Freedonia Group possesses a profound understanding of data, its applications, and its limitations. Freedonia’s analysts have developed deep expertise in specific industry verticals to provide specialized knowledge and insight. Freedonia’s rich database of historical statistics allows our analysts to readily identify long-term market patterns and provide more accurate forecasts.

Rigorous methodology: Freedonia’s reports are meticulously crafted using a robust methodology that blends quantitative and qualitative techniques, including in-house economic indicators, product-level and market-specific analysis, primary research, and proprietary consumer surveys. Analysts speak directly with industry participants to validate market sizing and growth estimates and gain targeted insights into specific industry developments and drivers.

Consistent quality assurance: Every report published by Freedonia is cross-checked by a team of eagle-eyed managers, data quality specialists, and editors. This collaborative effort ensures that the data is accurate, the conclusions are logical, the coverage of the topic is complete, and the information is clear and easy to understand.

Comprehensive coverage: From construction products and packaging to machinery and equipment, Freedonia covers a vast array of dynamic industries. Our reports analyze mature industries looking for new growth opportunities as well as market sectors undergoing rapid change and disruption. Because Freedonia’s extensive research spans a broad spectrum of interrelated markets and products, analysts can easily cross-share findings and provide clients with a richer, wider perspective on any given topic.

Actionable data: Clients rely on The Freedonia Group for market sizing, forecasts, and market share estimates, as well as detailed information on emerging market opportunities, materials competition, and the shifting competitive landscape. With this data, clients can better understand where their market is headed, how to grow their customer base, and build effective business strategies.

Reputable firm: The Freedonia Group is a trusted source that is well-respected within the industry. The Freedonia Group’s research is routinely cited by major media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The Financial Times, NPR, the BBC, Fast Company, Forbes, and Bloomberg Businessweek, as well as numerous trade publications.

Explore Freedonia’s Market Research

In a world full of noisy mixed signals and relentless change, The Freedonia Group delivers clear, credible answers to today’s most pressing business questions. Freedonia’s data-driven insights enables clients to develop strategic plans, benchmark performance, find growth opportunities, and identify competitive threats with greater ease and confidence.

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1,231 Reports from Freedonia Group

  • US E-Commerce Ready Packaging

    US E-Commerce Ready Packaging E-commerce continues to have a profound impact on the packaging industry as companies adapt to the rapid shift from traditional retail models focused on brick-and-mortar stores and centralized distribution to one that includes online shopping and delivery direct to cust ... Read More

  • Latin America Foodservice Disposables

    Latin America Foodservice Disposables Demand for single-use foodservice products (foodservice disposables) in Latin America is forecast to increase 4.2% per year to 96 billion units in 2027. Growth will be driven by the overall development of the region’s foodservice sector, increasing personal inco ... Read More

  • US Beverage Packaging Consumer Insights

    US Beverage Packaging Consumer Insights Consumer beverage shopping habits are evolving. The most notable influence is online shopping, but work-from-home habits, on-the-go patterns, and sustainability preferences also have sway. Therefore, an analysis of consumer trends can give insight to ways in w ... Read More

  • US Wine & Wine Beverage Packaging

    US Wine & Wine Beverage Packaging US demand for wine and wine beverage packaging is projected to increase 2.5% per year to $3.3 billion in 2027, with unit demand expected to grow 1.8% annually through the same period. Gains will be boosted by modest growth in wine production, particularly when impor ... Read More

  • US Flooring

    US Flooring Through 2027, US demand for flooring products is forecast to rise 2.5% per year to 30.6 billion square feet, valued at $54.3 billion. Going forward, market advances will be supported by: continuing consumer interest in home improvement projects – such as kitchen and bathroom remodeling – ... Read More

  • US Beer Packaging

    US Beer Packaging Market value for beer packaging is forecast rise minimally to $8.1 billion in 2027, while unit demand is expected to decline 1.1% per year to 70.9 billion units. Demand will be negatively affected by beer’s declining popularity due to growing competition from other alcoholic bevera ... Read More

  • US Bottled Water Packaging

    US Bottled Water Packaging Demand for bottled water packaging is forecast to increase 2.9% annually to $16.0 billion in 2027, with unit demand expected to grow 1.8% annually to 375 billion. Gains will be supported by above average growth in the sparkling water market and, despite its maturity, signi ... Read More

  • Global Abrasives

    Global Abrasives Global demand for abrasives is forecast to rise 5.2% per year to $67.3 billion in 2028, fueled by rising durable goods manufacturing activity worldwide. The pace of growth in inflation-adjusted terms will be similar to that in the 2018-2023 period. However, an expected moderation in ... Read More

  • Global Countertops

    Global Countertops Global demand for countertops is forecast to increase an average of 3.0% per year to 652 million square meters in 2028, valued at $49.5 billion. Market advances will be supported by rising installations of countertops – which continue to be selected over freestanding or wall-mount ... Read More

  • Global Drywall

    Global Drywall Global demand for drywall – also known as plasterboard, wallboard, or gypsum board – is forecast to grow 1.8% per year to 12.2 billion square meters in 2027. Growth will be supported by: an acceleration in growth in the massive Chinese market, as demand recovers from a weak 2022 perfo ... Read More

  • US Siding

    US Siding Siding demand in the US is projected to increase at an annual average rate of less than 1.0% to 106.8 million squares in 2027. Growth in squares will be restrained primarily by a decline in conventional housing starts that began in 2022 – following significant increases in 2020 and 2021 – ... Read More

  • US Home Organization Products

    US Home Organization Products Demand for home organization products is forecast to increase 1.5% per year to $15.3 billion in 2028. Market value will be impacted by a significant moderation in prices following spikes in 2021 and 2022. In unit terms, sales will grow throughout the forecast period, bu ... Read More

  • US Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) Flooring

    US Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) Flooring Demand for luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring in the US is forecast to increase 8.3% per year to 12.5 billion square feet in 2027, supported by: a continuing shift in US consumer preferences away from carpet to LVT and other hard surface flooring products rising res ... Read More

  • US Commercial Roofing

    US Commercial Roofing US commercial roofing demand in area terms is projected to increase minimally to 96.3 million squares in 2027. Growth in area terms will be restrained primarily by a slowdown in commercial reroofing activity after increases in 2020 and 2021. Gains will stem from the new commerc ... Read More

  • US Gutter Guards

    US Gutter Guards US gutter guard demand is forecast to grow 1.3% annually to 360.1 million linear feet in 2027. While this rate of growth is relatively slow, it will be somewhat faster than gutters themselves, and it follows elevated levels of gutter guard demand in 2020 and 2021 and a subsequent mo ... Read More

  • US Cups & Lids

    US Cups & Lids Demand for disposable cups and lids in the US is forecast to grow 3.4% per year to $15.5 billion in 2027. In volume terms, demand will increase 1.8% annually to 479 billion units. Unit growth will be supported by healthy gains in foodservice revenues and the increasing popularity of s ... Read More

  • US Lawn & Garden Consumables

    US Lawn & Garden Consumables The market for lawn and garden consumables – including packaged fertilizer, pesticides, growing media, seeds, mulch, and niche products – reached $11.2 billion in 2022, slightly lower than 2021’s peak levels. The volatility of the recent past – which stemmed from factors ... Read More

  • US Gutters & Downspouts

    US Gutters & Downspouts US demand for gutters and downspouts is forecast to rise less than 1.0% annually to 2.1 billion linear feet in 2027. While this rate of increase is not especially strong, it will represent a return to growth following the declines of the previous period, which were negatively ... Read More

  • US Beverage Packaging

    US Beverage Packaging Demand for beverage packaging is forecast to increase 1.8% per year to $55.3 billion in 2027. Unit demand is expected to grow 1.0% per year to 837.6 billion. While unit gains will remain relatively steady, value growth will be limited by moderation in raw material costs and an ... Read More

  • Global E-Bikes

    Global E-Bikes Global demand for e-bikes is forecast to expand 5.9% annually to 36.6 million units in 2027. This represents an acceleration from the 2017-2022 period as China – which accounts for two-thirds of global e-bike sales – rebounds following a significant, pandemic-induced drop in sales in ... Read More

  • Global HVAC Equipment

    Global HVAC Equipment Global demand for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment is forecast to rise 4.0% annually to $160 billion in 2027, driven by: rising unit sales due to ongoing replacement demand in mature markets and greater uptake of cooling systems in developing HVAC mar ... Read More

  • US Wood & Competitive Decking

    US Wood & Competitive Decking Demand for decking in the US is forecast to remain stagnate at 3.8 billion lineal feet in 2027 (valued at $12.7 billion), restrained by slow growth in residential improvement and repair activity. Growth will also be limited by the large number of residential decks that ... Read More

  • US Composite Roofing

    US Composite Roofing Demand for US composite roofing is projected to increase at an annual average rate of 1.5% through 2027 to 586,000 squares. This growth will be supported by their imperviousness to impact damage and degradation caused by exposure to the elements, their ability to resemble more t ... Read More

  • Global Housing

    Global Housing Global construction of new housing is forecast to advance 2.1% per year through 2028 to 62.0 million units. Increases will be supported by: expanding urbanization in the Africa/Mideast region, boosting demand for multifamily housing in urban locations above average growth in India – t ... Read More

  • Global Nonwovens

    Global Nonwovens Global demand for nonwovens is forecast to increase 3.1% per year to 14.1 million metric tons in 2027. Improving standards of living will boost demand for nonwovens used in consumer and medical products, with expanding manufacturing activity further driving gains in a variety of dur ... Read More

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